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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sharing this Thanksgiving | Gift Cards for Giving!

When your home is sparkling with beautiful holiday decorations and brimming with love and special moments with your family, it is easy to think you are doing everything right during the Holiday season.   Your table is bountiful, your family is happy - it all feels good.  However, if we forget to remember or neighbors and we forget to share, then we are missing out on the best part.

We all love those warm and fuzzy moments during the holidays.  For me, I love pulling though Starbucks on a blustery day and getting a peppermint mocha while I listen to Christmas music makes me just feel good.  Baking with Emma (while we listen to Christmas music... is there a theme, here?) gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about it.  Buying gifts and wrapping them beautifully - my favorite part of the Christmas season.  All of these moments don't compare to the gift of joy you give to yourself when you spend your holiday sharing, giving and loving our struggling neighbors.

During this season of cozy, warm snuggly moments, give freely and openly.

We are living in the most abundant society ever known.  We have investment accounts and savings accounts and insurance policies - all just in case.  All of this is to make us feel safe and secure.   In a society that concentrates on self, there is an unwarranted fear of not having enough.  From the time we are little, saving and keeping are engrained in our minds of the model of responsible living.

Not sharing your gifts deprives you from whole-heartedly enjoying the real joy of life - giving freely.

Give with a free heart, give without fear.  What we have been given is given to us with the responsibility of using it to help others.  We are merely the stewards of the gifts we've been given.

"No one ever becomes poor by giving." - Anne Frank

When I wonder how much is enough to give, I think about how much I spent the last time I went to target or what I spent on my last blouse or sweater - my last "feel good" splurge.

It is always weighing on my mind that I don't do enough to share and give.  I think, do I need to take a day every week to volunteer?  What are my best gifts to share?  Where could I volunteer that my best gifts could be used?  But then I remember I have this little store and I have this little blog.  This is what I do best.  This is my ticket to giving and sharing - this is my way to multiply my efforts.

Gift Cards for Giving :  You give, I give!

I'm partnering with Harvesters (amazing food bank that creates 3 meals for every $1 donated) this Thanksgiving to help them feed families, children, seniors, veterans - people.  I'm matching your donation with a Everyday Occasions gift card equaling 50% of what you give*.  That means, if you donate $100 to Harvesters, I will send you an e-gift card for $50 by the next morning.

*I have set a total limit of gift cards to $1,000, meaning $2,000 total raised for Harvesters.  I almost did 100% rewards ($100=$100), but I wanted to give you some of the pleasure of giving, too.  This way, we both give as much as we get... and we can raise even more money this way! : )  

That means that this little store and this little blog can come together and provide 6,000 meals this Holiday season.  Wow.

Here's what you need to do :

1.  Make a donation to Harvesters.  This is a link to our Harvesters' campaign :

2.  Forward me the email confirmation from your donation including your donation amount.

3.  I will send you an email gift card code for Everyday Occasions in the amount of 50% of your donation.  ($100 donation = $50 gift card)

Harvesters is an organization that services families who are food insecure my local region.   They can stretch a dollar!  Each $1 donated creates 3 meals.  Unbelievable!   Learn more about the organization at

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jenny - I love this idea! When does this offer expire? Also, when does the gift card expire? Last question: will you be getting any more of the 1.5" satin ribbons in (I'm thinking the navy and red colors). Thank you!


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