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June 18, 2014

Our Seaside Vacation 2014

We just returned from our annual Seaside vacation... almost 2 months ago.  It has taken me a little while (to say the least...) to get through all of the photos and get them ready to share. 

We go to Seaside Florida just about every year - and have been since we got married there : )

I just loved our wedding - wish I could go back and relive it all.  To be with our closest 60 friends and family members, there in our favorite place for an entire weekend - it was completely magical.  You can see all of our wedding photos, here

This year, my sister and her family joined us for a mini wedding reunion.  Ok, maybe it was just a family vacation, but for us, anytime we're in Seaside we think of it as a wedding reunion. 

There are a lot of photos.  This blog, while normally filled with recipes and entertaining inspiration, is also a little time capsule for me and my family.  Lots of pictures.  Consider yourself warned. 

 Emma and Sam on the plane - all snuggled in for a 2 hour flight.  I was in charge of entertaining/controlling/distracting them.  Me and Frozen.

Approaching the ocean!  Best buddies.  They're looking for whales and mermaids ; )

Seaside is a little slice of small town America, right on the beach.  Picket fences, cobble streets and charming cottages.  I shared more of the architecture and town sites in my post about last year's trip there - Emma's first visit to Seaside.

Morning coffee stop before the beach.

And window shopping in my favorite store.  I got a candle there that I'm obsessed with.  It inspired my newest candle that is coming out in a couple of weeks.

Chocolate Milk breakfast and sandy toes.  

 Path to the beach.  The home on the left is where we stayed last year.

I decided that this "Bliss Blue" is the color my Seaside house would need to be.

Private, quiet, beautiful beach.

And a chair with my name on it.

Someone may have gone down to our spot early and hid some seashells for the girls to "find." 

Emma was a little scared of the waves.

She started warming up to it when she found the shells.

Where did she get those long legs?   When did she get so big!?

Here is a flashback to last year - same spot.  Same pink bucket.  Sweet sweet Emma.

Fabulous, darling.


We got the girls dolled up and went to dinner that night.  Cousin buddies.

It was the only night we actually made dinner plans - the rest of the time we just went with the flow and had picnics on the beach or in the town lawn.  


Dancing at dinner.

Even Baby Kate wants to get in on the action!

Entertainment for all.


Post-Dinner run to the beach.

We tried to get the girls together for a photo... instead we got lots of photos of the girls trying to get together : )

Jill and her babies.

Plus Emma!

Hilarious!   I think they were in their giddy/tired/vacation mode at this point.

Love this family.

And all of these girls.

Big smiles for Daddy.

With promises of...

Ice Cream.

Day 2

Lots of hugs to make up for the scary waves.  "Hold you, Mommy.  Squeeze!"


Annual Family Photo

2014 Above

2013 Left

The rest of our days were just a blur of fun in the sand, walks around town, fresh seafood dinners, sunset wine & ice cream, and lots of cousin fun.

 Lots of fun beach play with Emma & Kate.

Emma loved the sand.  Not the ocean.  Just the sand : )

Uncle Kevin & Sam.


Jill and Sam "frolicking."

Jill and Baby Kate.

Emma & Sam "sharing" the kite.  The girls were best buds and Emma had big tears when we said goodbye at the airport.  The sweetest.

See you next year, Seaside.  I'll be counting the days.


  1. Looks like an absolutely idyllic vacation! Isn't amazing when you can really see how much your little one has changed? The pics of her on the beach are too adorable!

  2. What a great vacation. It's so much fun to have first cousins to share in the fun.

  3. Beautiful photos of some sweet memories! Glad u had such a great time together!

  4. Beautiful pictures, thnks for sharing. I've been wanting to go there for a while but don't know where to start looking for a rental. Could you give me any suggestions? I would need a much smaller space. :) thanks!

  5. love the B & W of you Mike and Emma on the beach. What a sweet family you are.

  6. Seaside is one of my favorite places on earth! We will be there next weekend and make frequent weekend trips since we live close enough. Great recap and beautiful pics!

  7. Picture Perfect! You are a beautiful family. Wonderful pictures that look like scenes from a really good movie filmed at the beach.

  8. Beautiful photos, town and beach!

  9. What a nice photos of your lovely family... have a nice summer. Bonnes vacances d'été à vous trois.

    Québec City

  10. Love your family vacation photos! Where did you get Emma's adorable straw sun hat?

  11. WoW!! these are such a beautiful collection of pics. really nice, here you seems to be enjoying a lotll


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