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Monday, December 8, 2014

Very Tall Edgartown Sand Taper Candles

My friend Tessa from Nine and Sixteen requested that I carry these new 18" Edgartown Sand Candles ($15) in the store.  She had set her Thanksgiving table (see it here - very lovely) with a pair in a muted orange she had found at Williams-Sonoma and was looking for a set in my Edgartown Sand color to use for Christmas.  

My candle maker makes the candles for Williams-Sonoma (and... Pottery Barn, Neiman Marcus, Martha Stewart, Simon Pierce, etc.) Because Tessa has always pointed me in the right direction for new products (hello, boxwood wreaths!) I knew you all would love these, so I ordered some very tall 18" Tapers in my Edgartown Sand color.  A standard taper is 12" so you can see in the photo how much taller the 18" look - they are really stunning.  

I love them in my Medium or Small Wood Candle Holders because they are so simple holding the strikingly tall candles.   I love that with a set of these candles and my wood candle holders, you can have a really stunning centerpiece for about $20.

I also carry a 15" Candle in Natural Beeswax, if you are looking for a creamier color.
I used the candles to dress our kitchen table [and when I say "our" I mean Mike's parents', since that's where we are living during construction :)] up with my Bulb Baskets that I finally got around to planting. 
I think this is the perfect Christmas Morning brunch table - cozy, fresh and festive.  

I used sprigs of cedar and fir to make a garland down the table, then nestled the copper cookie cutters throughout.

The Bulb Baskets come with a glass liner, so I just transplanted the one I purchased from the grocery store (dirt and all) into this basket.  I used some cedar to hide the dirt, but can also use my Sheet Moss.

You can see, the Amarylis is just about to open.  The 18" tall candles are just about as tall as they are - if that gives you some prospective of how tall they really are.

I love setting a table that will look fresh and festive all season long.  It makes everyday feel that much more special.  I will be filling these with Paper White bulbs just after Christmas, too.

I have a couple of more Holiday Baking Gifs coming this week, along with some creative gift wrap ideas, then I'll be focusing on Menus for Entertaining.  I  also have a house update - finally.  Should be a fun week!



  1. Jenny just beautiful! I would love for you to give a photography tutorial one day. I need some basic skills and you have such awesome pictures for the blog!

  2. Got my package a few days ago. It was like Christmas had come early. Can't wait to hang up the cookie cutters or use them on my table. Thanks for the fun ideas on your blog. I'll have to order earlier next year for some of the other things.



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