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February 06, 2014

Vanilla Bean Sugar | Easy No Bake Homemade Gift... And Valentine's Sale!

As you may have guessed by now, I'm sort of a coffee person.  Anytime I'm making plans I always add it in : Getting out of bed for early cold morning walks are so much easier when envision the steaming coffee in my thermos.   I love going to Target just so I can get a latte while I shop (and Emma can have a "lollipop" aka cakepop) and browse.  There are not many activities that the thought of a hot cup of coffee or creamy cappucinno doesn't make better - everything seems a little more cozy and comforting when I'm clutching my coffee. 

Actually, now that I write this, it sounds a little nuts - is anyone else relating to this?  It is not that crazy... right?  I guess Starbucks' success answers that question.

To further my point, I said to Mike just yesterday, "I think the Nespresso is my favorite gift of all time."   (This is not a sponsored post.)

Maybe I am nuts. 

Or maybe it is because I've been adding Vanilla Bean Sugar to the milk pre-frothing in my Aeroncinno and it whips it up so frothy, it is almost like hot vanilla bean whipped cream?

The best part of this "recipe" is that it is not really a recipe at all.   It takes seconds to make.

 I used to make it by scraping vanilla beans, but my new favorite way is to add vanilla bean paste to sugar in the food processor (or blender or mixer) and mix until combined.   You can add as little or as much as you like.

I put it in these Kraft "Coffee" Bags to give as gifts.  Literally the easiest gift to make.

It is ready to be added to coffee or  used for baking.  As I said, I add a good tablespoon or two to my pre-frothed milk for my lattes.


Or for Vanilla Bean Scones...

You can see how frothy the milk is and laced with the tiny vanilla beans from the Vanilla Bean Paste.


Supplies Needed :

Kraft Coffee Bags (set of 20), $10-12

Vanilla Bean Paste, $12

Vanilla Sugar Labels, On Sale $4

Granulated Sugar

Tomorrow is the last day for Valentine's Day orders... and I have a couple of things on sale:
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  1. jenny, this is great. i know exactly what you mean about your nespresso and coffee in general. for my 30th birthday, my then boyfriend (now husband) gave me a nespresso pixie as a last minute substitution for the engagement ring he had purchased but wasn't ready in time. he could have just proposed with the nespresso! i would have responded with a resounding 'YES!' this vanilla bean sugar recipe is very timely for me, too. i am hoping to make packages of vanilla sugar as favors for my sister's sprinkle shower next month. thank you for posting! keep it up!

  2. Vanilla bean paste and bags were on my list to I can't wait to try vanilla sugar in my treats. I'm off to place an order!! :)

  3. Jenny,
    I'm 100% in agreement. We love our coffee and I've got the Nepresso on my wish list (I still have to convince Mr. B, he loves his Breville latte maker). I will definitely try the vanilla sugar, I have vanilla paste and think it's the best thing since sliced bread.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I can totally relate to everything Jenny talked about , I'm in Europe in Switzerland and here nespesso is as common as having a kettle in the kitchen.:) What I love about nespresso is that it's a great coffee with absolutely no mess to clean after , it's just plug and play :)
    What I don't understand in this vanilla bean paste is what's in Jenny's little blender? sugar? do you add vanilla bean paste to sugar and then mix and after you can use it in the aerocinno etc??

    Karen, in my opinion Breville maker is a very high class machine that means it makes a perfect espresso at a very high pressure (19bars and more) and Nespresso just managed to copy those semi-professional coffee makers with the invention of the capsules.. The quality of the coffee with a good Breville latte maker I think matches that one with nespresso if not higher. (depending of the coffee bean torréfaction ,etc ) :)


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