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Monday, April 28, 2014

Emma's Easter in Photos

This is a little late, as it is already a week past Easter, but I wanted to share a couple of photos from our Easter weekend with you (and because I use this blog to serve as a chronicle for our family, too!).  You may have noticed that we were gone last week - sorry for the lack of notice.  We spent the week in Seaside with my sister's family.  We left bright and early Monday morning, so there was little time to upload photos before.  I'll be sharing photos from our trip later this week - lots, and lots to wade through, as I'm sure you can imagine.  

This is a compilation of all of our Easter celebrations and multiple egg hunts... I think Emma participated in 5 egg hunts this season.  She's a pro.   The good news is that we got a lot of wear out of her two Easter dresses - both Mini Boden, for those of you that will ask :) 

This was her first official hunt at our Church a couple weeks ago - before the weather decided to be Springy.  Notice the charm bracelet : )  She's a jewelry girl. 

This is Emma on Easter morning at my parents' church in Lexington.  Don't you love this little vintage bunny purse?  It was filled with lip glosses to keep her busy in church.

Another hunt.  She's counting her loot in photo above - lining all of her candy up in rows. 

Left, she's telling us - I'll be riiiiight back, as she headed over to get more eggs from the older kid's hunting area.

We went over to see Gramp Gramp's baby and mama cows.  Emma talks about them all of the time.

"Aunt" Claire

All dolled up for Easter morning : )

I've found it has become increasingly hard to take photos of Emma - as this is her preferred state.  Going!

Emma and Uncle Josh.
 A hunt at Mimi and Papi's house - Mr. Darcy is thrilled, can you tell?

He broke open several eggs... to Emma's frustration, but she seems ok in this photo with arms full of eggs.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!  I'll be back tomorrow with more regular posts : )


  1. Awwww, she looks darling! Love, your shoes in the last pic.

  2. Oh those are precious pictures of a wonderful age. I love her attitude that shows through the lense. She's a cute one. Great Easter!

  3. really sweet. miss those days of easter egg hunts. hours spent hiding and seconds to find.

  4. Always so lovely, your little Emma!!!!
    Kissessssss from Belgium...


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