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February 16, 2015

Doors, Trim & Paneling | New Addition | Week 20

The fun is beginning at the house - we officially have plumbing, electrical, hvac and... drywall!  Whew, it seems impossible that it has taken us 20 weeks to get here, but that means we only have 10 left.  Right now, 10 seems like nothing - in fact, when I placed my lighting order and they said it is supposed to take 8-9 weeks, I thought, wow... I love that it is "go time" for everything.   The pressure is on - everything I thought I knew, I've change once then back again.

We are meeting with the mill work salesman again tomorrow morning to make final decisions on Doors, Trim and Paneling.  We had an initial meeting last week to get some price ideas, then we are finalizing selections tomorrow.

Here is the 1st Floor Layout with Trim inspirations in place.   Bear with me as we go through the entire first floor.  This process helps me mentally organize and always proves to help me make decisions as you all (with clear heads!) help point out ideas and great choices!

I realize all of the photos I'm sharing are of very fancy houses - I assure you, our house will not be this fancy.  I am taking small bits and pieces from these to add some elegance and old charm to our "new" old home.  As always, I love hearing your ideas and input - thanks for lending me your ideas : )

The above photo is my inspiration for the kitchen island top, with marble surround... final!  I've been wavering about it for a while and keep coming back to a couple of photos that confirm it for me.  I realized that it is important for me to pick out everything ahead of time, because each decision effects the other.  I also like the photo above because of the paneling on the walls - the entire room is paneled.  We are going to try to achieve the same thing in our new big room.  Because it really is just one big room, we want to do a lot of things to make it feel cozy - paneling is a great way to do that.  We plan to paint the entire room the color of the cabinetry to give the entire room the look of being built-in.

This photo (above, left) is one of the photos I sent to our cabinetry maker to show how I want the shoe kick/base boards of the cabinets, and how I'd like the crown with both pieces to go along the top cabinets and wrap around the entire room.

Another big element that we're working with is the beams in our big giant room.  We have one structural steel I-Beam that we need to make pretty, so we are adding an entire beam plan to the entire ceiling.  We have only 8-foot ceilings, so our beams will only be 4-6" deep, but 10-12" wide.  The beams going left to right will be deeper, then the beams going perpendicular will be a little smaller in scale.

We have a fireplace in the room and I'd like to give it a paneled treatment much like this photo.  We're planning a stone surround, similar to the one shown here.  This photo shows real raised paneling - very expensive.  We will likely do a raised perimeter trim piece, but the big piece in the center will be flat... does that make any sense?   The other option is just adding a picture frame trim in boxes around the room to give the paneled effect.

I've got some examples below.

This is another fireplace idea that I like.  I'm not sure about the box idea - it would coordinate with our windows that are a similar shape.

Here is an example of Picture Frame Moldings.  We don't have that many walls in the room - mostly windows and cabinets, so we are leaning toward actual paneling instead, but this picture frame moldings are a great look, too, for a lot less. because they are just doing the small trim piece.

I think it looks good - what I'm leaning towards to save some money to spend on hardware... which, as it turns out can be pretty pricey.

On to the library - where we are going to spend our biggest chunk on paneling.  Mike and I have been most excited about the wood treatment in this room - what we hope to be a really cozy corner of the house.   When we were planning the design, we decided if we have such an open floor plan, we needed a quiet corner in the house that would have a snuggly feel.

After realizing every photo we pinned was Pine, we decided that would be it.  We like the medium color, the plain and simple feel.  The salesman has tried to steer us away... but I resisted trusting my gut.  Let's hope it doesn't come back to haunt me!

 He warned us that pine can be erratic to stain - blotchy - and inconsistent in color.  He recommended that we do another wood like Maple or Alder.  However, my inspiration photos were consistently pine, so that's what we're doing.

I've found that you have to work with people that are willing to give you their suggestions and educate you, but at the end of the day, they must be willing to do what you want them to do.  There have been so many projects I've worked on that the 'pro' has told me it wouldn't work - and it turns out just as I hoped.  Let's hope this is one of them : )

I love, love, love this photo.  We are going to do a similar chair rail treatment in the front foyer that will go up the stairs.  I think it will really elevate the way our house feels when you enter the front door.  The trim color here is Ben Moore Navajo White, (what we will be using everywhere), with James White (Farrow &  Ball) on the wall.   I had planned on doing Navajo white on our walls, too, but this is tempting me to add some James White on the walls of the foyer and Hall.  What do you think?

For interior doors, we are planning these 4-paneled Jeld-Wen doors.  I like the proportion they give, and look leaner and taller than a standard 6-panel door.  It sealed the deal for me when I spotted them in the photo above, too.

See that peek-a-boo of the dark painted dutch door going into this mudroom?  I'm planning the same from our kitchen into the mudroom.  The rest of the mudroom will be the home to our pantry, my studio/office and Mr. Darcy... not piles of equestrian gear : )

 I want to do rows of peg boards like this to hold everything from coats and backpacks to dog leashes.
 And the occasional gardening tool.
Ok, my brain is overloaded... that's what happens when there are so many decisions to be made.  I'm off to research affordable bass door knobs... any suggestions?!


  1. Cristina5:43 PM

    First of all, great choices all around. None of your options will turn out badly. I have always loved the elegance of picture frame paneling, so that would be my vote, but I admit the flat paneling you described is more country & I think that is the look you are going for. Since you will have the beams on the ceiling, I would hesitate taking the paneling up to the ceiling. It might feel like you are caged in with squares all over the walls & ceilings. I would suggest only paneling the bottom half of the wall and including chair railing. It might not be an issue because the room is so large. The following link has tons of examples.

    As far as paint colors, I really like the contrast of the James White with the Navajo white. It has a warm and cozy effect. My two cents, but stick to your gut!


  2. Beautiful and classic choices all the way around! Can not wait to see this all come together!

  3. Great choices Jenny - I am loving the navajo white with the James White. People are constantly making fun of me when they ask "What color is your trim going to be" I tell them white, then they ask, "what colors are your walls going to be" and I say "Ummm off white"... :) To some its too plain but I think it's so classic and clean looking.
    I never thought I would learn so much about different types of wood and how well they will take stain. We have struggled with that with out hardwood floors a bit. I want them to look like maple, but I want to pay for oak floors. That pesky budget gets in the way. I would suggest buying a piece of pine and play around with staining it yourself at home, they have suggested that to us with our floors.
    Best of luck finding your brass hardware, I have been looking for glass door knobs and no such luck.

  4. Whatever you do it will all look so nice! Love the paint colors. Agree with the comment on doing the bottom half & adding the chair rail. Beadboard on the bottom would be my first choice for a cozy look. The squares may be a little busy if you are going for a simpler look. As far as the pine goes, it is a cozy look and I think you will love it! It MUST be pretreated before staining to prevent the blotchy look of it. We have tons of tongue and groove pine and took a week to pretreat it all. It still will not be a perfect stain finish like the stain on maple as they are steering you to. Hard to make so many final decisions, but go with what you really want. I honestly think whatever you do will be great from what you have chosen so far! I also have the long boards ( one lower for the kids) with coat hooks on in the mud/ laundry room and LOVE them. Even the look of the wicker laundry basket hanging is cute! It will be fun to be in soon and enjoy it all!

  5. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Jenny -

    Love the house plans! But I would also love to steer you away from pine for the library. At its best, it is wonderful and warm. But it is likely to be full of knots and any paint or stain job will involve chasing those in perpetuity. So it limits your options (and those of buyers) down the road. Listen to your contractor! They often really do know best.

  6. Love all your inspiration photos Jenny! I'm a huge fan of moulding and trim myself. I'd tend to go with the flat panelling instead of the picture frame moulding. It's a bit more contemporary and you can always dress it up with small inset panel trim to give it a bit of traditional style, like we did in our master bedroom:

    Great idea on the peg boards. If you line the walls with beadboard, it will give those areas a bit more durability and wipe ability too.

    For brass knobs, check out Lee Valley. They have a fantastic selection. Can't wait to see your house come together!

  7. I love your article about your house. My husband and I are re-doing our house in Alaska and creating a B&B. It's been a huge undertaking remodeling and updating.

    I don't know anything about the pine. But I say trust your intuition! And contractors don't always know what's best. I think you can weigh in on what they say and research it but if it's what you love then do it. best of luck. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  8. Anonymous1:42 PM

    We have pine floor in our home from Carlisle and it took the stain beautifully. Not blotchy at all. It is also not very knotty; however, this supplier does use "old growth" pine. People warned us against pine (soft and for the reasons you stated above), but we love it and so do people who come to visit. I would use it again w/o hesitation! Listen to your gut. Another example was I wanted inset cabinets and the cabinet makers warned us against them due to them shifting. I went with my gut and love them. They make such a huge difference and give our home the exact feeling I was going for. We did full lay (I think that is the term) in bathrooms and they just aren't the same as in the kitchen. I could go on, but those are just two examples in my building experience where I am so thankful I listened to my gut and did my own research. They are experts and know their craft, yes. However, I also believe people (in all professions) can get stuck in a rut or just use to doing it a certain way. So excited to see see your finished project. :)

  9. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Jenny, Your house plans are wonderful! Since you asked, here is my two-cents. Overall, I think your choices are great. I enjoy your blog so much because your design aesthetic is so simple and beautiful. Your plans for the shoe kick, crown molding, and beams in the kitchen will look fabulous. Regarding paneling or picture frame molding on the walls, I agree with the above comment that you should be careful of having too much going on. In my house, we have picture frame molding with a chair rail on the lower half of the dining room walls and stairway. It was here when we bought the house, and I didn't want to spend the money to install paneling, so I had the chair railing, molding, and lower half of the walls all painted our white trim color. It "almost" looks like paneling!! And go with pine in your library--it'll probably be your favorite, cozy room! Also, in my previous house, we installed 4-panel doors, and I loved them. Less busy and cluttered looking overall, but looked beautiful with smallish, brass door knob--worth the investment, I think, because you touch them so much as well as look at them. Your paint colors will look lovely, and a dutch door with peg boards in your studio/mudroom should be so charming!! Look forward to seeing photos of your finished project. Good luck!! (Also, just ordered some items from your shop. My husband and I were married at the Chatham Bars Inn in 1992, so I'll especially enjoy the tags in Chatham Blue!!)

  10. Yes, yes, yes! Every detail is perfect and definitely go with James White on the walls. it will look so lovely as a subtle contrast. Also paneling is the way to go over picture frame moldings, in my opinion, much more classic without feeling "fancy." This reno is going to be stunning, I'm excitedly counting down the next 10 weeks right along with you :)

  11. We bought doorknobs and door hinges on ebay when we changed things out in our house. We could buy the many we needed and found a great bulk price from an ebay store.

    We like dark wood at our house--but if you pinned pine in every picture, do pine. It's your house. My husband has a desk that he made (now in my sewing room) that his brother convinced him to stain honey oak (it's an oak desk that my husband made) instead of dark, which my husband wanted. He regretted it, and so do I. It's the color his brother liked, not him. Pick what you like.

    We did some raised paneling (just a small amount; we wanted lots more but didn't have the budget to do all of it) around our windows. We hired someone just to make those pieces for us. It was worth it; we enjoy it so much.

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