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October 04, 2016

Halloween House Tour at Our House

My heart is aching that it is the end of October.  While I just want this month to crawl by, it seems to have flown by in record speed.

As you can see, our house is officially all spooked out - or as spooked out as it is going to get : )   I tend to do a lot of pumpkin and gourd decorating throughout the month, but save the spooky spider webs and pumpkin carving for the actual week of Halloween to make them feel special.

Join me for a little tour of our house inside and out!  I don't know if it is really a haunted halloween tour (my halloween decorations are a bit minimal), but it will give you an idea what we've been working on.  We've been adding more and more to the inside of our house (including a gallery wall...) and I finally feel like it is cozy and homey just in time for nights around the fireplace.

Here you can see our front porch is *piled* with pumpkins.  Piled!  In years past I've embraced all colors of pumpkins in light blue, white, pale orange and deep green, but this year I was only drawn to orange.  I have no idea why - my past self would've never believed it!  There is something classic about all of the various oranges piled up that makes a big impact.   

 Here is our carving night on the back patio last Sunday.

Ok, come on in...

Our stairway got a new gallery wall last week.  I was a little hesitant about starting this project.  I am not a clutter person and have trouble committing to wall hangings, but we have so many pictures, beautiful pictures that I wanted warm up our home.

I have to say that I am obsessed with this.  I love how it turned out.  I'll follow this with a step-by-step of how I went about it (including rub and  buffing all of the frames...).  It was definitely a project.  After about 2 solid days,  3 trips to Hobby Lobby and $200 in printed photos (thank Goodness that I repurposed old frames!), it was completed.  Again, more info about this to come later!

Our family room.  We have a couple of new additions in here.  The ottoman/bench (Ballard) was a happy accident originally for Mike's office, it ended up to be to tall and stiff for cozy lounging.  It works perfectly in here.  Because it is our more formal room in the house, I like the matchy-matchy look of everything, when I normally would stray away.

The ship painting is also new.  Well, old.  It was a steal at a local estate sale company.  I haven't decided on the perfect frame yet, but am settling here for a while.

Ballard Justine Bench

You might notice a couple of new things around the house that you will find in my Thanksgiving collection - coming out on Thursday morning.

You can see some of our spooky spiderwebs outside our front window and a couple of bat decals (target) if you look hard enough ; )

Into the kitchen - not much spooky from here ; )   Did I say this was a Halloween tour?  Maybe it is just a Fall tour... or a house tour.

Baking counter ready to start those Halloween sugar cookies this week!

Here are some of our bats!  If you peek outside you can see some mums (that are about 2 days from being done, unfortunately) and the cornstalks on our porch.

This is my favorite view of our kitchen - the one I see the most.  See the fire flickering in the background?  We do wood burning in front room and flip the switch in here.  While I love wood fires, I really like flipping this switch when I come down on these cold mornings.

Here is some Halloween!  Our halloween and fall copper cookie cutters lined up ready for baking this week.

What kitchen would be complete without some of Emma's artwork?

As you can see, our Maple Trees have turned very bright and are now falling off.  Ah - too soon!

See something there on the mantle?  Maybe a part of my Thanksgiving collection...

And another.

The leaf wreath is still going strong!  It is a little more delicate than anticipated.  And crumbly.  We are working on it.

Mike's study - still waiting on the ottoman and a side table.

Go Royals!  The hat we bought at last Friday's game!

Our mudroom/my office/art gallery.  Notice the sacks of daffodils that need planting?!   I started with 400, and still have 250 to go... before it freezes.

At some point I will "style" and decorate my office, but for now I like the blank slate.

The back porch in the daylight.  Can you see the reflection of all of those beautiful fall colors?  Savoring everyone of these mornings.

Aren't the corn stalks great?  I strapped them on the top of my car to get them home... looked like a christmas tree, which everyone got a big kick out of!  I was planning on using them on the front porch but ran out of room with all of the pumpkins.  I love the rustic feel they give our porch and that I can see them out of our kitchen window.

I'll be back on Thursday with my Thanksgiving collection!  See you then : )


  1. Your home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. BEAUTIFUL job Jenny! I loved the tour. :) Your home is pretty with cute touches that show a real family lives there. (And your kitchen is to die for.) I really like the cornstalks on your porch. We have not used those at this house, but I just might have to use them next year. :)

  3. Oh and I forgot one thing! Your gallery wall turned out wonderful! Great job with all those photos, and I know that is not an easy project.

  4. I love seeing the progress of your home, it's so simple and elegant! Really looking forward to Thursday morning now seeing the mantle and assume the adorable taper holder ;) Have a great week!

  5. Everything looks so festive. I love your new home and how you've decorated. Have a happy Halloween with your sweet family.

  6. Love the fall porches and seeing the progress on your house! Do you mind to share where the leather chairs in the study are from?

  7. Beautiful. As always, I look forward to your posts! But I have to add "Let's Go Mets". ��

  8. Its beautiful!!!
    Where are your office bench and back porch benches from???

  9. Hi Jenny!

    Love your gallery wall! What size did you use for your largr frames? Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!


  10. Wow, I love it all. Fabulous job!


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