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Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday! Free Gift & Free Shipping

Welcome to Christmas Baking week and Cyber Monday (more about that below!).  I resisted pre-Christmas season baking this year, so I'm sharing photos from my cookies of Christmas' past today to inspire myself and figure out what I'll be making this year.

This photo is of Emma last year helping me make cookies - a flash forward of tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow we'll be doing our sugar cookie baking, freezing (before baking) and some cookie decorating, so I'll have those to share with you later this week.  I have some new ideas for using this year's new Holiday Copper Cookie Cutter shapes - especially the trees and the reindeer.

Cyber Monday!

- Free Holiday Copper Cookie Cutter with purchase of a Gift Card *while supplies last. (code : COOKIE)
- Copper Cookie Cutters are bundled - Set of all 4 for $48, save $12
- Free Shipping on orders over $50 (code : MONDAY)

Copper Cookie Cutters
$15 each or $48 for all 4

Tree (new this year!)
Snowflake (new shape this year!)

Last year I hosted friends for a cookie decorating birthday party for Emma and gave them these copper cutters as gifts to they could start to grow their collection.

The Copper Cutters are handmade.  As they have to be ordered months in advance, I only have a limited number available.  I package each cutter with a recipe card of my favorite Sugar Cookies and wrapped them in a cello bag with a bow and a tag - ready for gifting.

I have also stock these Kraft Cookie Boxes in two sizes - Medium (7x7) & Large (10x10).  They are nice and sturdy boxes perfect for homemade treats.  And, this year I also have stocked the Silver Dragees for adding "Silver Bells" to the reindeer.

This is the Medium Cookie Box filled with Natural Krinkle filler.  I decided to add this color (in addition to the Kraft Kinkle) for the holidays because I thought it would make the brown Reindeer standout against the Kraft box.  The Large Cookie Box holds 3-4 cookies.

This snowflake cookie that I iced and accented with my White Nonpareils sprinkles - the sanding sugars also look great...

Like these that I did a couple of years ago for our neighborhood open house.  This is the Course Sanding Sugar for a really glittery look.

Here is the display I put out for our party - I also love ginger cookies.  This year I think I am going to do the snowflakes and trees in gingerbread, then ice them with white icing and sanding sugar or white nonpareils.

As you can see from these photos from last year in my kitchen, the copper cutters are even so cute to display, too.  I really like the addition of the warm, warn copper to my kitchen.

Happy Cyber Monday - I hope you get some great deals out there.  I'm looking forward to getting most of my shopping done so I can spend the rest of the season not running around and baking more sugar cookies instead  : )  

Again, here are my deals for the day :

- Free Holiday Copper Cookie Cutter with purchase of a Gift Card while supplies last (code : COOKIE)
Copper Cookie Cutters are bundled - Set of all 4 for $48, save $12
- Free Shipping on orders over $50 (code : MONDAY)

Happy Hunting!



  1. Jenny,
    I love the cookies cutters and some of the extras that will make baking for friends really special this year.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

  2. So excited to see the little gift tags. I was getting my baking supplies in order last week and was about to send you an email asking about holiday tags when I noticed you were updating the store website. I gave it a day for you to get everything loaded in and live and I'm super excited. BTW, what candle fragrance are you looking at for your Dec candle?! Can't wait.

  3. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Can you use both codes "COOKIE" and "MONDAY" in the same order?

  4. Jenny,

    You seriously need to do a video tutorial on how to ice cookies. No matter what I do I cannot get it right. My cookies turn out gorgeous but the icing is an epic fail! Please!!!!!!


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