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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This Week's Menu : Roasted Chicken, Shrimp, Penne & Red Pepper Cream, Grilled Herb Butter Steaks

Good Monday Tuesday morning : )   It is time for the weekly menu plan.     This is what my world looks like right now - tube rose (one of my favorite smelling flowers), to-do lists, weekly menu, candle & coffee!  I didn't have my phone on the entire weekend and it felt so good.  Now, I'm catching up and checking out the weather for the week so I can plan dinners.  Am I the only one that plans food around weather?

I decided to start on Tuesday this week since we had a holiday yesterday... and last night we had frozen pizza and salad from the grocery store.  You're impressed, right?  We had a good excuse - we started packing up the house for demo day!   Actually, I'm impressed (surprised) that I've kept it up this menu planning post three weeks in a row.  It really has helped me be more on autopilot during the week for meal planning so I can not be on autopilot for other, more important things.  Is it helping you?  What would you like to see more of?

Tuesday : Easy Roasted Chicken

I'll use leftover chicken in Chicken & Biscuits on Thursday.

Wednesday : Make Ahead Rustic Shrimp & Penne in a Red Pepper Cream Sauce

Thursday : Chicken & Chive Biscuit Pot Pie

Friday : Grilled Steaks with Veggies & Herbed Butter

We're going out on Saturday, so staying in this Friday night. 


  1. These all look delicious. My kids are still (at 15&12) picky enough that I find it challenging to plan meals. Chicken Pot Pie is one of my FAVES though and that pic of yours looks so good!!

  2. These look so good! I love your recipes and look forward to you weekly meal plans!

  3. I started meal planning a year ago and it has seriously changed my life! I life in NYC where a large shopping trip once a week can be difficult but grocery shopping every day was driving me crazy. I started meal planning on Sundays and then I use an online grocery delivery system to have my ingredients for the week delivered on Mondays. The time that I used to spend thinking about what to cook, seeing what ingredients I had on hand, going to the store, and then finally starting the cooking process is now free to take my dog for a long walk, exercise, or prepare my lunch for the next day. I love seeing your weekly menu plans because they inspire me for the next week of meals!

  4. Absolutely loving the weekly recipe list!

  5. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Where do you get your pewter?- the fruit bowl is beautiful! I am going to try the shrimp dish this week- thank you for the inspiration. Sue

    1. Most of my pewter is Match - wedding gifts!

  6. Love your weekly meal plans! I have already used a couple so THANK YOU!!

  7. I love meal planning and like you I look at the weather forecast for the week before I get started. With that said, we're expecting rain this weekend so I have your mac & cheese on the menu:)

  8. I am new here and just wanted to say that I am enjoying all your posts. I often plan my meals according to the weather. So glad to know that I am not the only one who does that! A couple weeks ago you posted about Tomato Bisque soup - which looked delicious. I was wondering where you found your white bowls and plates that were in that photo. I have a set of white dishes and am thinking of adding to them. Thanks!


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