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Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Collection | Pumpkin Spice Syrup, Maple Syrup, Jack O'Lantern Tags & Donuts!

Halloween Collection

As I said in my email newsletter yesterday, for me, Halloween is one of those quintessential childhood holidays that stir so many nostalgic feelings.  This collection is all about those classic moments of childhood and making it simple to creating those moments for your family.

I am so glad Halloween is on a Saturday this year, which means a fun family breakfast is in order.  This collection is full of breakfast ideas from Pumpkin Spice Syrup (for your latte) to homemade (baked or fried) donuts.  If you don't feel like making them, you can package up bakery (or cider mill) donuts in these cute boxes to give as gifts.  You'll be the most popular spook around!


Shop the entire Halloween Collection, here >

Maple Syrup

Let's start with the most exciting new product (for me) - Everyday Occasions Maple Syrup.

Our love of real maple syrup runs deep.  Mike introduced me to it when we were dating  Wait, did he introduce me to it or insist on it?  Hard to remember...  
Last year I included a well designed bottle of maple syrup in our holiday gifts for friends and neighbors.  Of course, I immediately had a vision for a bottle and label design that I would love to use this year.  It is just the thing to enjoy for yourself or give.
8 oz.
Grade A Dark Amber
Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Pumpkin Spice is definitely the flavor of the season.  I have a major Pumpkin Spice Latte habit - thankfully, I'm making them at home this year with the help of this syrup.  It is also great on top of ice cream or pancakes, too (of course!).
Emma's teachers are going to be receiving this this year - as a gift with a special coffee cup and gourmet coffee.
12 oz.

Donuts for Giving
I love homemade gifts.  Around here we don't wait for Christmas to deliver gifts to our neighbors and friends - almost every holiday or season we find a way to give and share.  Who wouldn't like a box full of donuts on their doorstep?!  You can make them with my new donut supplies (more details below) or just buy them and wrap them in these new boxes.

As we were waiting in line for our beloved Cider Donuts at our local farm stand, I picked up a recipe book of old fashioned treats.  As I read the recipe for the very donuts we were waiting for, I thought, I really want to make these at home.  I've made a baked version in my Donut Pan (also a new item offered for Halloween!), but I also wanted to try the real deal.
The recipe recommended the use of a donut cutter.  I like to think that my kitchen is equipped with almost every tool I might ever need, but this was something I didn't have.  So, of course when I need something, I assume you do, too!
I purchased both sizes and put them together in a set.  I'm just as excited about the "holes" as I am the donuts!  The 2.5" size is great for cake donuts and the 3.5" is perfect for yeast.
2.5" & 3.5" Donut Cutters

Baking donuts is just as easy as stirring together a muffin mix, then baking for 10 minutes.  An added bonus is feeling a little bit better about making donuts every other morning.  
After brushing with butter and rolling them in cinnamon sugar, we were instantly transported to the cider mill.  In our pajamas.  
The Donut Pan bakes 6 donuts at a time and has a non-stick finish.
This year I really wanted to create a cheerful halloween tag.  Maybe it is because all too often I see really scary and yucky halloween images.  For me, Halloween is kids walking through the neighborhood in costumes crunching on leaves, big bowls of chili, a classroom full of costume clad kids, bags of candy and a front porch of Jack O'Lanterns.  I'm going to hold on to my Halloween vision for a while (and let someone else do the blood and guts...).  
These cheerful Jack O'Lanterns will add a festive Halloween feel to any simple treat - like this bag of candy corn or a popcorn ball.   
Printed on creamy cardstock and pre-punched with a hole, these tags are ready to be tied on any treat with ribbon or twine.  See my favorite jute twine or gingham ribbons, here : )
Set of 20 tags.

Rectangle Kraft Window Boxes

Of course these boxes can be used for anything - a gift, cookies, cupcakes, etc. - but they make a great box for donuts.  A nod nicer than a bakery box, they feel like something special and nostalgic at the same time.  Like donuts from the nicest neighborhood donut shop of your dreams : )
10"W x 7"D x 2.5"H
Set of 10 boxes.
Treat Bags | Kraft or Glassine

These bags are great for any season or holiday.  This halloween, I plan to fill them with popcorn trail mix for Emma's class (they're into not so sweet at her school).  For the party at our house, I'll fill them with decorated sugar cookies (see below!) and line them up in rows in a basket as take home treats. 
I love wrapping it with gingham ribbon or twine and sealing with a label.  
25 bags per set
5" x 7" bags
Select Option : Kraft or Glassine/White
Products Used :
Printable LabelsGingham Ribbon
Printable Labels & Halloween Templates

I use these labels for everything - they are great to have around.  They are blank sheets of labels made from a thick, creamy white paper or kraft paper (purchased from Paper-Source) and make beautiful, high quality labels.  They are the same that I use on all of my own products for the store.  You can print anything on them for any season.  
The labels come in sets of 50 in easily printable sheets for $5.  *I've added the Halloween Labels to the Template Files below!  

Copper Cookie Cutters, Bat

These bats have been my favorite Halloween cookies for years, so of course I had to restock this year.  They are very simple to make - the sprinkles do most of the work!

They come wrapped in a cellophane bag with my sugar cookie recipe, tied with a ribbon ready for giving.
Cookie Cutter Pancakes

Cookie Cutters aren't just for Cookies.  I used my cutters for these haunted Chocolate Chip Pancakes last Halloween - I'm sure they'll be making several appearances between now and the 31st!

See Recipe Link and Instructions, here.

What is more classic Halloween than a Pumpkin Sugar Cookie?  Emma's first sugar cookie decorating experience was a  when she was 10 months old : )   I wonder what we will make together this year?

Happy Halloween season everyone!  I hope I've shared something that will help you to make some new traditions and memories with your family.


Shop the entire Halloween Collection, here >


  1. All of this looks so delicious and festive! Emma's class is fortunate to have you as one of the talented mothers that sends in treats. The bat cookies look especially fun to make with children. Thanks for the inspiring ideas.

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    While I relish in your creativity and love the items from your store, I would really enjoy seeing more on your blog about your "everyday" life. I would love to see how your house looks on a not perfect day. I would love to see a post about cleaning and housekeeping. I would love to see a "day in the life" post...basically your daily schedule. I guess I am looking for something in the here and now...the real and not staged.


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