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December 09, 2016

Christmas at Our House | Photo Tour

Christmas at Our House | Photo Tour

This may be the longest post in the history of my blog.  There are many, many photos.  I hope you don't mind too much : )

Most of our decorating is finished, but I'm sure I'll continue to add more touches here and there over the next couple of weeks.  We are hosting a couple of get togethers this week and next, so I'm sure I'll add some fresh florals and homemade goodies, too.

On our tour, you'll find fresh greens, a fraser fir tree and garland, a juniper wreath in our dining room (my newest favorite), magnolia leaves and incense cedar sprigs, along with soft pops of red in pillows, winter berries, linens and ribbons.

Left : Rustic Bells & Vermont Red Grosgrain Ribbon on our Wreath, found here >

I have truly enjoyed decking our house with holiday cheer.  I made an attempt not to exhaust myself of it - but there is no getting around it.  Though I'm loving sitting at my computer right now basking in the glow of twinkling lights, enjoying the woodland scent of our fresh greens, and cushioned by many cozy holiday pillows, I will admit - it did wear me out a bit.  I'm sure half of you are exhausted from decorating every mantle and bannister in sight, and you can't help but wonder, is it worth it?  Why do we go to so much trouble?

All of you who are also sitting amongst your twinkling lights already know the answer - yes.  There is something magical we create when we transform our house.  It makes those moments you spend at home even more special this time of year.  When our homes are brimming with Christmas cheer, we find ourselves relaxing on the sofa that no one sits on to admire the tree at night, or spending an evening in front of the fire with our feet up, or coming downstairs early in the morning before anyone else gets up just to enjoy the stillness of a quiet morning and sparkle of the lights as the sun comes up.

I hope you all take the time to sit back and enjoy the splendor of what you've created in your homes, and take in the faces of your family and friends as they experience it with joy.   It is most definitely worth it.

Shop this years Holiday Collection, here, that features many of the favorite items in our home : )

Continue on the tour below.

We got these bells last year in Woodstock, Vermont on our trip there in November, now they are available in my store, here.  They were hanging on our bedroom door while we were staying at Mike's parents' house during our renovation : )

Classic Hooked Pillows (made in New England) & Throws, here >

These Classic Hooked Stockings & Pillows are available in my store.

I made these tiny trees out of clippings from our big tree... they are all over the house : )  The DIY tutorial is here >

This is my newest big find - a runner for the kitchen.  (I probably talked about it in our Thanksgiving photos, but I can't remember... Christmas decorating brain!)  I really love how it warms up the entire room and is so soft underfoot.  

Gingerbread House Cookie Cutters are back in stock - after a very exciting announcement!

The view back into the living room.

I have an orange peppermint dish soap recipe I'll share soon!  They are displayed in my Clear Bottles Collection.

Winterberry & Rosemary

Emma said, Mom the orange bloomed into the red for Christmas!

Paperwhites in different stages.  The ones planted in the blue and white container were in a not so sunny spot, so I've moved them here.

Can you spot our elf on the shelf?!  This "Duck Boot" Stocking, $36 is one of my favorites... and of course that tiny Red Gingham Apron, $14.

The Pillows & Throws are available, here, and the Rattan Basket on our ottoman, here.

Love that Sledding Pillow (available here) : )

We are hosing a dinner party tomorrow, so I'll be sharing our table setting later this week.   This is the start of it.

Linens & Tablecloths  Shop all Table Linens, here >

I did fresh incense cedar in my Brown & White Transferware Squares with Hand-Dipped Candles.

Winterberry on the brass chandelier.

Our warm and cozy spot... with lots of plaid : )  Plaid Throws available, here.

And a new Tiger pillow.

Santa & Emma 2015

I got up early this morning and decided to take photos of the house lit up in the dark, too - because that is when the magic really happens.

Rustic Bells & Ribbons available, here >

Isn't this magical?

And this ; )

So peaceful.

I hope you all have had the chance to enjoy making a little Christmas magic in your home for your family.

Peace & Joy,

Shop this years Holiday Collection, here, that features many of the favorite items in our home : )

Shop this years Holiday Collection, here, that features many of the favorite items in our home : )


  1. Your house looks lovely; so warm and inviting! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your home looks beautiful! You've created such a cozy and welcoming place!

  3. Oh gosh, I love it! I want to know more about your runner. I need one for my kitchen.

  4. katrina v9:44 AM

    Everything looks so pretty - thanks for sharing all of the photos with us! Please, please consider adding the wooden planters to your store soon. Merry Christmas!

  5. Your house looks so lovely! Thank you for sharing! Would you be willing to share the sources for your stockings and the needlepoint pillow of the girl on the sled?

  6. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Absolutely gorgeous- you know how to balance sophistication and coziness so well!

  7. Such a beautiful home. Your decorating style is so classic.

  8. Your home is simply perfection! I have pinned and pinned your pictures while taking a break at work. Makes me want to be home even more than usual! Thank you for sharing. Jamie

  9. Everything is so lovely. It IS worth it. Thanks for sharing. And I too would love to know the source of your kitchen runner. Merry Christmas!

  10. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Always one of my very favorites!! I love your home, but it is especially beautiful during Christmas...yes, magical!! :)

  11. Thank you for sharing your home with all of us…simply beautiful! Merry Christmas.

  12. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Thank you for sharing, Jenny! I love your way of decorating. So elegant, warm, simple, in good-taste and never over-done. Decorating with magnolia leaves, fruit (pineapples, oranges, apples, lemons,limes), pinecones & unshelled nuts is very colonial and what we do here in Virginia and all over the east and south. Never, ever too many them all. Merry Christmas! Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA

  13. So beautiful, Jenny!! Just the right amount of Christmas!! So worth it!! xx (hope this comment goes through - been having some issues publishing comments lately. I'm sure it's something on my end!!)

    1. Sorry! It is me - I can't approve comments from my phone, so sometimes I forget to publish ones I've already read : )

      I'm looking forward to seeing your house tour soon... no pressure! ; )

  14. Lovely! I'm a little overwhelmed with a new baby #4 and was going to skip most of the extra decorating the year but you've inspired me and reminded me it's worth the effort for everyone to enjoy! Would you mind sharing where/what you used for your natural rugs in your office/back door and your French doors in the kitchen? Seagrass or sisal or indoor/outdoor? I love the lighter car than a dark door mat. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  15. I would also love to hear more about your stockings! Do you mind if I asked where you found them? They are beautiful.

  16. Anonymous8:07 PM

    You've done a great job creating the perfect balance of livability and beauty. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us. Also, a post on the rugs you've chosen to use would be appreciated. What did you decide to use in the family room area? I am trying to decide on one. I want a natural but I am hesitant due to shedding and other issues.

  17. What a beautiful home you have. I love the new kitchen rug. It does add warmth to the room. I'm wondering what's the big announcement.

  18. Love these sweet Christmas pictures. They are beautiful! Just wanted to share how much I enjoy your blog~
    I've been reading for a few years and love your style!
    I too have had a love for all things Martha Stewart since high school. I've have had my copy of "Good things for Organizing" for years.
    My husband is a December birthday, and my sweet baby girl Eleanor, just turned one, December 4. I love looking through your posts about Emma's past birthdays! They helped me plan our birthday celebration last weekend!
    Thank you for blogging! I love the inspiration to make "Everyday Occasions!"
    You are one of my weekly reads! And I love that I found Nine and Sixteen through your suggestion! I would love to know what else you read regularly. I'm always eager to find a new "cozy" spot to add to my reading.
    Thank you for sharing your life and family!
    Merry Christmas
    Jamie Lee (Virginia)
    And I'm looking forward to the exciting announcement :)

  19. I'm going to try one more time... (my comments don't seem to be coming through when I leave them via my phone...) First, your Thanksgiving post was one of my all time favorites!! And second, your home looks so beautiful for Christmas! So worth it! You have added just the right amount of Christmas without it taking over.
    Now will you come photograph my house and blog about it while you're at it... ;) xx Tessa

  20. Beautiful home Jenny! We are in the process of renovating our kitchen and I love your farm sink. Do you mind sharing what brand it is?

  21. Diane Bateman6:53 PM

    Hi Jenny...I just came across your post..your house is adorable! Love that you love too!

  22. Kari Bergin9:26 AM

    Love the kitchen runner! Where on earth did you purchase it?! Looking for something similar. Thanks so much!


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