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December 02, 2015

Our Thanksgiving in Pictures

Holiday weekends are a whirlwind.  This Thanksgiving was no exception - it was the first big holiday we hosted in our home and was a 3 day extravaganza of family fun.  It started with a girls movie day seeing The Peanuts Movie (so good!) and a guys golf day on Wednesday, Thanksgiving on Thursday, an early birthday celebration/Christmas activities on Friday for Emma + cousins, and ended with a festive "kids" night out (as in, the kids that are now parents) while my parents watched the girls.  Just coming up with the schedule of events, making the reservations and preparing for all of the down moments in between took most of my brain power for the last couple of weeks.

All of the planning was so helpful to create an easy going week with lots of sweet memories in between.  Here are a couple of my favorites :

Emma and I set the table together on Tuesday night before our company arrived on Wednesday morning.  The girls were obsessed with the party poppers... found at Williams-Sonoma the day before at 50% off, who could pass up?

The table is semi-ready.  I had the girls make tiny rose and bay leaf arrangements in my tumblers on Thanksgiving morning to put on the table, as well.

It was inspired by Tessa's table last year.

We brined the Turkey - a first and very yummy.  I used a mixture of water, apple cider, brown sugar, sea salt, garlic, rosemary and bay leaves.

I should've found a brining bag, but I used a couple of giant ziplocks. It worked ok, but the turkey kept poking holes...

Aunt Jenny in charge (while Jill and Kevin met KC friends for drinks) means hot chocolate before bed ; )

Snugglers watching their Elf on the Shelf show... again, a special treat only Aunt Jenny will allow.  On a similar note, Emma has started calling me Aunt Jenny when her cousins are in town.  She thinks its hilarious.

Kate getting her very own bed to watch Frozen.

On Thanksgiving morning I snuck downstairs before anyone else to get things ready - and to have a moment to myself : )

Parade Breakfast preparations.

One by one, they came downstairs to join me.  Emma is mixing up some Pumpkin Pecan Bread.

Sam and Kate both got a little gift - Child's Baking Set with Apron and Tiny Tools.  They will be restocked in the store tomorrow morning along with a couple of other new things and gift ideas!

Two bakers.

Getting everything ready for stuffing the turkey.

Now all three!

They got a big kick out of stuffing the turkey.  Each had a lemon wedge, onion wedge, bunch of parsley and thyme to put in.

Scary me, but sweet moment worth remembering.  Jill took this photo and said, are you sure you want me to?

Turns out I don't have a turkey baster, so I had to ladle on the butter and wine mixture.

Fast forward a couple of hours and the turkey is done and the family is feasting.

The boys loved having Mike's new room to retreat to after dinner.

Mr. enjoying the warm fire after too many table scraps : )

The holiday is over and just before I took everything down to begin decorating for Christmas, I took a moment to capture some of my favorite things.

Homemade Turkeys

Placecards decorated by the girls.

Their little rose arrangements that went down the table.

The freezing rain that accompanied us all weekend.

The last of the pumpkins being devoured by the squirrels.

After such a packed weekend, the perfect gift came yesterday with a text photo from Jill :
Me, Sam and Emma.  Goal achieved : )


I hope you all had a wonderful and bountiful Thanksgiving with your families!  I'm a bit sad for the weekend we'd been planning for so long to be over, but looking forward to Christmas makes it a bit easier.  Now, Emma and I have a giant bowl of popcorn and cranberries to string...

See you tomorrow at 8am (Est) for some restocked items and new gifts in the store!


  1. Jenny your house is so pretty! You did a great job on it! Love how you made the Thanksgiving weekend so fun for everyone. The little girls will have wonderful memories. The homemade turkeys are too cute!.I love the little apron set that came last week and looking forward to the tumblers this week! You do such a lovely job making each holiday special. You inspire me with all you do! Your picture sure isn't scary at all..cute as can be!! Looking forward to your post tomorrow!

  2. Love all the real-life pictures in this post!

  3. Hi Jenny,
    You gave us a glimpse of your precious memories.
    Children really do make the holidays so special, don't they.
    Your table and food looked beautiful. I agree with the other commenter you looked cute. Looking forward to you sharing Christmas!

  4. This post just made me happy and put a smile on my face first thing Sunday morning. Looks so picturesque and embodies just what the holidays are all about. Hope your holidays are off to a merry start!


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