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May 08, 2015

Mr. Darcy's Collection | Dog Beds, Cookie Cutters & Toys

Mr. Darcy.  He was my first baby - he was even mine before Mike.  Remember his baby pictures?  (here)  The idea for this collection started with me spotting an adorable (I mean handsome...) dog bed in a boutique window.  We've never had a dog bed for Darcy, he's more of a my bed or couch sort of guy.  

In the new house we are setting up the mudroom as his room - doggie door and all.  Don't worry, we have a dutch door between mudroom and the rest of the house to keep him from coming into the house with muddy paws on wet days.  My studio and computer will also be set up in the mudroom, which he will love, as he is always laying about 4 feet from me while I work.  I plan to set up a really comfy place for him, with a new bed, toys, food and a view of the backyard - all of his favorite things.

I'm sure not everyone thinks about how a dog bed or toy look, or that the color coordinates with their home decor, but here is my theory - if it is laying in the middle of my floor, or on my bed, why not be cute as cute as possible?  I know I'm not the only one that doesn't like florescent orange and yellow dog toys or a not-so-cute dog bed lying around their house, right?  
This entire collection is from Harry Barker, except for the cookie cutter.  I love their branding and logo - everything is artfully made to coexist and compliment your home.  Everything they produce is eco-friendly.  For example, the dog bed fill is made from recycled water bottles!

I've always kept a dog bone cookie cutter hand and whenever Emma and I bake sugar cookies, whether it be for Valentine's or Halloween, we always make one for Mr. Darcy.  This week was Darcy's birthday, so we made him some special dog treats (basically oatmeal and peanut butter cookies...) with this copper cutter.  Working with something as beautiful as these handmade cutters make even the most basic activity really special.  These copper cutters are handmade and will last for generations of puppies and kids.

Let's start with the dog beds.  I'm carrying two different styles.  This linen looking bed is so beautiful. The dog friendly linen-looking fabric is very sophisticated, especially with the handsome leather label.  It comes in Small, Med or Large and (top to bottom) Grey, Green, Natural or Brown.  I ordered the Natural (second from bottom) in Medium for Darcy that he is pictured with in the first photo.  It looks just like the natural linen fabric on our sofa and ottoman.  I think it will go great in our new hearth room, right by the french doors so he can look out of the window.

The fabric is a Jute & Poly blend that is both eco-friendly and mildew resistant.  The filling in the bed is made from 100% recycled water bottles!

This collection is call "Vintage Stripe" - isn't it so great?  There is something that feels very chic and European about it to me.  I also love the laurel wreath logo.

I plan to order a black stripe one for the mudroom for Mr.   I think it will look great with all of the cream paint, brass and oil rubbed bronze fixtures.

Harry Barker Toys & Tosses

Mr. Darcy has loved these new toys.  I love that they are nautically inspired and come in great colors.  Everybody wins!

Tug & Pull, Large, Natural :
D and Emma have never really "played" too much together, but the Tug and Pull has been so fun for them - he's dragging her around the floor... and she likes it! 
This soft large bone is a pillow toy that D loves to lay his head on and it has a squeaker - always a favorite for the Mr.

Great for throwing and retrieving... also looks very nautical!
This is the perfect little bone toy to add to a gift for a dog lover.  Emma really likes to throw this one - it is just her size.
I hope you puppy lovers out there love some of these new products!  Emma and I plan to make more Dog treats today to share with you (the recipe at least) next week.

Browse the entire Dog & Puppy Collection, here.

Happy Weekend,

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  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Lovely dog collection! Makes me wish we had a puppy, but instead we have two the house! Quick question, what size is your blog header? How do you design it? Any blog header tips would be much appreciated. Cheers! Thanks for your inspiring posts.


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