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November 01, 2013

Thanksgiving & Holiday Products! Wheat Centerpiece | Grosgrain Ribbon | Stationary | Kraft Loaf Pans

I'm a traditionalist and for some reason I can't move right into Christmas without Thanksgiving.  However, the store works a little differently and I know we all like to plan ahead for Christmas because it helps us to actually enjoy it a little more.  So, in that spirit, I have add a big chunk of my Holiday Products to the store.  It includes two styles (4 sizes) of Preserved Boxwood Wreaths (20% off thru Nov. 14th!), huge spools of Grosgrain and Satin Ribbon, Linens, Candles and Gift Wrap.  I'll be adding more products in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

You can see the Holiday collection, here.

For those of you who are like me and love Thanksgiving (too), I'm sharing my Thanksgiving products today and a table setting I made to feature them... along with some baked goodies, too.

See the entire Thanksgiving collection, here.


Grosgrain Ribbon, Edgartown Sand

In the photo above, I tied a piece of ribbon around each napkin to give each setting a touch of color - an old trick I used to do for weddings.  It is a really simple (and cost efficient) way to add some style to the table.

I'm thrilled to be offering ribbon in the store.  The first thing I did when I started my event planning and wedding design business (almost 8 yrs. ago - yikes) was buy huge spools of ribbon in every color. I love having yards and yards of ribbon at my disposal - a small, but worthy luxury... I am a very generous bow maker.

Because I am able to purchase it in such large spools, it is much more cost efficient per yard than buying it at craft stores (typically $1-2/yard).  This ribbon priced at $0.40 cents/yard.

2" Grosgrain = $20 for 50 yards
5/8" Grosgrain = $8 for 50 yards

I have also stocked ribbon in Christmas colors, as well.  You can see those colors here.

Wheat Bundle, $14

I saw this centerpiece concept years ago in Martha Stewart Living - a bundle of wheat tied with an elegant ribbon in the center of the table.  I LOVE it for Thanksgiving.   If I had a long table, I would do 4-5 all the way down the table with candles in between. 

It comes wrapped with natural twine.  I have it pictured here with my Edgartown Sand Grosgrain Ribbon.

"I Am Thankful For"  
Place Cards

Instead of a standard plain place card for Thanksgiving, I love to have a printed card like this that reads "I Am Thankful For" and then I write the guests name underneath.  It is such nice way to be greeted as you sit down to a feast that is all about bounty and thanksgiving.  Sometimes knowing (and seeing) that someone is grateful to have us in their lives is all we need to be fulfilled - feeling this love just might encourage them to spread that love to others.  I like that it brings the real point of the Thanksgiving holiday into focus.  Having it right there on the table helps everyone remember what the holiday is all about.

The card is a natural, creamy cardstock printed in the color Edgartown Sand. 

10 for $14

Edgartown Sand Tapers

This is my favorite candle for Thanksgiving.  While you can definitely use the Lexington Wheat color with the Bundle of Wheat Centerpiece, I love that these candles bring out the color of the ribbon, that is used again on the napkins and the place card.

Each candle comes with a strip of beeswax to be used to help fit the candles in any holder and holds them perfectly straight.

1 pair, $10.50

If you're not hosting Thanksgiving this year, then you'll definitely need a Hostess Gift... because Thanksgiving is a lot of work - so reward your Host kindly.

Of course, my favorite kind of gift is of the homemade variety.  I like my homemade gifts to be beautiful.  I used the Grosgrain ribbon (again...), a Large Cello Bag and included a Thanksgiving 2013 tag.  This would also be a great gift for neighbors, teachers and family.

There are a couple of extra special things about this gift...

Kraft Loaf Pans, 10 for $12

I baked it in a Kraft Paper Loaf Pan.  What is special about this, is that it is plain and simple kraft paper.  I've seen many versions of these, but most have snowflakes and dots and colors.  I really like the simple factor here.  More earthy, as Ina would say.

The pans are great for gifts because you can make as many as you need at a time - you don't have to keep reusing the same metal pans over and over.  Then, then kraft baking box becomes part of the gift, too.

The other special thing about this gift is....
I've also included a Natural Linen Striped Tea Towel.  I think it is such a lovely gift - you'd be welcome back in my home anytime!

Natural Linen Tea Towels with Grey & Black Stripes

2 for $24
Thanksgiving 2013
10 for $10

Here is a close up of the tag.  It coordinates with the Place Card, but instead says "Thanksgiving 2013."   Details like this can take your homemade treats to new beautiful levels.

Finally, my new Custom Candle for November...

Cedar & Fig Candle

Like "My Everyday Candle," I had these custom poured by the same local artisan.  The scent is a cozy, chestnut with notes of cedar, fig, spice and oak.  It is just the thing to fill your house with on a cozy November day - perfect for Thanksgiving time, but will also transition into the Holidays, as well.

I have only had a limited number of these made, so be sure to get your order in soon.

I hope you enjoy looking through the rest of the Thanksgiving and Holiday products!   Have a great weekend!


  1. Very nice! So many wonderful items for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but my favorite has to be the custom stamp! I can't wait to place an order:)

  2. Jenny, I'm trying to place an order thru your shop and am unable to access Paypal. Do you still accept Paypal?

  3. Everything in the new collection looks wonderful! I love how you've styled everything here. Bring on the holidays!

  4. I really love the hostess gift idea and plan to use those items to create Thanksgiving gifts for teachers. I would love a recipe to go along with the kraft baking "pans." I'd love a recipe to include the usual baking times and such, but also how many breads you get from the recipe, how full to make the pans and how many can bake at one. I'm a sucker for a good, detailed recipe :) Thanks!

  5. Will you be getting in any more cedar & fig candles?

  6. Hi Jenny, I am still trying to place an order thru Paypal...your website advertises you accept Paypal, and I have previously placed an order with your shop using Paypal. Please let me know if this is not an option any longer.

  7. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Oh no! Will you be getting anymore of your November candles in? They sound perfect!


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