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August 07, 2014

The View from Where I Sit | Our Summer "Break"

I'm sorry I've been gone for a little while - almost two weeks now.  In reality, I haven't been far.  I've just taken a little break.  We haven't been on a lavish vacation (unless you count vacation bible school...?), and we haven't been doing that much.  And it has been perfect.  Emma's been on school break for the last couple of weeks, with a couple of more to go.  While we've been in a sort of "summer" mode for most of summer (pool, early walks, donut breakfasts, golf, tennis, lounging, etc.) there has still been work and we haven't had a real break until now.

When Emma was just two(ish) months old, I did a post about "The View from Where I Sit"- it was just a snapshot of what a normal day looked like to us at that point in our life.  A newborn baby, puppy and cozy house.  It was beautiful - snuggle moments, our bulletin board of cards and photos, Emma taking a nap, Darcy taking a nap...  The only way it would've been better is if I were actually taking a nap, too ;)   For the last two weeks I've taken a nap almost every day.  You really do learn more about being a Mom as time goes by.

Documenting these "everydays" was something I was going to try to do more often for the blog, because I love taking a moment to stop and appreciate the everyday, the beautiful pauses between the big moments that make up a "normal" day.  It probably comes to no surprise given the name of this blog, that I love "normal" days - everydays

Her favorite spot in the kitchen.
I love routine, being at home, keeping a home and the rhythms of everyday.  I think it is just as important to document those times in our lives as I do the big moments.  After all, it is these normal, everyday moments that actually make up our lives. 

Just like most (all?) of you, I have my everyday moments of frustrations, too.  Sometimes I think if I have to pick up one more puzzle, clean crumbs out of my sheets again or sweep up another spilled bowl of dog food I might go bonkers.  Taking a second to browse around the house with my camera and document these moments of "messes" adds perspective and beauty to these un-produced moments that make up our everydays. 

Welcome to our home any given day of the week.

If you've lived with a toddler, you know that floors are rarely tidy, and laundry is rarely put away.

 Watercolors on the mantle... hopefully to be framed for Emma's room this week.

Has been on my list all summer, of course.  I sort of like them here, though, for now.  Little easy displays like this are good reminders not to take our home, our things or our "displays" too seriously.

Test burning a new custom candle scent for the store.  I'm obsessed - you'll love it.

New backpack and lunch box ready for school!


By the time I get up the stairs...

Layers of frames and loose snapshots. 

We've never really officially settled in here, with the impending construction starting next month, so nothing really has a place that has been contemplated - mostly just where everything ends up it stays.  The silhouette?  Also to be framed this week. 

I stumbled upon some Pixie Dust in the guest room...

Smiling Emma is enjoying crumbing my bed : )

Our evening reading materials.

Sweet little summer shoes.

 Did I mention we're potty training? 


  1. In as much as I love all the items in your shop, it's nice to see a change of post on your blog. Family life.....everyday life. I enjoy all your recipes, vacation pics etc. but do feel at tomes the plug for your shop items are a bit too frequent. Not to take offense....please just sayin,.

    1. Babs - I feel this myself sometimes, too : ) I have set up a new schedule this fall that will help with my post planning to make sure I get enough "regular" posts in with recipes, home projects and our 'everydays.' I am planning to share this schedule in the next couple of weeks!


  2. Hi Jenny, I can't wait to see how your reno turns out. My sister-in-law referred me to your blog when we were discussing recipes. I've used many of your recipes and my daughter loves to bake, so she's used many of those, too! I love when you post about Emma. She is adorable. She reminds me so much of my daughter Olivia when she was little. She is my first, and is now 16 (all three of mine are now teenagers). Time goes by so quickly, and I really miss those days when she and I would putter around the house. As I think about only having Olivia for another two years at home before she is off to college, I can't help but wish I had puzzle pieces to pick up! ;) Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. Jenny,
    We're babysitting our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. We'd forgotten how busy they are. We exhausted but enriched in our joy she brings each day. This is such a sweet post.

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  5. I loved seeing the crumbs, tutu, smiles and normalcy toddler days . . .
    Sweet post . . .

  6. Hello Jenny,
    I am a little ahead of you in age. I have 5 kids. The oldest is in her second year of college. The youngest are 8 year old twin boys. As you stated, I, too, have always enjoyed routine, being at home and the rhythms of every day. Even after 20 years with children. I still love it. Gardens, decorating, meals and family traditions. :o)
    I have been reading your blog for quite some time and have shared it with others. It is beautiful blog and I always enjoy new entries. I have made many of your recipes ( everything was as yummy as the photos looked) and have made a few orders from the store as well ( everything was lovely).
    I wanted to say thank you for sharing your time and your talents with your readers.
    As a side note, I just completed a kitchen renovation. White cabinets, farmhouse sink, soapstone & marble etc.. very classic. I just placed the order for the window treatments today. They are the finishing touch. It is in keeping with what looks like the direction you are going with your kitchen. I wish you the best of luck in all the planning and implementing. If you would like photos of what I did, I'd be happy to share.
    Thank you again for all your inspiration.

  7. Darling Emma, precious post, sweet life! xoxo, Tessa

  8. By far my favorite post so far for 2014, Jenny! I love your commentary about entertaining not only guests but your family at home and images of your life, such as this update, are fantastic:) I can't wait for your fall line-up!!


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