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April 03, 2014

Easter Cookie Decorating | New Sugar Cookie Recipe

Today I decorated another batch of sugar cookies using my collection of Copper Cookie Cutters for Spring.  A little short on time, I went a little simpler - with a cleaner and softer decorating approach.  

For the first time in 30 years, I tried a new sugar cookie recipe this week.  To be clear, I still love, love, love my Sugar Cookie Recipe, but this is my 2nd batch of sugar cookies in the last 30 days, so I wanted to switch it up. 

I know most of you read Tessa's Blog (Nine & Sixteen), and she has been raving about a new recipe she found from Williams-Sonoma.  So, since I was in the mood for something different, I thought this would be a great chance to try it.

It has a bit of a shortbread cookie constancy - which I love.  The cookies really hold their shape during baking.  But the real difference is the tiny bit of cardamom added to the dough.  It adds a subtle spice that, as Tessa would say, gives it a little something special, but it is not so much that it is overwhelming. 

The recipe link for the cookies is in this post on Tessa's blog, and it also includes the most adorable DIY bunny applique t-shirt (think mini boden style) that I can't wait to try. 

I also tried a new, well actually old, icing to go along with the cookie.  When we were little, my Mom made this creamy, buttery icing that we used to decorate our sugar cookies.  When I started decorating cookies for my clients, I switched over to Royal Icing because it gets hard and shiny - more professional looking... but there is nothing like the taste of a real butter icing.

In her post, Tessa had a tip about creating a glaze - she put a tablespoon of light corn syrup in hers.  I did the same in my buttery version and I think it helped the icing to harden and gave it a little shine.

Butter Icing

4 tablespoons of Butter
4 tablespoons of Milk
1 tablespoon of light corn syrup
3-4 cups of Powdered Sugar

In a glass mixing bowl, heat butter and milk together in the microwave for 30 seconds, or until butter is melted.  Mix in powder sugar and stir until smooth.  Add more powdered sugar or milk to achieve the correct consistency. 

Products Used :
Spring Copper Cookies Cutters (on Sale Today - Saturday)

I used my 12" Disposable Pastry Bags to make the decorating easier - and clean up simple.

Because I always like a little bit of sparkle on simple cookies, I used Fine Sanding Sugar on the eggs.

And of course, I used my Parchment Paper Sheets to bake the cookies on - non-stick and no scrubbing the pan. 

I packaged these cookies using my Easter Basket Supplies - tags, wooden baskets, cello bags and cotton ribbon.  You can get more details in my post, here.


Easter Tags & Place Cards

Every season I design a new set of Tags to attach to treats, and Folded Cards to use as Place Cards or Gift Cards.  This time, I created two sets - one with a classic bunny and one with this very sweet lamb, both in a "pen and ink" vintage style. 
Bunny "Hippity Hoppity"

Easter is always a very colorful holiday, so I like to use more subtle colors (like this graphite grey for the bunny) for tags and cards to make any treat or gift look beautiful.  These Bunny Cards come in both Tags & Folded Cards.

 Here is another way I decorated the same cookies.  To see the step-by-step instructions for decorating these cookies, visit this link.

I'll be sharing some new Easter Packaging products tomorrow in the store - tags, ribbon, etc.  Have a good Thursday!

 Here is the easy-to-pin strip!


  1. Love this! Will you be stocking the glass wear you always show in your posts? i absolutely love them! and have not been able to find anything like them in my area? ~Leslie

  2. You make it look so easy! Mine usually runs all over the cookie.

  3. I have been wanting to try this recipe since Tessa posted it around Valentine's Day and your beautiful cookies just gave me that extra push. Dough is currently chilling in my 'fridge;) I love your color palette and that you have secured your piping bags with ribbon - so pretty!

  4. beautiful, as always!! i'm glad you like the recipe too. they disappear so fast around here. many thanks for the link love! xo, tessa


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