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June 30, 2015

House Tour | Post-Move, Pre-Decorating | New Addition

This has been a long time coming.  Well, at least a couple of weeks.  We moved in about a month ago and are settled.  We've spent the last month just enjoying summer and our new home.  No room is near complete, but once we got unpacked we just needed a break from.  Most of the big furniture is in place, but we have yet to really decorate anything.  The only room with anything on the walls is the our living room - also the only room in the house that remained the same, essentially.

At some point, once we've added the next layer - of artwork, rugs, window treatments, decor - I'll do a fancy, styled room by room tour and share resources.  For now, this is just a quick photo tour for those of you who have followed along the process.  I'm taking my time decorating and relishing in the process.  I'm almost re-energized again and ready to start scouring antique stores and estate sales for those beautiful, old pieces that will bring some soul to our new home... almost.  : )

Welcome!  The stair runner is new and we love it - so soft, but looks like sisal.

I'm looking forward to completely outfitting this room, Mike's study, this Fall.  Lots of leather, old rugs and layered plaids.  I think : )

For now it is empty.

Old living room.

Exactly the same, but with fresh paint.

And new stone and mantle.

I'm sure finding a piece of artwork for above this mantle will take a while.  I'm thinking something modern with an antique frame?  Or maybe 2 botanicals side by side?  I have a big ornate gilt frame that will go the left, but the chair... but need something to go in it.

Sofa, chairs and ottoman are from Pottery Barn.

This rug is going tomorrow when the sisal one arrives.  I'm very anxious to add some color and this old brown rug is dampening my spirits.

Mudroom through the dutch door.  Everyone that comes through our home comments about it - a great conversation piece.

I'm very excited about this wooden mirror I found.  I'm considering adding it to the store - anyone else need a great mirror?  Let me know and I'll add it!

While most of our rooms are white (or ivory), I'm balancing it with wood in each room.  In the kitchen we have the island and the dining table.  In here we have the wooden bench and the mirror in the bathroom.

Where I work... and am sitting right this minute.

D's area behind me.

2nd Floor.

Emma's bathroom.

Emma's room.

We are still looking for a bed/headboard for her.  I will probably order an upholstered one because they are so comfy.  Any good resources?

Laundry Room - still need to hang some shelves above.  We've really enjoyed having it upstairs vs. in the basement!

The blue bedroom.  Still debating on window treatments in here - I hate to cover up the beautiful wood windows, so I'm thinking a creamy linen roman shade?

Guest Room bathroom.  AKA, our old closet : )  The glass doors and marble in the shower really make this feel luxurious - even though it is the world's smallest full bath.

Our bedroom!  It is allllll ivory right now.  With white bedding.  The next layer will be lots of framed prints and artwork, eclectic side tables, lamps, etc.  I also have some accent layers for the bed coming soon.  I have to say, the all white room is very soothing and relaxing.

 I really love our new bedding from pottery barn.  I think the white on white embroidery is subtle, but just enough luxurious.  It reminds me of vintage european linens.

I'm still ah-ed by our bathroom every time I enter.

We are really in need of some window treatments in here, though.  : )

The glass doors just arrived a couple of weeks ago.

According to Mike I have an addiction to this bath.  I just can't help myself.

And for a small look at the backyard.  Please ignore the toys and bottles of bubbles lying about : )

These hydrangeas are exceeding all expectations.  Annabelles.  I'll do a more complete garden tour at some point - when everything fills in a bit.

That's all for now.  In time, I'll do a more fancy tour with everything styled and pretty, but I just wanted to give you a quick peek at everything since the move.  Now, if I could just get motivated to go to the antique store instead of the pool this afternoon....  : )

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  1. Wow looks amazing!! I have ordered headboards from Ballard Designs and have loved them. They are well priced and don't require a full frame to be purchased from there either.

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Can you tell me what carpet you used in your master bedroom? I really like it.
    Curious....what was your square footage prior to your remodel and what is it now?
    Lovely spaces. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love and need that wood mirror! What are the dimensions?

  4. Hilary3:57 PM

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I've been waiting to see everything! And look forward to your resources in the future. We just bought a cape cod and your renovation has been so inspiring!

  5. Looks great! So serene. Would you mind sharing the source info for the staircase runner?

  6. Jenny,
    It turned out beautifully! Your planning and research paid off. Every architectural detail make your home so welcoming and warm. Great job. I loved the tour. I know as you find things to fill the walls and round out the room, it will be icing on the cupcake.
    Enjoy the 4th of July with your family.

  7. Everything is beautiful! I love all the natural light. That bathroom is to die for!

  8. Wow, this is gorgeous!! I think your home is classic and timeless, and you did a great job creating a seamless addition, that really adds to the charm of the home, which is no easy task! May I ask how much square footage you added, and how many beds/baths you have now, vs before the addition? I ask because we live in a very similar Cape style home, and have thought about adding on, but didn't want to detract from the house's charm. Now I've seen your addition, I know it can be done!
    Thanks for sharing! So glad I found you blog!

  9. Absolutely wonderful! I can see why you are so drawn to that bathroom. OMG gorgeous. And I am totally in love with the built in beside your refrigerator. Great job!

  10. Can you tell me source for your interior door knobs - they look to be ORB in an oval shape?

  11. BEAUTIFUL! The details are amazing.

  12. Jenny it looks absolutely beautiful! Have loved watching your remodel evolve and seeing the finished product! Of course it always takes time to make more decisions, shop and gather items. We have been in our house almost three years and I am still always on the hunt for things. I used the same hardware in my kitchen by the way and love it! And just got the same faucet that you have in your downstairs powder bath for our bath remodel. We are also planning a pea gravel patio space in the future. You will have to let us know how you like it. I wonder a little about how comfortable it is to walk on. Can't wait to see even more!!

  13. Anonymous6:44 PM

    What a beautiful home! You are definitely an inspiration for me while I try to style my own home. Thanks for sharing... I cant wait to see it fully styled so I can copy hehe.

  14. Go to the pool this afternoon :-) The decorating bug will return soon enough, I should think. I agree, whites and creams can be so soothing if done right. That's what I ended up doing my living room. It has less color than I'd originally intended, but lots and lots of different textures in white and cream, people comment on how relaxing it is.

  15. Jenny, this is too beautiful! Great loveeeee the dutch door what a fun addition. xoxo Megan

  16. Anonymous3:14 PM


    I have been following along during your home renovation project. I love everything you have done! Your contractors did an amazing job making everything look like it has always been there.
    All of your choices are lovely...everything is clean and simple. I love your style!

    We will be redoing our kitchen in the next few months, along with some other work. I'll have to pick your brain about some things. ; ) Did you use honed marble in your kitchen and how are you liking it?


  17. Jenny, it turned out absolutely beautiful! You really did a fantastic job mixing old and new & all of the architectural details. A home is such a special place & your family will get to enjoy all of your efforts for years to come, so worth it! Thanks for sharing I loved following your progress!

  18. Gorgeous! I love it. Want to trade houses? I love the kitchen and the bathroom especially. I hope you are enjoying your lovely new home!

  19. Just beautiful! Would you mind sharing sources for your faucets? How are you liking you shower head? Can you tell I am in the middle of a bathroom remodel?!? :)

  20. You have impeccable taste - I love your work! Looking forward to seeing updates! Where is the carpet from in your master bedroom? Thanks :)

  21. Absolutely gorgeous! I, too, would like to know what carpet you used in your MBR, as well as what windows you installed. Thanks, Jenny!

  22. Love this! Where are the bathroom sconces from?

  23. I love your wood-topped kitchen island with the sink in the middle and am thinking about doing the same in my new home. Do you mind sharing the type of wood you used as well as what was used to seal the wood? I am getting some differing advice as to the durability of wood next to a sink -- some saying it's not a good idea to do as it will show wear quickly. I'd love your advice. Thanks!

  24. I love your wood-topped kitchen island. I am thinking of doing the same in my new home but have heard from more than one source that wood next to a sink is not a good idea -- will quickly show wear. Would you mind sharing your experience as well as the type of wood and sealer that was used? Thank you!

  25. Stunning- simple yet so warm. Can you share the names of the blue and cream paint you use? Thank you!

  26. Please share what the carpet you used on the stairs is - I NEED that info :)

  27. Hi Jenny!
    I just love your classic decorating style - I am in the hunt for a headboard for our master bedroom, would you mind sharing where you found your master headboard? I love the classic look of yours. What fabric did you choose? Thanks!

  28. Love your house! I was wondering where you purchased the area rug that is in the living room? Would love something like that for my home. Thank you!


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