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November 21, 2014

New Holiday Collection! Linens, Wreaths, Bulb Baskets, Tissue Paper...

Holiday Collection

Last week I came out with a few of my holiday products (handmade Copper Cookie Cutters!) for those of you who were ordering some items for Thanksgiving.  Today, all of my Holiday products are up and available.   I'm not going to go into great detail about each new product today, because I'll be doing that throughout the holiday season.

You'll find my favorite Preserved Boxwood Wreath, 4" Red Satin Ribbon, festive Linens, new Kraft Bags and Boxes, Tissue Paper and (one of my favorites) Bulb Baskets for Amaryllis and Paperwhites.  There are essentials for holiday baking (Monkey Bread Pans!), festive things for your home and gifts - for yourself and your favorite people.

Explore the entire Holiday Collection, here.

I'm taking a little bit of a different approach to the season - instead of jumping ahead and doing all of my baking and decorating for the season a month ahead of time so I can take photos for the store (like I've done for Easter, Summer, Fall and Halloween...), I'm going to take my time and enjoy my favorite season.  So, instead of all of my photos and baking projects coming out in one day, I'm spreading them throughout the holiday season- like a real person : )   I learned my lesson this Halloween when Oct. 31st rolled around and Emma and I didn't even decorate cookies together because I had done it back in September.

Because I know you are all creative and inspired readers, I know you'll have great ideas for the products, too.  So, fix yourself a cup of peppermint tea and enjoy exploring my entire Holiday Collection!

Happy Holidays!

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