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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Privet Berry Blue | Color Swatch Feature of the Week

As I mentioned, designing the colors for my new store collection was my favorite part of the process.  I named the colors after my favorite places and things - each evokes a special memory for me.  Each week I'm going to feature a post about one of the colors to help you know exactly what the color looks like in person and to help you know the history behind it.

Privet Berry Blue

When we were planning our wedding (almost three years ago... I can't decide if it feels like 2 or 10!) I fell in love with privet berries.  I loved their dusty, deep, muted blue color.  They are close to a navy blue, but have a bit more of a grey undertone, instead of the royal undertone of navy. 

Here is one of the long dining tables at our reception.  Each menu card had a sprig of privet berries. 

Here is another view of the table settings.  

The other colors in our wedding were muted - Chadwick Grey, Navajo Cream & Bliss Blue - of course.   The deep Privet Berry Blue really added some sophisticated contrast.  

You can see more of our wedding photos here.

 Isn't it funny how our favorite things happen to pop up everywhere?  Before our wedding, I had only seen privet berries in the pages of Martha Stewart.  Then six months later when we had moved to New England, I discovered Privet Hedges (above in winter) in East Hampton.  They are everywhere.  Another one of my colors in the collection is called "East Hampton Hedge" - it is a spring green sort of color... maybe I'll write a feature about that next week.

Here are the Privet Berry Blue candles made by Creative Candles (the Creative Candles name for this color is "Wedgwood").  

Here I have the candles shown with the Linen Hemstitch Napkins with a "Seaside" monogram.

These are the 12" Taper candles, $10.50 for the pair.

You can also order embroidered monograms and custom printed labels in Privet Berry Blue.

Last weekend at the market, I saw a bunch of Privet Berries for sale - the first time I've ever seen them to buy.  I knew I had to get them.

I used them a couple of different places - in this pitcher in the Living Room.

Tucked in with these blue hydrangea.

I also started noticing this sort of muted deep blue in other spots around my house - here the accents in the Living Room Rug have a deep blue-grey color.  Do you remember the Great Rug Debate?  

And here is my Seaside hat in a very Privet Berry Blue looking color... I know Seaside hat in Privet Berry Blue... things are getting a little confusing around here!

Browse the entire Color Collection of Linens, Labels & Candles, here.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. I love the Privet Berry Blue! My Mom has Privet Berry bushes lining her yard & they are full of berries right now. Beautiful!


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