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October 12, 2017

Spooky Bat Sugar Cookies | Halloween Sugar Cookies + Decorating Tips Video

These cookies may look difficult to make, but they are really simple.  You just need to follow the steps - starting with the body, covering it with sprinkles, and then making the wings and eyes.  It is really as simple as outlining and filling in.  The sprinkles add great texture on the body - giving the cookies one more element to make them look special, but actually make them really easy to decorate.

You can buy the Bat Cookie Cutter here .  I have had them made in Copper, so they are something you can keep and use year after year as a tradition.

I've included a video tutorial that shows the decorating, step-by-step... complete with spooky sound effects that Emma help me pick out.

I used my favorite sugar cookie dough - here is the recipe for the cookies and the royal icing.  I recommend making them ahead of time, then refrigerating them before you bake - it helps them hold their shape.

I've added some fun and simple Halloween packaging to my store - you can see the photos at the bottom of this post.

Emma is really getting into making sugar cookies.  She loves picking out the cutters.

And singing.

And eating the dough.

Love those lashes.  She loves all jewelry, but mostly her "canny" necklace.

Sprinkling the "snow" - by the way, I have know idea how she remembers snow! 

Now the baking is done - time to decorate (aka, nap time). 

You'll need :
-Royal Icing
-Black Sprinkles
-Black Food Coloring
-2 Pastry Bags
-Parchment Paper Sheets (used for the baking)

Put a small amount of the white royal icing in a pastry bag.  Cut off a tiny bit of the tip - you'll use this for the eyes.

Use the remaining royal icing to make the dark grey.  Dark icing colors darken as they sit - so mix a little lighter than you'd like it to be.

Put it into a second pastry bag and cut a small part of the tip off.

Everything is ready to go!

Here is a video tutorial on how to decorate them.  If you can outline and fill in you're half way there.  How do you like those spooky sound effects?  Nerdy, I know, but that is what Halloween is all about - right?!

Step 1 is to do the body - then cover the still wet icing with black sprinkles. 

Step 2 : Make the wings with the same black/grey icing.

Step 3 : Do eyes with white icing, then black/grey dots.

 Done - really simple, but they look great.

I love anything that looks like it was a lot of work - but really wasn't.

I packaged them in medium cellophane bags (20 for $7) tied with natural cotton ribbon and a "Trick or Treat" tag (20 for $6).

Definitely a treat.

Stay tuned for more Spooky Halloween Cookie tutorials.

For more Halloween Cookie Cutters and Treat Packaging ideas, visit the Halloween section in my store.

Here is the pin strip :


  1. I always love your sugar cookies and these bats look perfect! Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  2. Where did you find your cookie cutters? Especially the bat and ghost you have. Every bat I can find is very small and would be so difficult to decorate with eyes and such. Thank so much11

  3. What a great idea for class treats!

  4. Those cookies are adorable--and so is Emma!

  5. Hi Jenny! An adoring fan here... :-) It is always such a delight to see your new FUN ideas and having Sweet Precious Baby Emma in your post is even more sweeter! I just love looking at that sweet and precious face - the adorable mini Jenny in the kitchen :-)
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and family with us.
    I can't wait to make these cookies at home with my baby.

  6. Hi Jenny, for your cookie icing, should we beat the eggwhite under a certain temperature over a simmering hot water bowl or did I miss something from your directions? Thank you.

  7. Super cute Jenny! They turned out amazing!! Everything you do always looks perfect and delicious :)

  8. Your daughter (assuming your daughter) is darling! So sweet! Lovely website also. Great ideas....thanks for sharing!


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