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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy Gift Ideas for The Holidays | $15 & $25 Gifts

My sister recently said to me - I need a $15 gift for teachers, what do you have?  So, I've put together a couple of gift ideas from my store - each set a price point to make it easy for you.  Like many of you, our extended family does a gift exchange with a $25 limit, so I'm always on the lookout for something great for $25.  Below, you'll find several ideas for $15 and $25 gifts.

Red Le Pen + Tablet | $14

Especially for the holidays, I'm offering my favorite tablet with 4 Red Le Pens.  This is a great gift for teachers - what teacher doesn't love a good red pen!

Monogrammed Linen Tea Towel + Hand-Dipped Taper Candle | $25
Grey/Black Towel + Candle Set
Red/Natural Towel + Candle Set

One of my favorite things to give this season is a Monogrammed Linen Tea Towel with coordinating Hand-Dipped Taper Candle.  I think it is such a lovely gift... and only $25.  You can choose any embroidery color to coordinate with the candles.  I LOVE this.  

Wild Ferns Lanolin Body Collection | $12 - $25

Also, I have a special treat that is a little different than my typical product selection.  As I mentioned, I hired a helper (Erica) a couple of weeks ago to help me out with the holiday rush.  I once did a fabulous holiday party at her parents' home back in my catering days.  She recently contacted me with questions about how I manage my store website, as she has recently started her own.  We got to chatting and I told her I needed some help a couple days a week, she said she could help out and has been my saving grace!  She has shared her product line with me and I'm hooked.  So, in the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to help her out, just as she has helped me.  So, I'll be offering her fabulous body products in my store for a limited time!

 These Wild Ferns Lanolin body products are imported from New Zealand - Erica's mom discovered them on a recent trip there.  

I especially love this little soap with the lamb! 

I hope you find some ideas for someone special and I hope I've made your shopping a little easier! 

Also, I wanted to share a quick photo of the We Believe collection from my Printed Collection of Cards + Tags.  I didn't have the real ones from the printer last time I shared them.  Aren't they so cute?  I can't wait to put them on our Santa packages and use them as place cards for our brunch table.  I also have a Fir Tree (green) and Let It Snow (grey) printed collection.


The last day to order from the store for the holidays will be Sunday, December 15th!  All orders, even custom monogram orders will ship out by the 17th to ensure arrival plenty of time before Christmas... and to give Erica and me a couple days of relaxation (and catching up on sleep and baking!) before the Christmas.

Thank you so much for tagging along on this new adventure for me.  I've loved developing the store and I feel like I've gotten to know so many of you through your orders!  Such a fun experience!

I'll be back later today with recipes for the Holiday Dinner Schedule I shared yesterday!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jenny, I have really enjoyed shopping in your store! The other day I gifted your "everyday candle" (one of my faves!) to a local food blogger who held an open house for her friends & readers. I may also give them to Avery's teachers.. or I may keep them for myself:) Regardless, they are also a great gift!


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