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May 20, 2015

Fresh & Clean Challenge | $250 Gift Card Giveaway

Since I released my Everyday Essentials Bottles, I have received emails from many of you telling me what a difference they make on your counter, in your bathroom and in your laundry room.  Sometimes it can be the simplest things that make the difference!

Today is MOVING DAY!  As you can imagine, I've been day dreaming of perfectly organized everything at the new house.  In this day dream, each closet, cabinet and pantry is stocked and tidy all of the time - and I never leave towels on the floor, and Emma picks up after herself... and doesn't splatter paint on the cabinets/walls.  Notice that Mike is left out of this day dream because Mike is actually the (only?) one in our household who will actually put everything back where he got it, his clothes will be put in the hamper and keep his drawers and closet perfectly perfect.

I, on the other hand, was not built that way.  Or at least that is my excuse.  Actually, being a "creative" type has always been my excuse.  Most of the day I am going - fast, getting things done, putting out fires, making dinner, running a business - like all of us I'm (we're!) busy.  I move at a fairly fast clip most of the time, leaving turmoil in my path - in the kitchen, in my closet and in my car ; )   I don't like to live amongst clutter, so at the end of the day I spend a chunk of time picking up after myself.  I always think it would be so much easier if I just did this along the way.

Baking Pantry Post

You're probably thinking, but your photos always look so perfect - I assumed you were a neat freak.  What I am really good at is making things look pretty.  There is not a lot I enjoy more than organizing and making utilitarian spaces look pretty... I'm just not the best at maintaining them.  For me, it is like an art project.

Linen Storage Post

In fact it might surprise you to know there is a quote that I love, "a well-kept house is a sign of a poorly lived life."  So much truth to that.   I don't want keeping a home to rule my life, but I don't want a messy home keeping me from enjoying every second either.

Emma's Nursery Post 

SO.  What I do want to attempt to do is make the process of keeping a home easier.  Having clutter in closets, pantries and cabinets gives me stress.  I want not to spend my time at the end of the day picking up after myself.   I want to spend it drinking wine on the couch... or in my new bath tub.

Here are my goals :

1)  I want there to be a place for everything.
2)  I want us to have less clutter and consume less.
3)  I want everything to function and be easy to keep clean.
4)  I want every corner of the house to be stress-free.
5)  I want to spend less time picking up at the end of the day, and more time drinking wine : )

Moving into a new house is almost like January 1 - a fresh start and new resolutions.  As we unpack (in just a couple of hours!), I'm going to resolve to set up each area of the house to function at a high level and be easy to maintain - self cleaning.

Who's with me?  I know that the Spring Cleaning frenzy was a couple of months ago, but I'm challenging you to look at your home - what areas drive you crazy?  What closet gives you a headache?  Does your kitchen keep you from actually cooking?

I'm looking for support!  Do you have really creative home organizing ideas that work really well?

Here is the challenge : 

1) Take an area of your house that brings you down and transform it into something pretty.

3) Use an Everyday Occasions product to help you - Fresh and Clean Bottles, Glass Spice Jars, Linens, Kitchen Brushes... or any of my products that helped you!

3) Send a photo to me of the After (don't worry about a Before picture!) to subject : Fresh & Clean Challenge

4) Deadline : June 1st

You'll be entered for a chance to win a $250 gift card for my store!  I can't wait to see what you all come up with : )

Happy Post-Spring Cleaning!


  1. Great idea!! I have been getting better organized since I started reading your blog - and I have to say reading your blog and seeing your pictures has helped me. thanks!

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Oh I hope you share your organizing process in your new house. The good, bad and the ugly!



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