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October 05, 2015

Weekly Menu | Pork Roast, Caramel Corn, Moroccan Chicken Stew & Martha Videos

This week's menu looks a little different than most weeks.  Actually, this week is going to look a little different in general.  I'm giving myself some free time this week to check off some to-do's before holiday business begins.  The biggest thing on my list is to complete a couple of years worth of photo albums!  Remember this post about Emma's 0-1 book?  Well, shamefully, that was the last one I completed : )  So, this is the week.  I'm spending the week in photos - creating a gallery wall in our stairwell and completing all of the books I've missed... including a wedding album for Mike and Me.  Since our 5 year anniversary is this year, I thought it was high time.  Whoops.

As I was saying, this menu looks a little different because this week I've challenged myself to find some new recipes and fresh inspiration this week.  I love fall cooking and have already made many of our favorites, so I'm ready to reach out and look to others for inspiration.  I have a new favorite (pork roast with onions and apples, served with a dollop of apple butter, cheddar grits and salad with cranberry and pumpkin seeds) pictured above that I'll share tomorrow.  I thought it would be fun to share some spots where I find inspiration along the way.

Another way this week is going to look different is because I'm going to write more.  When I added the store two years ago, it takes up most of my allotted "work" time, which leaves me less time to write and share other aspects of our life and home.  I miss writing - it is actually one of my favorite ways to unwind and reflect.  I love looking back on a week or a moment and taking time to relish in it.  So this week, I'm allowing myself some time to write more on the blog and reflect on some of the "thin moments" of time that bless us.  Now that the Halloween products are available in my store, and I have a little breathing room until Thanksgiving and Holiday collections come along - I'm going to take it.

I hope everyone has an opportunity (or makes an opportunity) to enjoy this week.  Taking time to slow down and just enjoy is such a treat that we all deserve.  Make an effort to do that for yourself, or better yet - to help someone else do the same.

. . .

Monday :  The first thing on my list is this Caramel Corn from Tessa.  I'm planning this for an after school snack and for dessert tonight.  Tessa treats you to two recipes in the same post, this caramel corn and a Moroccan Chicken Stew that I've been itching to try.  I love the way Tessa blogs - it is well worth your time to look at her years past posts of Fall months- one of my favorite things to do..  Lots of great fall traditions to put on your list.

Caramel Corn

Chicken Moroccan Stew

I'm looking for a really great Lasagna recipe.  I've never made one with a béchamel before and have been day dreaming about it for a while.  I always start with a google image search for new recipes.  If you have any favorites, please share!

It is no secret that I find much inspiration from Martha Stewart.  Truthfully, while I like the current magazine, I really love the old videos in her archives.  I can vividly remember hurrying home from school to catch the daily show.  My mom would come home from work to find me making some sort of seasonal craft or recipe inspired by the show.  What a nutty kid, right?  I don't know what it is about these old videos that are still chalk full of inspiration for me - maybe the traditional elements, or the settings of classic new england farm kitchens/yards?  Whatever it is, I still love them.

The other day at Target I came across this Country Home magazine (I believe it is a Better Homes and Garden special mag?).  I flipped through it, loving every single photo.  I hardly ever find a magazine that really inspires me or offers something that really speaks to me.  Every home featured was just everything I love.  I didn't buy it because it was $12.99, but I can't stop thinking about it.  So, today I'm headed back and will treat myself to a copy.

I'd love to hear about where you get your inspiration.  I'm on the hunt for recipes and decor ideas this week, so please share.  I hope everyone enjoys this first full week of October : )



  1. Mario Batali's Lasangne recipe is the only way to go. Best Lasagne ever.

  2. I have been kind of claiming this lasagna recipe as "my own" for 5 years now- it does not have bechamel but I highly recommend it! It takes some time but is so worth it and I follow the recipe exactly. (I'm Italian and this is better than my grandma's!!!)

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Wonderful post!
    Looking back, over your home addition process, I'm not able to find the post that discloses where your dining room light is from, or at least what brand it is. I would love to know! Thank you in advance.

  4. Haha, glad to hear I'm not the only one trying to catch up on making photo albums! :-) Hope you get your whole to-do list done this week!

  5. Your apple cake was a big hit last night! Thanks so much!

  6. I miss the MS shows - I always loved her Halloween and Chrustmas specials too. I have warm memories of my Mom and I watching together:) I too am looking for a great Lasagna recipe! Hard to find. Great one. Love to know you plan to blog more!

  7. Anonymous4:05 PM Here is a recipe for Giada's lasagna rolls which call for béchamel and procuitto! So so good!

  8. I totally agree. I love her OLD videos. I would watch when I was younger and come up with some new idea. I use to tape her when she would on on Letterman. It was hysterical!

  9. Jenny,
    The pork recipe sounds delicious. This has been a favorite lasagna recipe of ours for many years. Maybe you would like to tweak it a bit and make it your own.
    I love this time of year and always enjoy your recipes and ideas to create a wonderful autumn ambiance.

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for the blog this week! I've been looking forward to some casual (not so staged) posts. With a 9 month old, I can get a little discouraged that my life does not always look like all the pretty pictures online.. I love when I get real glimpses into my favorite blogger's lives!

    I draw a lot of inspiration from blogs (including yours!), pinterest, magazines, books, sometimes movies.. Anything really that catches my eye.

    Best of luck getting your albums together. I bet a huge weight will be lifted when they are complete! Off to check out the post on Emma's baby book! (Oh, and Tessa's blog, of course!)

  11. I too miss the old Martha TV show and her videos. I would savor every second dreaming of having an old house and garden just like hers. Miss those old shows. Wish they would rerun them. Loved her holiday specials.

  12. Hi Jenny

    In looking for inspiration you shoud try The Zenelly Cookook. It's Paleo based but all the recipes are amazing. All are gluten free but not all contain ingredients that would have had gluten paleo but this is one book I would highly recommend for your library. The pistachio crusted rack of lamb is to die for. Another book I just discovered is Real Irish Food. I know Irish cooking does not have a great reputation but I was very happily surprised with this book. I never would have said Irish food was anything to rave about but after reading through this book (full of stories and explanations) I was transported back to my grandmothers kitchen in Ireland and reminded that she put out some of the most amazing savory, sweet, tasty foods I have had to this day. Many of which are in the book. The stuffed pork chops have become a favorite here, served with a side of bacon and thyme brussels--yummy!

  13. Aw, thanks friend. I think I used to do a better job capturing and documenting life before Instagram came along and made me a lazy blogger. :( I need to make make a better effort again. Have a lovely week! Hope you loved the caramel popcorn!! xx


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