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August 14, 2015

Framing Botanicals, Antique Mirror Find & Hanging Prints

As summer comes to an end and temperatures (and humidity) climb, we've been spending a little more time inside.  I'm finally getting to the second layer of decorating.  For the first couple of months, I was content to enjoy the freshly painted walls and empty rooms, but now we're settling in and ready to add that next layer that can make a house feel like a home.

I don't like the idea of decorating in a day, and really want to take my time hunting down and acquiring special finds that will make our home feel like us.  I've always struggled with wall decor; I'm not a huge fan of random still life paintings or obscure photos, but love framed botanicals, mirrors and landscapes.

Above : In the guest room (known around here as the blue room), I framed some antique botanical pages that I sourced at a local antique spot (Mission Road Antiques, for locals).  I've included my process below.

In the living room, I thought I would put artwork above the mantle, but changed my plan immediately when I saw this antique mirror.

I love the simple and clean feel, while it has a bit of an ornate (but not fancy) detail on the top.  I imagine it was originally hung in an old farmhouse, perhaps in an early American rural community where function was more appropriate than filigree. For me it is everything I love in an antique -  sturdy, beautiful patina, not rickety and almost a bit primitive in its simplicity.  Its simple shape and design could almost be modern, but the wood and patina is definitely antique.

I'm hoping to get it hung this weekend.

I think I've shared this print before, but I'm not sure I've given much detail.  I've always been a fan of tree prints - and was known to do lots of sketches of trees on my notebooks in the form of doodles during classes.

We found this print at the Brookside Art Fair.  It is a pen and ink from an Artist from Massachusetts.  The graphic black and white image is modern and classic at the same time.  And, of course, I love the color scheme... or lack there of.

Back to the botanicals.  I wanted to share a little bit of my process with you, because it involved a little trial and error.  The above is the finished product of gilt frames.  To the Left, is the iphone photo I sent to Mike saying, what do you think of the new botanicals?!

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He said, "I like the new prints."  Ugh.  Because I know how to read him and if he loved how they looked, he would've said, "It looks awesome."

I should start by sharing that Mike is always honest.  He cannot, not be honest.  Even though it can be annoying, his honesty always pushes me in the right direction.  Instantly, he revealed what I was already thinking, but didn't want to admit (because I didn't to work on it any longer... or spend any more money), but the frames weren't working.  There was already too much cream in the room.  We needed some contrast.  So, I did a quick look around and found these amazing gold frames for $10 each (for the 11x14 size).

We have a really expensive looking display for our guest room.  He was right.  They are completely elevated from the spray painted, reused cream frames.  


I'm so pleased with how they turned out - especially because they are one of the first things I see at the top of the stairs and I see them on my way to our bedroom.

Here is another moment in the guest room I'm enjoying.  I've decided not to re-hang the plantation shutters that were once here, but am going to order linen roman shades instead.  I just love the wood windows painted in the blue so much that I don't want them to be covered 90% of the time.  The roman shades will allow the windows to be seen most of the time.

Here is my process for framing the botanical prints.  I found the pages being sold individually for $10 each.

 I used a white matte, and a textured piece of 8x11 cream paper to mount it on. I wanted the page edge to show even after it was framed because I love the aged edge.

I used double sided archival tape, used for scrapbooking to attach the print to the textured paper.

Then centered it in the matte board and put it behind the glass.  Then... did it all over again when I found the new frames : )

The next big project is our bedroom.  We currently have nothing on the walls.  I would love to fill the walls with photos.  I'm sure it will take me a while to make a plan, source frames and decide which photos to have printed.  I was hoping to do it over the summer break, but it looks like it will have to be a project this fall.

I've managed to order some bedside tables, but they won't be ready for 12 weeks, so I guess I still have time!

Hope you have a great weekend,


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  1. Such a gorgeous mirror!! I still love botanicals too - especially on a series! The gilt frames were a steal - makes me want to reframe some of mine!! xo

  2. Love the new frames. Sometimes we just need a second opinion.

  3. Anonymous8:27 AM

    So beautiful, Jenny.

  4. Love the gold frames, you can always use Rub N' Buff to add gilt to old frames. I have done it with success and it holds up well.

  5. Hi Jenny! Your whole house is absolutely gorgeous - I have loved seeing the progress! You mentioned linen roman shades - I am looking for something similar. Have you found a source for them? Would love to hear if so!

  6. I totally ripped off your framed botanical prints, I ordered some prints from etsy and the same frames you used. They look so good, I am hanging them tonight! Thanks for the inspiration (or the idea, since I totally stole it)!


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