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October 04, 2013

Emma's Fun on the Farm x2 | Pony Ride, Apple Picking & Overalls

We had a major Fall Fun weekend last weekend.  In fact, it is Thursday night and I'm just now getting to sort thru the photos - we're still recovering from all of the Fall Fun we had.  I'm not sure why or how our weekend got so packed, but packed it was.  Here are just a couple (errr...) photos from the weekend. 

Here is Emma dancing in her new favorite wardrobe item.  These overalls were worn first by my sister, then me, then my brother, and now Emma.  They are amazing.  Especially over jack-o-lantern pj's. 

We spent Friday night with my parents in Lexington, and got up bright and early to have breakfast at the Horse Farm near my parents' house (Big River Ranch).  Nothing like biscuits and gravy for breakfast while you're sitting outside, on a horse farm on the first "fall feeling" morning.  Emma, clearly, loved it.

Just woke-up face.

She didn't want to get as close the horses as she thought she did... 

Storm headed our way!

One more of the "bibs."


Do you remember this pic from last year?  She couldn't even touch the ground : )   I can't decide if it seems like a month ago or ten years ago...

Now she's definitely in charge of driving.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and we found ourselves at yet another farm.  This time we were at The Red Barn Farm in Weston.  It was our first visit - it is fabulous.  Picture perfect in an authentic, really beautiful way.  Last year we visited another farm that was a little too circus-like (bounce house, etc...), but this was an absolutely fabulous experience. 

Above : We took a horse-drawn wagon ride through the fields. 

A view of the farm in the distance.  

Emma and Mike ready to visit some animals.

Emma galloping like the horses... she was starting to warm up to them.

Turns out, she loves horses.

 But she does not like chickens...

About 2 seconds later.

Our Fall weekend wouldn't have been complete without a little apple picking.

And an impromptu family photo using the timer delay...

Sort of worked!  Very rare to get all of us in one photo.

Oh Emma - you are such a sweet girl : )

By the way, here is a photo of Emma in the same cardigan last year at Thanksgiving.  Again, could have been yesterday or 5 years ago!

We tried to avoid the pumpkins, as we have an official pumpkin patch trip planned this weekend (complete with cider donuts).

But, a little looking never hurt anyone!

We've got a couple more fall traditions planned for the next couple of weeks - pumpkin carving, halloween sugar cookie making and I'm working on Emma's costume. 

What are your favorite Fall activities?  There is really nothing better for us than exploring with Emma as she tries new experiences... especially this time of year (though I expect I'll say the same about the holidays).  I'd love to hear what you've done with your families to make fun fall memories. 


  1. Beautiful post! Emma is adorable - makes me excited to have a little one of my own some day!

  2. Wonderful fall post . . . I could look at thousands of Emma photos . . . she is so adorable!
    Love the bibs and the stylish skinny jeans too . . .

  3. Very nice post...
    Emma is so lovely...
    Bisoussss from Belgium...

  4. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Thanks for letting us know about the Red Barn Farm in Weston, I am always looking for new day trip ideas. This weekend we are heading to Boonville to the Warm Springs Ranch, which is Budweiser's new Clydsdale ranch. After we are going to swing by Lexington for the Apple Festival and hopefully make it by Fahrmeier's stand for mums and pumpkins! I love fall!

  5. Emma looks great in he little jack o' lantern top and overalls. What a beautiful weekend. I will be seeing my granddaughter the end of this month, can't wait. She's just a little older than Emma.
    Enjoy this weekend.

  6. What a picture perfect Fall weekend! Emma is just adorable. Now you have me thinking a trip to the pumpkin patch is in order this weekend. Every Fall we help put on a Withes Walk in our downtown. The kiddos dress up for a costume contest & we have fun activities for them. Then we round them all up & they parade through the local downtown shops collecting treats. It's always so fun & festive!

  7. I just found your lovely blog and can not stop reading it. Thank you so much for good cooking tips and ideas for decorating. I definitely will be following you along ;) Your daughter looks so adorable and she is having fun. Will be taking my 2 year old twins to the farm this weekend myself. By the way, what brand are the shoes that Emma is wearing. I am trying to find something similar. Thank you for your blog and good luck!

  8. Chickens are scary! Ha ha. I am sorry she was upset, but that photo made me giggle. :) What an idyllic childhood she has.


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