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April 08, 2015

House Update | Trim, Tile, Stone & Paneling Complete

This is going to be quick - just a photo tour with a couple of comments (because I can't hep myself).  I just wanted to keep you in the loop on the latest house progress.  So many of you are so kind with your words of encouragement and excitement for us that I wanted to give you an update!  The trim carpenters finished last week and the painters swooped in the next day covering floors, filling nail holes and perfecting walls.  

I have to tell you the trim aspect of the house was transforming.  Transforming!  I had a completely humbling moment of - oh, it's too much, too nice, too pretty - when they had finished.  We had never lived with too much "fancy" before, and certainly don't need to.  Did we need to do all of this?  We could live with less.  We have lived happily with less in the past.  I've come to realize, while this home is a huge thing to us, I'm trying for it to not mean too much.  It is easy to get so engrossed in the planning, especially with what seem like huge sacrifices (time, money and energy).  But I'm consciously trying not to make it mean too much.  Does that sound strange?  I'm just trying to keep myself in check and not hold too much stock in something physical.  Thinking this way also takes pressure off of excess "needs" and "wants" at this stage in the game.  I am so happy with how everything has turned out.  So pleased.  It is amazing and we will cherish living there.  What I'm trying to say (maybe not quite so eloquently...) is our cup runeth over.  And over.  We'll never take it for granted and I'm hopeful that all of the careful planning and considerations will make our lives a bit brighter living in such a home.

So, back to the recap.  (Smooth transition, right...?)  The garage doors are in (have you seen these yet?  can't remember!).  I love how they turned out to look like two doors instead of one very large.  Will look even better with paint.  We ordered plain doors then had trim added.  It was very inexpensive to transform them from plain to carriage type doors - even under budget, if you can imagine.  I'll post about how I designed them laster.  The driveway was poured yesterday, so even this photo from Monday is dated!  Final deadline is approaching things are moving fast - yeah!

This is the entry... still debating on a fixture.  We opened up the foyer and lost a small linen closet, but I love the addition of the banister railing.  I didn't have my camera before the paper was put down on the floors, so the photos show a lovely red paper where the wood floors are : )

To the right (where the old garage was) is Mike's office.  The wood paneling is awesome.  We had it done in pine, so it has a soft graining.  It was my first choice, and actually the cheapest option... which I didn't even realize.  I love when that happens - not often enough.  We've picked a medium walnut stain with a matte finish.

I love this room.  Very small, but will be our cozy spot.

Back in old front living room looking into new big room.  Emma and I spent an entire afternoon there last week testing paint swatches in each room.  I don't know why I find paint so overwhelming, but I do!  I'll recap final paint choices next week when colors start going up.  

Old mantle replaced in old living room with new wood + stone to match the one in the new hearth area.  It really updated this old room... in an old way : )

Painters prepping in the kitchen.  You can see the beam treatment on the ceiling from this view.

I have to admit I was worried about the beams at first, but they have completely transformed the room and added so much character.  Might be my favorite part now.

Fast forward to the wood butcher block top on the island installed.  It is being stained right now - a medium provincial.  More details later.

Bad lighting : )  Range area.

Baking counter.  Favorite spot!

180 degrees from where I was standing (kitchen behind me now) and here is new fireplace.  The stone is local called, Kansas Field Stone... appropriately.

To the right of fireplace to table area, and into Mike's office.

Upstairs old bedroom - going to be painted all light blue, windows, base and walls.

Master bedroom.


Master Bathroom.  Tile complete!  I'm so glad we added the picture frame mouldings in here - really brought it up the next level.

 The splash detail on the vanity was a last minute decision and I love it!  Just a little curve.

Master shower.  You can see paint swatch on wall to the right - very creamy.  Above it was another shade I was considering... too white.  Why is paint so hard!

Emma's Bathroom Floor.  Seems darker in this photo than in real life.

Tiny Bathroom, but it works!  Again, all seems a little darker in this photo. 

Back of house with new porch.  I'll be back later in the week with details about butcher block, stain and paint decisions.  While I'm overwhelmed at times with all of the details, it is amazing to see our vision turn into a reality... and actually look as great as we hoped it would!  Thanks for joining me out or progress tour - just moments away from fixtures and finishings... it is about to get really fun!


  1. Thank for the update!!!! I am anxiously awaiting to see it all come together. I mean it already is, but i want to see more. I LOVE your classic style and am dying to see more!

  2. Jenny,
    I love the touches you have added to your newly remodeled home. I also thought your perspective on the details and appreciation you show is so refreshing and heartwarming. In a world of more, more, more, it's wonderful to hear from someone who appreciates the important things in life. Gratitude is such a good thing.

  3. Thanks for the update. It is all so lovely and so is your perspective. It will be beautiful when you are done. Can you even imagine the fun you will have this holiday season?!

  4. Thanks for the photos and updates. So fun to watch this come together - it is all so lovely.

  5. Looks so good! And it was so great to see you Saturday! Can't wait for the final reveal...

  6. Wish this was my house..fabulous details!

  7. Cristina R.6:44 PM

    You have done such a lovely job. Everything looks perfect. I will be a little sad when it is complete, since it has been so fun following you along on this journey : )

  8. What a beautiful home! I love hearing about all of the details and planning that have gone into transforming your lovely home. It has such a warm feel-I can only fathom what furnishings will do.

  9. This is so exciting! Good luck with everything as it goes along!

  10. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Jenny- the house is going to be stunning, I can't wait to see the finished product. But more than that, it is so refreshing to hear your perspective on the importance of it. The house is amazing and you'll enjoy it I know, but you're right it's not nearly as important as the people in it :)

  11. Looking good! My favorite part though, is about you being intentional of not getting overly attached to material things!!

  12. So much to love about this post. The bathroom splash detail is a personal favorite--details like that really make a renovation feel extra special.

  13. Following along on your reno is just so fun and paint is hard! I love your midnfulness that your cup runneth over, it's a refreshing perspective. I'm already excited for the next progress post :)

  14. Everything looks so must be getting very excited!!! Can I ask where you got the marble tiles for your bathroom? It looks just like mine and I have a cracked one I need to replace, but can't find.

  15. Jenny,
    Love all the wood molding and trim you are adding. Can hardly wait to see the completed office and kitchen especially! This will add so much character and richness to your home. Love, love, love!

  16. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Hi Jenny~
    I'm not really sure how I found your blog, but I love it.
    Every detail is so beautiful, and your little Emma is so sweet.
    Seeing her go to her first dance with her Daddy, so precious.
    I love what you are doing with your home, can't wait to see it completed.
    Have a wonderful day.

  17. Looks great! We are just now starting to work on our renovation. What appliances did you choose for your kitchen?


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