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July 09, 2013

Our Festive Fourth | Decorating Our Wagon for the Kiddie Parade

Pre-Kiddie Parade Posing 

When we moved to Fairway (the first time, 5 years ago before our adventures in New England), I loved watching the 4th of July Bike & Trike Parade from our back yard.  I thought it was so quintessential "charming town" - one of the reasons I love this area.  When it was time to move back from Concord, Ma. I knew I wanted to buy another house in Fairway - I couldn't wait for Emma to grow up on these old tree lined streets of charming cottage-type homes. 

One of our couple friends from college (who also did a stint in New England - Maine, to be exact) also picked Fairway as their new home just this year... and they have a daughter one month older than Emma.  They joined us as wagon buddies for the parade and for a donut decorating breakfast before.  

Fluffy Fresh Donuts - best in KC so far... We've been doing a Saturday morning donut tour the last couple of weeks.

Wagon decorating supplies = festive brunch decor

Patriotic themed fruit, of course.

A little flag twirling fun.  And now you know how our family room looks most of the time!  The kitchen runeth over.

 Handmade star wands for the girls made by our wagon buddies.

The chariot awaits.

So much fun!

Heading down to the parade route.

I love how festively dressed everyone is!

The girls didn't last long in the wagon...  In fact, we brought up the tail of the parade with some running.

Perfect form.

And a good old fashioned Daddy shoulder ride.

After the parade, we hopped in the car to head across the state to visit my sister for the rest of the weekend.  We made a stop half way at our alma mater...


It was Emma's first of many visits and the perfect spot to let her run after 2 hours in the car.

We plan to share these photos with her in 17 years... when she is a freshman!

Stay tuned - tomorrow I'll post photos the 4th of July shrimp boil we attended at Jill's house!


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic fourth! Love the donuts and how your wagon turned out:)

    Curious, how old was Emma when she started wearing the saltwater sandals...has she ever had trouble walking in them? They're so cute!

  2. Beautiful post, it looks like you had a fantastic weekend.

  3. Anonymous8:35 AM

    What fun!! :-)

  4. Looks like a great day! Evie has that same shopping cart from PBK and she LOVES it!

  5. Anonymous10:14 AM

    What a welcoming home you have! I just love your upholstered dining room chairs. Do you mind if I ask where you purchased them?

  6. I'm sure this has been discussed, but I was never in the market for a dog, but now I want to know the breed of Mr. Darcy. Can someone here help me? Thanks.


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