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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last Hurrah for Thanksgiving! Free Gift : "We Are Thankful For" Tags

There is one week before Thanksgiving... which means, tomorrow is the last day to order anything you need fore Thanksgiving.  Because of the store, I feel like I've skipped ahead a little personally, so I'm so excited to actually get out our Thanksgiving goodies (again) and set the table.

As a little Thanksgiving gift to you, I'm giving away my "We Are Thankful For" cards today and tomorrow - free!  While supplies last, of course.  Please only order 1 or 2 per order to allow enough for everyone that still needs these for Thanksgiving.

If you're not hosting Thanksgiving, then that means you'll need a Hostess Gift - a great hostess gift, because hosting Thanksgiving is a lot of work : )  Here are some of my favorite and lovely gift ideas.

I love giving really nice Tea Towels.  Everyone needs them - especially ones as pretty as these.   The neutral colors are perfect for this time of year... and every other time of year.

 I've restocked the traditional holiday gift - Bayberry Candles.  The first batch of these went so quickly, that I've restocked for the rest of the holiday season, because they are my absolute favorite to give.  You'll love the warm, earthy and slightly spicy scent they have.

Of course, My Everyday Candles make a great gift.  I love the classic bowl ($16) that comes boxed and the little gold tin ($12.50) as well... these are hard for me to keep in stock, but they have both have been restocked for the holidays!

I've also found just a couple more of My Chestnut & Fig Candles - a warm, cozy scent perfect for transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

I really love how these Boxed Gift Cards turned out.  They come in amounts from $25-100.  I fun way to share something you love with your friends and family... and it is already wrapped and ready to go.

Tablets + Le Pens, $14

I use most of my products almost everyday, but this is something that I use every single day.  I keep one in my purse, I keep one on my desk, in the kitchen... everywhere.  I've also spoiled myself with the LePens - I don't enjoy writing with any other pen anymore : )   They are another easy gift, as they already come wrapped in a Cello Bag with ribbon and sticker.

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