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May 13, 2015

Interior Paint | Ben Moore Navajo White, Carrington Beige and Quiet Moments

Come on in!  Yesterday, I shared the exterior paint photos and today is the day for interior.  Warning, there are a lot of pictures.  Most of the interior is Benjamin Moore Navajo White - trim and walls.  It is different than Sherwin Williams Navajo White - the BM doesn't have quite as much color.  It was the same color that we had in our old house, and is my favorite warm, off-white.  It just seems to work everywhere.  It has a lot more color than most whites, but I think that makes it seem richer, and more neutral, rather than just white.

After saying that, I have to admit, paint is so hard!   I almost lightened it up.  But, I stuck with my instincts, knowing that I wanted our big open room to feel warm and cozy, not stark.  I wanted color, and I wanted a bit of contrast of whites.  It helped me to start thinking about layering whites, creams and ivories and treating them as colors, themselves.  Hopefully you'll agree ; )

This the front foyer.  We opened this area up and lost a little closet, but it now matches the more open, bigger house.

Paint : Ben Moore Navajo White - Trim in Satin, Walls in Eg-Shel

Love this picture light!

Here is our old living room.  As I talked about in the exterior paint post, I love tone-on-tone matchy paint.  Something about it looks more like those colonial farmhouses I love.

I wanted to change the color to be a bit deeper, so it felt cozier, since the rest of the house is bright and open.  There is also a lot of light in the room from large picture window, so it could handle some color.

BM Carrington Beige, Satin on trim, Eg-Shel on Walls.

I really love, love this room.  Since both mantles are the same design, I wanted the paint on the mantle and in this room to feel different - and the paint does just that.  

From the old living room into the new big room and kitchen.  More tone-on-tone.  I wanted the millwork and beams to stand out in a subtle way, so I kept the colors the same.  I think that if the trim is "accented" with a light color then all you see is the color - I wanted to see the detailed millwork.  I really love this entire room... and can't believe I will get to be cooking here next week!

Ben Moore Navajo White, Satin on Trim and Cabinetry, Eg-Shel on Walls.

And chandelier for dining area!  Sources coming later.

This is the first glimpse of the wood island top (more details later!) and Cape Cod Lanterns over the island!

The floor guys were there - here is sample of new color.  I wanted to match old floor color (all floors will be re-finished, I just liked what was there before), so we ended up with Mixwax Dark Walnut. 

Back to view from kitchen area - you can see Mike's office/library (man room...) thru the french doors where our old garage was.

This is the mudroom behind kitchen - also Navajo White, satin on walls and trim in here for easy cleaning.

Shaker pegs!  We re-used the old lights in our old kitchen and I (still) love them.

Back to big room - where the dining table will go.  We will be using our old table for now, but the hunt (and the saving...) has started.  Mostly saving : )

And view into library.

The Pine paneling is stained Jacobean.

Stained wood is hard to photograph the true color - but it looks greats, especially with the brass sconces on the bookcases.

Ok, up the stairs!

Stairs and landing are all Navajo White, too.  You can see our old bedroom is now our "Blue" room, and the door with the glass is the laundry.

You'll notice that one bedroom is missing in these photos - I'm saving Emma's pink wallpaper room for its own post!

The 4th bedroom is painted the same as old Living Room - Carrington Beige, Satin on Trim, Eg-Shel on walls.

Our "Blue Room" is Ben Moore Quiet Moments, Satin on Trim and Eg Shel on walls.

Secret passageway!

This is our bedroom - sort of a dark photo.  This is the old Cape Cod Lighting Co. lantern that hung over our dining room table.  The paint is Navajo White.

Here are our closets!  I will talk about hardware, too, at some point - maybe a big resources post later.  They are Schlage Oil Rubbed Bronze - a "living" finish, so they will patina and age, to show bronze through.  I wanted some contrast with all of our creamy paint and brass lights.

My favorite part- view into bathroom.

Ahhh.  Moment of serenity.  Especially in rooms like this, I'm so glad we went with the wood interior grills on the windows - they add so much architectural interest.

Wait, maybe this is moment of serenity.  So many times when we've been covered in mud as we've been in the back yard, I wanted to come up and take a soak!

Paint is all Navajo White in Satin.

View back into room.

And glass shower doors and plumbing fixtures this week!

Ok, thanks for making it to the end - I almost didn't... did you notice how short my captions got?  
I will definitely share lighting post very soon with all resource links.  
Officially 1 week from move in day!  I wish I could drink champagne with all of you : )

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful! Just beautiful! I've so enjoyed following along with your remodel! Congrats on a job well done!

  2. its gorgeous! It's been fun to see it all come together. I can't wait to see more.

  3. It is just beautiful!!!! I can't wait to see it all come together and the beautiful things you do once you are back in your space.

  4. The house flows so nicely. Such great color choices! I'm a little biased because our powder room and kitchen (tinted 50%) are both Quiet Moments. It's a lovely blue and I haven't tired of it in seven years.

  5. Beautiful!! How exciting to see everything come together!
    Can you please share where you got the peg hooks for the mudroom? Thanks!!

  6. It is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your renovation with us. It has been enjoyable watching this come together. You have made wonderful choices.

  7. Looking good! Thanks for continuing to share!

  8. Such pretty choices! Everything looks so elegant yet comfortable.

  9. Anonymous11:05 AM

    It looks beautiful! Elegant and comfortable are perfect words to describe it. Thank you for sharing the details. And I'm sure everyone (myself included) would love to know even more details about the finish out/hardware in the kitchen and master bathroom. Looking forward to the post on Emma's room. Congrats!

  10. Just stunning. I can't get over that kitchen! Looking forward to seeing how you style everything once you move back in... Congratulations!

  11. Jenny, it all looks so beautiful! We just started renovating our house this week in OP. It has been very inspiring to see your home come along! Did your painter use oil or latex on all the woodwork?

  12. So beautiful! Wow! The library is so impressive!

  13. It all looks lovely- elegant and welcoming. Looking forward to more posts as you move in and decorate....

  14. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Your home is just stunning. I cannot wait to see it furnished. Love your blog and now it is even better. Blessings to you and your family in your "new" home.
    Pat in Chicago

  15. I love your house update posts! It looks fabulous!

  16. what color and finish did you do the ceiling in? I am thinking about copying and doing the same with painting the walls and trim the same color.

  17. Help we need to replace the windows in our 1978 home. The previous owner painted all our trim and old windows in Navajo White, which we love. Our windows are old and are rotting so we need to replace them. It seems like vinyl white is the only option within out budget. What windows/type/color/brand did you use? Thank you!


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