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August 30, 2013

Game Day Cupcakes | Tiger Stripe Cupcakes + How-To Video

Mike and I both are proud alumni of The University of Missouri - Mizzou or MU, to the locals.  This time of year always gets our tiger spirit going - I'm snatching up every black and gold item at J.Crew and I'm thinking of fun ways to bring a tiger flare to our Game Day entertaining.

If you do an online search for Tiger Stripe Cupcakes you'll find a slew of pastry chef creations that look remarkably perfect.  I can definitely appreciate those sort of confections, but my style is more "festive" than perfect.  

On this blog I try to present ideas that will delight your guests... and that are simple enough that you'll actually be able to do it!  These cupcakes are a perfect example of that.  Since the Hydrangea Cupcake Video was such a hit, I've included a video with instructions for making these cupcakes.

I have them pictured here with my "Mizzou Gold" Metallic Celebration Candles ($10.50) to make them even more festive.

I packed these up as a hostess gift for a friend of ours - they are boxed in one of my kraft paper cupcake boxes (10 for $12).

I tied the "Mizzou Gold" Metallic Celebration Candles on top...

and added a Circle Label (48 for $12), of course.

Buttercream Frosting :

2 sticks of butter, softened
4 cups of confectioners sugar
1 tsp of vanilla

In the kitchen aid fitted with the paddle attachment, whip the butter and sugar together for 5 minutes until it has transformed into a white fluffy frosting.  Add vanilla.

To make the perfect Mizzou Gold I added a lot of yellow, a little red and tiny bit of blue.  In the photo, it was my first round of color - I ended up adding about 4x's that to get a deep color.

Note : the color will deepen after about 20 minutes.

For the cupcakes, I used my favorite jumbo (but still fit in a standard cupcake pan) brown cupcake liners and a chocolate cake mix.

For the layer of gold frosting, I used another one of my essentials - a disposable pastry bag.  No tip necessary... just snip off the tip with a pair of scissors.

Pipe a layer of frosting on each cupcake.

The video below will show you my technique.  It really is so much easier than spreading it on with a knife - once you do it a couple of times, you'll see it is so fast.

After piping, I smooth the swirl with a knife so the chocolate stripes will go on easily.

For the chocolate stripes, I melted 1/4 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips with 1 tablespoon of cream in the microwave for 20 seconds.


Fun and festive Tiger Stripes ready for the weekend!

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  1. MIZ-ZOU

    So excited to find out you're a Mizzou alum. Love your blog. Can't wait to try the cupcakes.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Wonderful post, as usual!

    For clothing with college logos, check out Meesh & Mia -- cute and tasteful.

    Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA

  3. Krystal1:47 PM

    Any chance you'll ever sell the creamy white ribbon you use to tie around packages in your store? :)

  4. Shauna6:08 PM

    Thanks for sharing! We're an LSU family, so I'll be making purple and gold tiger cupcakes. Southern Living has the formulas for the "official" SEC frosting colors here:


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