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September 11, 2014

New Fall Products | Copper Cookie Cutters, Apple Baskets, Indigo Linens & Gold Ribbons

New Fall Products

In the first round of Fall Products three weeks ago, I focused on neutralizing our homes with warm hues in cozy throws, candles and linens.  This time I am focusing on Fall Baking and my favorite packing essentials and gifts of the season.

To see all of the Fall products, click here.

All About Acorns

There is something so simple and almost stately about acorns.  They are curious little things that can be found everywhere and are popular as a motif this time of year.  Maybe it is our love of taking something so humble (that is found in piles all over my yard!) and making it really beautiful.

I've included an Acorn in my Copper Cookie Cutter collection this season, as well as Chocolate Sprinkles to make them easy to decorate.  Acorn Tags and Folded Cards ($6) will look darling on any gift or baked treat for months to come - all the way through the holidays.

 Apple Baskets with Handles
set of 4 for $12

I'm always on the hunt for simple, classic packaging to make gifts look great... after all, presentation is everything.  I filled this apple basket with apples (of course) and a jar of salted caramel - all of the fixin's for Caramel Apples, one of my favorite treats for Fall.  One of my other favorite gifts is a breakfast filled with Banana Bread and Whipped Honey Butter.  They are great to keep around to make any basic ingredients into a beautiful gift.  

Other products used : 

Autumn Copper Cookie Cutters, $15

Each season I feature a collection of copper cookie cutters.  This season of I'm using the same shapes I've been using for years and years every Fall - Acorns, Oak Leaves & Pumpkins.  Not only do I love to bake with them, but I love how the classic copper cutters look displayed in my kitchen - an easy way to add a warm metal accent to your home.  The cookies look great when just simply decorated in muted tones of the season.   Instead of my regular royal icing that looks shiny and professional, I opted for really creamy butter icing... sooooo good.

They make a great gift or favor for a part - I've packaged them with a printed card of my cookie recipe and tied with an Everyday Occasions logo ribbon.

Gold Striped Cupcake Papers
100 for $6.50

When I came across these cupcake papers, I knew I had to include them in my Fall products.  The color is somewhere between my Edgartown Sand color with a hint of metallic - are just the thing to add a little touch of something to our favorite Fall treats.  These Spice Cupcakes topped with Cream Cheese Frosting and Toffee Bits look a little more special in these Gold Striped Cupcake Papers.  I can't wait to use them for a birthday celebration topped with the Gold Celebration Candles, too.

Indigo Tea Towels & Napkins

I've been waiting for these Indigo and Cream Linens for weeks now - I can't wait to set an Autumn table with deep orange heirloom pumpkins down the center and these at each plate.  I'll be adding lots of Indigo to our new home because I feel like it is seasonless and classic color.  It especially looks great with the oranges and golds this season.

They come in a Tea Towel and Coordinating Napkins - a great set for casually elegant entertaining this Fall.

Fall Ribbons & Twine

I love this slew of ribbons and twines.  Do you remember the extremely popular Edgartown Sand Grosgrain from last year?  I could hardly keep it in stock.  It is back with a couple of new picks, as well.  To see the entire ribbon collection, click here.

I've added a new color to my Ribbon Collection - this fabulously warm Gold.  I carried the Satin last year for the Holidays, and fell in love with this rich grosgrain, too.

Gold Satin & Grosgrain Ribbon

The ribbon looks great packaging this loaf of Pumpkin Bread baked in my disposable Kraft Loaf Pans, 10 for $12 - another favorite from last fall!

See how amazing and rich this ribbon is?  It has a subtle matte texture that makes it oh so luxurious.

I hope you enjoy browsing the new products!  I plan to post many of the recipes (like those cupcakes!) and more in the upcoming weeks as we really settle into Autumn.  My kitchen is stocked with Apples, Spices, Cider and Caramel... we're ready!  I LOVE this time of year.



  1. For the Kraft Loaf Pans, I'm dying to buy them but I worry about the recipe. Do they work for most bread recipes (or more importantly your recipes)? Love the new items for fall!!

  2. Your posts are getting me in the mood for autumn. Bring on the sweaters, boots & cider! I have got to get some of your kraft loaf pans for a little project that I'm working on. I've looked everywhere & you are the only one who has just the perfect thing.


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