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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Recipe Index & New Blog Header | Peonies, Strawberries & Robin's Egg Blue

 This week has been a little quiet on the blog, as Emma's been on her Summer break.  But after three days of working during naps I finally have updated the blog template to feel a little more summery.  As you can see above, the new header features some fun pink peonies, the robin's egg blue enamelware, linen tea towels and other goodies from my store.  Only another week or so left of peony season, so I will be glad to relish in it everyday on the blog : )

I've also been adding some new pages and features to make the blog more user friendly.  As I've done in seasons past, I created a Summer page with an image gallery (and links) to all of my favorite Summer posts and products. 

Here is a snapshot of the Summer Galleries page.  As you can see, there are links to each recipe category - Summer Desserts, Summer Salads, Summer Appetizers, etc.   Anytime you need some inspiration, just start browsing!

You can also find links to these galleries and recipe indexes on the right side of the page - all of the thumbnails on the bottom right.

Here is a snapshot of what each gallery looks like - this is the Summer Appetizers page.  As you can see, it has an image/link gallery of all of my summer appetizer recipes from years past.  I loved going through and finding the recipes again - many favorites that even I forgot about.

Another thing that is back by popular demand is the search bar... actually, I'm not sure what happened to it the first time, but now it's back.  Now you can find anything on the site you're looking for.  It is located on the right hand side under the header.
Another big improvement is my new Email Newsletter system.  I've upgraded it to a prettier format, with personalized messaging.  Click on My Email Newsletter to add your email address to my receive regular emails with whats new on the blog.

I'm also working on indexing all of my recipes from the last 6 years.  Gulp.  It might take me a couple more weeks, but it will be another great improvement. 

All of these changes have been made from your suggestions.  Thanks so much for continuing to encourage me to improve my site and services.  Happy Summer to you - naptime is officially over and Emma and I are off to the pool : )


  1. Adore the changes you've made. And, the new shop items. And the berries in the header. Have a great weekend!


  2. Looks great! And makes looking for recipes easier!!!!


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