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May 20, 2014

Packing Up Emma's Keepsakes

As we've been making the transition from Emma's nursery to her Big Girl room, I've been packing up things she's outgrown, art projects from school and little keepsakes.  I go through this routine every couple of months or so and have been doing it since she was born.

I can remember going through her closet when she was just a couple of months old and putting away her newborn outfits that no longer fit.  It is always a fun little trip down memory lane.   I packed up very special things in plastic bags like her hospital gown & receiving blanket.

I started with a little box I kept in her closet where I had stored cards and notes from my baby showers and added things like her hospital bracelets, first photos and little booties.   This is the book Mike gave me as our 1st anniversary gift, when I was 8 months pregnant.  We hadn't officially decided on a name, but my vote was Emma.  This was the confirmation of his supporting vote : )  It was the perfect gift - traditionally, paper is the 1st anniversary gift... I gave him an ipad- modern paper!

The collection kept outgrowing the box as I added favorite first outfits, blankies, lovies and more shoes, of course.

With this transition to the big girl room, I decided to officially pack up the box, labeled "Baby Emma" and start a new one, "Toddler Emma." 

I added some photos of her in those outfits that I'm replacing with new photos in her room, and included a photo book I made of her first year.

Over Christmas break this year I finally finished her Baby Book.  I made two copies, one titled "Emma Elizabeth Hobick 2011-2012" and one "The Hobick Family 2011-2012."  I put her copy in her Baby box and I'll keep the other copy for our own library... so I can look at it all of the time.  I had them made at Mpix, and really love the way they turned out.  The printing quality is great, and I love the hardcover, bound in a dark grey linen.  They cost about $50 each, but look like $200.  I plan to do one for our wedding (a little late?), and ever year from here on out... including last year, that I'm already behind on.

The process of selecting the photos, writing the captions and details was the best part of all - reliving every experience and trying to capture the spirit of the moment for her when she reads it in the future.    

The inside coverpage - my favorite from her first year.  She was 9 months old in a linen dress at the Boston Public Garden.

It starts at the very beginning - even before this page, I included pregnancy photos and sonograms.

Photos of our first Vermont adventure, of course.

And what she wore : )

Our first Mother's Day at the beach.

Packing up for the move back home, and photos of her new room.  I love documenting living spaces in the book - I find it so interesting to look back at photos of my old rooms.  There are such big memories in spaces.

Her first Halloween.

And her homemade costume.

  Her first Christmas.

And her Christmas PJs. 

Mike and I both wrote a letter to her on the last page, with special photos of us each.  A tradition I hope to continue in each edition of our books.

One of my goals for the next year is to organize, sort and pack all of our keepsakes from our years past.  Right now, I think everything is sort of stuffed in bins, unlabeled and unorganized.   What special ways do you keep your keepsakes? 


  1. What a beautiful book. I love how you made two copies so Emma has her own. She will love her "yearbooks".

    1. Thanks! Now here's hoping I get them done every year : )

  2. Replies
    1. You're not the only one ;) I was listening to Taylor Swift "Never Grow Up" while I packed... recipe for tears.

  3. Such great ideas, and as usual i am inspired to go home and do the same... :)

    1. Thanks, Kirby. Good luck with your wedding - can't wait to see pics!

  4. You have done a beautiful thing by taking the time to create the book for Emma. I certainly took beautiful photos and sorted them into nice albums for each of our sons, but I would love to have done something like this. And, the letters you wrote to her on the last page make me want to cry. So, so special. Glad you made one for yourself!

  5. Emma's book is adorable! You may want to consider taking her hospital gown and any other special outfits to the cleaners to have them preserved. They pack them in blue paper and a memory box so they don't yellow over time. Just did this with a baptism gown this morning.

  6. That book is beautiful! I think I need to get started on a few of those.

  7. Can you please let me know the size of this book at Mpix?

  8. Very sweet. And I love the glimpses of her new room. I am loving that quilt! Is is handmade?

  9. Beautiful idea. My 2 older kids don't remember their first house--nice to preserve that memory. Also, their baby books are jammed with stuff--so much that the bindings are stretched and we never look at them. word of advice...try to keep up--baby #3 has a smaller book than #1 and #2! Emma is a lucky girl!

  10. Jenny,
    What a wonderful idea. The book looks great. She's such a cutie pie.

  11. Hi Jenny, you have really inspired me with this post. I have saved everything of Avery's but not really in the best organized way. I did make monthly albums for her first year so now I'm going to pack them as you did in bins with special outfits, binkies, lovies, etc. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. What an amazing tribute to your adorable daughter and what wonderful parents she has. It's beautiful to see such a happy family.

  13. Hi there, Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo book! Yours does not look square, but I am only seeing a 10x10 and a landscape option at Do they still offer the style you ordered? Also, are you able to upload photos from shutterfly etc or must they be stored on your computer?


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