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October 03, 2016

Autumn Comfort Collection | Wheat, Harvest Candle, Apple Butter & Maple Leaf Copper Cutters

Good Morning : )   
I've just added a couple of cozies to the store that I hope you'll love.  Like all of my products, these are things that I've been craving in my own home (and my kitchen) as the temperatures finally begin to drop - a great candle, some natural elements, maple and coffee inspired desserts, and the best way to refresh your sweaters...

Enjoy browsing and I hope you find some Autumn Comforts that inspire you.


Fall Harvest Candle in French Tumbler

I've been searching for the next perfect vessel for my hand-poured candles. These Fleur de Lys Tumblers have been a staple in my kitchen for years and were a best selling product when I added to the store last spring.  It is twice as large (8 oz.) than the previous bowls that we used and will last much longer.  After you use it, it can be cleaned and used as a vase for flowers (my favorite) or as a drinking glass.  I love this!
Autumn Harvest Scent
This seasons' scent is a classic Autumn favorite - Orange, Cloves, Cedar and Spice.  It is warm and earthy and will add instant Fall atmosphere to your home.
Fall Harvest Candles in French Tumblers, $28

It was hard to photograph the Fluer de lys on the glass once the wax was poured in, but most of you are so familiar with this glass anyway!  It is heavy and thick - and I'm so excited that it will last much longer than the small bowls.
Wheat Bundle, Tall 20"

The original 15" Wheat Bundle that I featured in my store two years ago is still one of the top requests.  This year I've added this 20" tall version.  It will look great for more grand look for your table this fall, or on your mantle, as I've used it.  It comes wrapped with a jute twine, but I've wrapped mine with my 2" Grosgrain in Gold.    

Wheat Bundle, 20" $24

Wheat Bundle, 15"

This is my table set last year with the original size wheat bundles.  They are still available in my store.  I plan to use the Tall Bundle on my mantle, and the original size on the table.  I love having balance in my house and like to use the same textures multiple times throughout.

Wheat Bundles, 15", $16

Maple Leaf Copper Cookie Cutter

We have a little thing for Maple Leaves, Trees and Syrup around here. Is there anything more beautiful than when the maple trees change color in the fall?  Some of our favorite trips have been to Vermont to see the maple trees in full glory... and to stock up on pure maple syrup.  In fact, we just purchased two new Maple Trees (October Glories) for our back yard.  
I used the Maple Leaf cutter to make these Pecan Shortbread cookies this week, then drizzled them with a Maple Glaze.   Talk about yummy - and very easy.  I'll share the recipe soon!
As always, the cutters are packed with a recipe card in a cello bag tied with a pretty grosgrain ribbon - a great gift.

Maple Leaf Cookie Cutter, $15 >
Apple Butter

This is fun - my first "food" product!  Apple Butter has been a favorite of mine since I was young.  There is nothing better than topping a generously buttered biscuit with a generous dollop of apple butter.  It is earthy and comforting - full of cinnamon and spices.  It tastes like Autumn.  I love serving it with biscuits for breakfast, or dolloped on roasted pork loin.  I will share some favorite recipes soon!  It makes a great gift for a friend - in a basket with apples or biscuits.

Apple Butter, $7 >

Natural Linen Apron

Several customers have requested an apron to coordinate with my linen collection.  I actually love using aprons - and do often.. because I am usually a huge mess in the kitchen.  This apron is made of 100% natural linen.  It is heavy and soft and very large to cover every inch.  It is chef style, so it wraps all the way around and hangs very long - quite flattering.

100% Linen Apron, $52 >

Harvest Basket Tray
This is a larger, tray style version of the Harvest Basket I released last month.  I ordered this style specifically for my house because I plan to use it more of a utility basket.  They are lined up on my shelf in my office to hold (disguise) all of the things that pile up... like spools of ribbons, cookie cutters and supplies.  In the laundry room, I have them lining my shelves holding cleaning and laundry supplies.  Pretty and functional, my favorite combination.  
It also works well to use as a gift basket or transport a display of cookies at school or friends' homes.  
19" x 13" x 5"

Harvest Tray, $16 

Sweater Brush
Pilled sweaters are my ultimate nemesis.  The problem is that once I find a favorite, I wear it constantly until it looks too terrible.  Then, too many times my favorite sweaters have ended up in the donation piles just after one season.  I recently discovered this sweater brush and had to share.  It has stiff copper and wire bristles that take the pills right off without damage to the sweater.  It is a staple in my laundry room now.  It is the perfect thing to use as we change our wardrobes from shorts to sweaters.
Use caution on any very fine sweaters, and test a small area first, but I have not had any issues. 

Coffee Extract, $7

So many recipes for chocolate cakes or brownies call for a splash of coffee.  Too often I end up skipping it because I don't have a freshly brewed cup around (they're usually empty...).  


This very high quality extract is a great thing to keep in your pantry to add to chocolate baked goods and make yummy coffee whipped cream, like I did with this Barefoot Contessa Brownie Pudding I baked in my Small Brown Paper Tart Pans. 

Have a great weekend.  We are escaping for a bit of a fun weekend with just the three of us in one of our favorite spots.  I can't wait share photos next week ; )


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