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May 19, 2015

Emma's Pink Mini Flower Wallpaper | Thanks Mom!

Up until about 30 years ago my Pops (grandpa) owned Schriefer Flooring Co. in Lexington Mo.  They carried carpet, wallpaper, paint, and other decorating supplies - all housed in the charming small town downtown in an old brick building with a pressed tin ceiling (now a tea room).  My Mom worked in the store after college and did some wallpaper hanging for their clients and her friends.

When I told her I planned to have Emma's room papered in a pink floral she insisted - we can do it!  I had received a bid for $500, which seemed like a little too much, for something we could take care of in a day's work.  So, the weekend before Mother's Day, we went to it.  During our long (very long) day, we did discuss many times if we still thought it was worth it.  At 6pm on that Sunday night we weren't quite sure!  The next day when I went over to take these photos it seemed totally worth it.

It was a long day, but in the end it was fun to do together.  Emma "helped" us brush on paste, and when we made a tiny mistake here and there, we reminded Emma (and ourselves) that we were hanging it with love : )  So much our of house had been taken care of by the pros that it felt great to get in there and do something ourselves - make a beautiful, pink flower room that Emma loves.   I should also mentioned that it was a big family work day - my Dad and Mike built our fence while we were papering... talk about a big day!  We got so much done thanks to their help.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Here is the Insta post that I shared when I found "the" paper.  After hunting and hunting in fancy wallpaper stores and on fancy wallpaper websites, I realized that I wanted something that felt a little older.   Maybe even something that looked like it had belonged in the house in the 40's or 50's when it was built.  Something sweet.  And pink, of course.  I landed at Sherwin Williams browsing through books.  After looking at fancy papers ($70-90/roll) I was thrilled to find that this paper was $18/roll and everything I was looking for.

Sherwin Williams

Manufacturer: Patton Wallcoverings
Pattern Number: PR33848

As always, it is hard to get a photo of the true color in a room like this with natural light and the chandelier competing.   I just love all of the nooks in Emma's room.  I think rooms with dormered windows were meant for floral wallpaper!  

  I really didn't want to touch her room at all - I wanted it to be like a time capsule of her baby room.  It feels very much the same as it did before, but now with very sweet pink flowers.

This is a photo of the paper still drying - you can see it is a little wet in places.  From the hall it just reads pale pink, you can barely see the pattern, which I think will be great for helping it grow with her.

This is the new fixture for her room, a 3 Arm Brass Chandelier from Sandwich Lanterns on Cape Cod.  I love the unlaqured finish and classic design.  I may add shades...?

 Last year for Mother's Day, I made this Inspiration Board for Emma's new room.  I'm still working from the same board, but probably adding a bit more of a big girl feel.  Amazing what a year does : )

I'm still looking for a pine dresser - I found one that is perfect, but will need to wait a little bit before I pull the trigger.

This is the photo in the left corner was the inspiration for papering her room.  The print I selected is much more subtle, but I hope it still lends the same charming effect.

After our long day of papering (and saving money!), I rewarded us with doing some bedding shopping for Emma's new room.  Just like in the photo, I pulled the deep pink out of the wallpaper to use on her bed.

I picked this duvet cover from Pottery Barn - white with an embroidered pink border.  I also did a white sham with pink monogram, but picked a different pattern.  The color is a little more muted in person - just a true pink.  (I didn't order the bright patterned quilt and shams shown here.)

I actually found it on the PBTeen site, because I couldn't find the colors I was looking for at PB Kids.  I always forget to check there, but they have great options.

*This is not PB sponsored - though I wish ; )

Tomorrow is MOVE IN DAY.  Yeah!  Forgive me if it is quiet for a couple of days - be sure to follow our move in progress on Instagram

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  1. Beautiful!! How many rolls of paper did you need? And trim color?


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