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February 25, 2015

Emma's 1st Father Daughter Sweetheart Dance

Where have I been?  Whew - I'm not even sure.  For starters, Disney World.  Yah.  We went with my entire family and had a magical, exhausting, wonderful and crazy time. But that was almost a month a go.  We may still be recovering.  I am still recovering.  Emma still wakes up every morning and tells me about the disney world dreams she had : )

We came back to full swing mode at the house and I've had to spend many of my "work" hours running house errands, collecting (and returning...) tile samples, researching faucets, light fixtures (still) AND putting together a really fresh and fun line of new spring products.  In fact, this post was a complete accident.  I was uploading the photos for the new products that I took this morning and I noticed that I had not yet sorted or edited the photos from Emma's 1st Father Daughter Valentine's Dinner (maybe because I'm so bogged down with a zillion photos from the disney trip that I am trying to get into a book...).  So, in a way I'm procrastinating this evening (but we'll still call it "work") perusing through these fun Emma photos.  I guess it is not too late to share Valentine's photos, right?  I mean... the blog is still sporting the V-day header and banners... oops.  I'll be getting to those tomorrow - sorry!

There are entirely too many photos for this little occasion, but it seems like we've been a little whirlwind lately and it was fun to pour over these and spoil myself with too much sweet girly Emma.  I hope you don't mind.

Since she is now 3, this was the first year she was able to attend the dinner for girls and their dads before Valentine's Day.  We went out and bought her this very sweet pale pink dress (Janie & Jack) - we told her she was going to a ball : )

When she was a baby, I took so many upclose shots and sometimes I forget to take them now that she's a big girl.  Time is flying and I feel like I need to capture those squishy baby cheeks while they last.

She selected her own accessories.  Frozen necklace - she thought it most appropriate, it was a ball, after all.

Of course, every fun smily shot was blurry - but what is new.  Someday I'll get this camera figured out!

This is usually the smile we get when we ask for one.

Followed by something like this.

And it is always a good idea to practice some moves before the big dance.   I'm sure this is Shake It Off or Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You.  Her current faves.

Mike's Mom always has such fun seasonal decor - here she is waiting for her "date" under the heart.

Perfect spinning dress.

Corsage time!


He's convinced it is a treat, I'm sure.

They are starting to become little buddies.  He has bedtime duty with her and helps to keep her "comfany" (as she says) while she goes to bed.

Her date has arrived fresh from the golf course on a rare 60 degree day in February.

I never did get one of them both looking at the camera : )

When we went to the floral shop to order the corasge, she told the very sweet man there that she wanted it to be in her hair.  He thought she had to be the most fabulous 3-year-old he'd ever met.

After a couple of attempts trying to get something to stay in her hair, she settled for a "bracelet" and a single rose behind her ear.

We got it at "The Little Flower Shop" in Westwood - for locals interested.  It is a really cute little shop - Chuck Matney's new adventure.  It is right next to HiHat Coffee and Annedore's Fine Chocolates - officially Emma's new favorite spot to stop after school

They're off!

My roll.  We did get a couple of photos of the three of us (one of the perks of temporarily living with your in-laws) but I looked positively frightening after the day playing outside.

Won't this look sweet next to a similar shot of her in the back of a limo heading to prom... or her wedding, Lord help me!

Of course, I wasn't allowed to go, but this was the first update I got from Mike :

"I asked her if we should eat dinner first and she literally laughed out loud."


  1. Oh my heart, those pictures of the two of them are so precious! Emma must have thought it was all completely magical. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How sweet. Emma looks wonderful, such a pretty dress. I remember father daughter dances when I was a girl. They ar some of my favorite memories.

  3. So adorable and so wonderful for Daddy-daughter time!! Any more pictures of the "ball" itself?

  4. This made my day! What a sweetie. We have a four year old granddaughter and it's such fun...especially since we raised sons! Girls are fun.

  5. Adrienne8:33 PM

    OMG that is so so sweet. I loved this post! Thanks for sharing it Jenny!

  6. Thanks for sharing! This is just the sweetest and inspires me to make sure my husband does this with my children one day..when we have them. I did something similar with my Dad in my teens and he still has the picture of us dancing in his office. So precious!

  7. Monica3:15 AM

    Precious moments! So sweet! Thanks for sharing!


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