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October 17, 2014

Entertaining Idea : Book Club Social

I've always loved the idea of hosting a book party - I feel like most people do.  At this point in my life (and most of my friends!) reading an entire book is a big ask.  For me, it could take weeks, 30 minutes at a time before bed - if I can hold my eyes open that long.  However, recently I've read a couple of classics that are short enough to enjoy in just a couple of nights, or over a long weekend - one being To Kill A Mockingbird.  If you haven't red it as an adult, I highly recommend it.  It is especially timely, since the story concludes on a Halloween night.  

Pinnacle Vodka asked me to come up with some ideas for hosting a book club party this fall, and I thought it would be a great jumping off point.  I picked some photos of a fall table setting I did last Autumn for inspiration.  Get the details on this setting, here

I hope you enjoy my tips for creating a fun and easy Book Club Social this fall!  Thanks to Pinnacle for sponsoring this post : )

Theme the Party After the Book

Hosting a book club social is all about the theme. Take cues from the book you’re reading to help decide the menu and decor. Ask yourself: Did the central character have a favorite food?  Was it set in a location you can mirror for the decor? Classic works like To Kill a Mockingbird are great sources for inspiration!

Keep Books the Center of the Room (Even if it’s not the center of conversation...) 

Let’s not forget the purpose of your book club social is not only to chat books, but also to catch up with your girlfriends. Use stacks of old books as simple centerpieces (and conversation starters!) at each table area.  Make stacks of random sizes, even turning some on their sides.  You can throw in a few decorative pumpkins or other seasonal items to add subtle ambiance.

Stick to Finger Foods

Prepare a menu of finger foods so everyone can neatly indulge at your party. My favorite go-to appetizer is a tasty squash dip with toasted bread.

Pinnacle® Mockingbird Punch 

1 part Pinnacle® Peach Vodka
1 part Dry White Wine
1 part Apple Cider
1/4 part Honey Syrup (Half honeyhalf hot water to liquify) 
Sliced Apples

Method: Pour all ingredients into glass and mix in ice and sliced apples.

Personalized Touches go a Long Way

For the takeaway gift, create a recipe card that looks like a library card with your cocktail recipe on it. That way guests can enjoy the cocktail at home the next time they curl up with their favorite book! There are plenty of library card templates you can download for free online, so just choose the one you like best.

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