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November 13, 2015

The Holiday Collection | Pillows, Cookies, Candles, Linens, Stockings, Ribbons & Tags

The 2015 Holiday Collection

This is what I want for Christmas :

I want our Holiday to be spent baking special cookies, candlelit dinners at our new dining table, and evenings snuggled on the sofa watching favorite Christmas movies.

I want my kitchen to smell like Gingerbread and our family room to smell like a freshly cut fir tree.

I want our home to feel like Christmas.  I want traditional decorations that remind us of simpler times, but fun and festive touches that will delight Emma.

I want to spend less time bustling and more time setting pretty Holiday tables with lights and filling window boxes with fresh greens.

I want to make bountiful baskets full of homemade treats for our friends and neighbors that look like they came from the fanciest department store in town.

I want to share and give as much as possible.

I hope that you find something in this collection that will help you create special moments and memories with your loved ones and that will help you to slowdown and remember the Spirit of the Season.

Joy & Peace,


Christmas Linens

I love simple Christmas tables - a festive red and white linen with fresh greens and candles going down the center... and maybe a couple of cloved oranges.  That is simple, right?  And some magnolia leaves tucked in.  I've also discovered my new favorite way to decorate in my dining room - all coming next week : )

I've stocked the store with some favorites from last year and new designs from my European linen house.  You'll find coordinating Tablecloths, Napkins & Tea Towels in a couple of different patterns.

We have a new dining room table to share next week (just delivered!) and I'll be setting a table with these new favorite linens.

These Tuscany Red & Cream Linens are where I'm going to start with my table.

Classic Stripe Napkins

I love these!  I think they are the perfect thing for our everyday dinners and brunches during the holidays.  There is something so cheerful and classic about this pattern - red and natural linen stripes.  
100% Linen made in Europe
18" Pillow Cases also available in Classic Red Stripes.

$34 Set of 4

 Gingham Napkins

Gingham is the perfect solution to almost every occasion.  It lends itself to be casual, but can be dressed up when you tuck in fresh greens and get out the good plates.  
100% linen - made in Europe
Set of 4
Tea Towels are also available in this print.

$38 Set of 4

Christmas Linen Tea Towel Collection

You all know how much I love linen tea towels.  Once you've added a couple to your collection, you'll know why, too.  They are a pleasure to use and display in your kitchen.  Just this small touch will bring your kitchen right into the Christmas season : )
100% Linen, made in Europe
Set of 2
Patterns Available (listed from top to bottom): 
Gingham Red & Natural
Tuscany Red & Cream
Holiday Ticking Stripe

Red & White Transferware

You recognize these from the Thanksgiving collection.  I've added a red version for the Holiday Collection.  I've already planted mine with Amaryllis and Paperwhites - DIY tips coming later!  Of course, they will look great on your dining table, but just as great with a ribbon to give as a gift.

Hooked Pillow & Stocking Collection

Last year right after I unveiled the new Holiday Collection, we took off for our annual trip back to New England.  I spotted this collection of hooked pillows and stockings at a home design store in Concord, Ma.  It turns out that they are made just up the road in Vermont.  I kept them in my notes as a must for our new home.
These are so beautifully made - and very traditional.  They have a lush velvet backing and come with insert included.
*These are special ordered and will be ready to ship Monday, 11/23.

Along with the hooked pillows, I've included these linen pillows that match the kitchen and dining room linens.  I think they look great paired with the hooked pillows and it will help tie your family room to the rest of the house.
This 18" Snowflake is definitely one of my favorites!

The pillows from the Hooked Collection come with an insert.
This is called the "Popcorn Tree" - isn't that so sweet?  I can remember doing popcorn on our tree only one year when I was younger.  Maybe it is a tradition we should bring back in the new house?  Emma would love... but then again, so would Mr. Darcy.

The pillows also have a lush velvet backing that makes them comfy to lounge on, too.

The same company makes these charming stockings!  I am just obsessed.  They are very reasonable at $38 each and have the same lush velvet backing as the pillows.   There are a couple more patterns available in my store, too.  Seriously, that wellie boot?!  I think that might need to hang on one of my pegs in the mudroom.

*These are special ordered and will be ready to ship Monday, 11/23.

These Fleur de Lys Tumblers have been a staple in my kitchen for years and were a best selling product when I added to the store last spring.  Last season I debuted my Autumn Harvest candle to be the first poured into this tumbler.  This season, I'm bringing my favorite scents of the season.  This Mulled Holiday is what I will be lighting in my kitchen each morning.  It is full of the scent of citrus, clove, spice and poached fruits.
After you use it, it can be cleaned and used as a vase for flowers (my favorite) or as a drinking glass.  It is packaged in a kraft paper box, ready for gifting.
8 oz. Candle
French Tumbler Holiday Candle - Fraser Fir

This Fraser Fir candle is what we'll light in our family room in the evening, and Mike has already tagged one for his study.  It is fresh and fragrant.

Ribbon & Gift Wrap Collection >

Of course, I've restocked all of my satin and grosgrain ribbons.  It is the perfect time of year to have 50+ yards of beautiful double-faced satin at your disposal ; )

4" Wide Red Satin  (above)

Every year I try to buy enough of this super luxurious 4" Wide Red Satin, and every year it is the first to go!  I love using it on wreaths - inside and out.

Red & White Cotton Ribbon

Last year's favorite ribbon was this Cotton Red & White Ribbon.  It is very special - a little goes a long way.

These tags just make me smile, they make my heart warm.  I often wonder about the disconnect between the actual Christmas story and Santa traditions.  Then, I see something like this.  I guess the two stories do have something in common: The impossible becomes impossible.  If the vision of reindeer flying through the sky isn't Nature singing for Joy, then I'm not sure what could be : )
Set of 20 
Like most of you (I'd venture to guess) I'm a fan of old fashioned traditions.   This tag is perfect for those of us who love to be taken back to the "days of old" during the Christmas season.  It truly is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
Set of 20

All is Merry & Bright

Since we live in the preschool world, the holidays for us are summed up in this phrase, "All is Merry & Bright."  And what a way it is to spend the Christmas season!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

It is not the Christmas season until I hear Judy Garland singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  In fact, I'm playing it right now to put me in the Christmas spirit : )   What I love about this song is that it wishes you a Merry "Little" Christmas.  The vision of that simple, little Christmas sparks something in me that I yearn for.  In a season of hustle, bustle and more is more, tie this tag on a homemade baked goodie for your neighbors to ensure that you (and they) have a Merry "Little" Christmas filled with love and the season's purest pleasures.
Warm Graphite printing on Cream Cardstock
Set of 20 Tags

Holiday Baking

Ahhh.  It doesn't get better than those two words.  Especially, because I'll be spending lots of baking time with Emma - and you can be sure she'll be sporting this adorable Red and White Gingham Child's Apron.

Child's Baking Set & Apron

I will admit, sometimes I just buy things for the store that I want.  This set is so cute and charming - perfect for the budding bakers in your life.  

Are you starting a cookie decorating tradition with your nieces, nephews, kids or grandkids?  You should.  These aprons will grow with them from 2 to 12.  I really wish it came in my size, too... I might cheat and tie it around my waste as a half apron : )

Includes :
Red Gingham Apron, Mini Rolling Pin, Mini Whisk, Mini Rubber Scraper, & Mini Pastry Brush
If this is a gift, I also recommend including a Holiday Copper Cookie Cutter for them to keep and use year after year.

Each Christmas I release a new Copper Cookie Cutters collection - my favorite tradition.  I've kept some of my favorites from years past including the Reindeer, Snowflake, Mitten & Fir Tree.  I've also added new designs this year - Gingerbread Houses, Candy Canes & Christmas Light Bulb.  
Christmas Lights Cookie Cutter >

I love these Lights!  I'm freezing these cookies for us to get out after Thanksgiving for the Plaza lighting ceremony.  The girls will love having their very own sparkling Christmas Lights to snack on while we make our way down.

Mitten Copper Cookie Cutters >
Candy Cane Copper Cookie Cutter >

Gingerbread House Copper Cookie Cutter Set - 2 Sizes

How fun are these Gingerbread House Cookies?  They are much easier than actually constructing a house made of gingerbread, and all of the fun of decorating one.  Emma will love helping with this - maybe even a great idea for her preschool class.

Of course, all our favorite baking and packaging supplies have been restocked, too, including Wooden Baking Baskets and Cookie Boxes!

Happy early Christmas browsing!  I hope you find something that will make your Holiday Season a little more special for your family : )


  1. Hi Jenny, Do you have plans to restock your everyday essential shower bottles? We just purchased a home so I am purchasing the rest of the collection, but was sad to see this sold out. Thank you!

  2. Hi, Jenny. Will you be stocking any boxwood this year?

  3. Where are the oven proof paper containers to make monkey bread?? Was hoping to make more for gifts this year. Will you get them in any time soon?
    M. Garner

  4. I love the Christmas items, but even more so, I love the way you describe the Christmas memories you hope to create in your home. I say ditto to all of the above! xx

  5. So sad the child's apron & baking set is already sold out. Will you be restocking?
    Loved your description of Christmas memories and plans. Sounds wonderful!

  6. I'm with Tessa. Beautiful beautiful write up of your wishes for Christmas. I would love to have the same as well. As usual, I am late making up my mind about what I need for a holiday. Now that I have decided on the house cookie cutters those cute things are sold out. Any chance you will be restocking them?

  7. Jenny I would like to place an order using Pay Pal. I cannot find the option to do so.


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