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Thursday, April 18, 2013

May Day Gift Bag | Cherry Blossoms

May Day is such a whimsical holiday - secretly sharing spring blooms on friends' and neighbors' doorsteps.  It is one of those things I say I'm going to do but never remember to do on the first of May.  I do, on occasion, leave special treats outside my friends' doors throughout the year - cookies on valentine's days, homemade candy during the holidays or farm fresh sweet corn in the summer. 

When Mike and I got engaged, I left these "Will you be my bridesmaid?" peony bundles on my bridesmaids-to-be doors.  Hello old camera and old front door!  

I do realize it is not May Day today, as I write this.  However, Mike and I owe our neighbor a big "Thank You."  So, as I was documenting this Cherry Blossom inspired Thank You gift, I thought it would be great inspiration for May Day, as well.

My gift bag included a loaf of Cherry Almond Pound Cake and a bundle of Blooming Cherry Branches, along with a thank you note.

The recipe for the Cherry Almond Pound Cake will be posted tomorrow (update : here is recipe the link!).  I hope everyone is not bored of pound cake posts yet - they are just so great, the perfect little sized cake for me to whip up during the week... and I always have all of the ingredients on hand. 

As I said in my Banana Cream Pie post, I really need a nice wide window sill in my new kitchen...

I wrapped the cake in parchment and put one of my kitchen labels on it - remember this post about what I like to keep in my kitchen to help me easily package goodies?

No printer or computer needed to create this Thank You Card.

I used a stamp from Paper-Source with a chalk inkpad.  I love that with this stamp I can turn anything into a Thank You gift.  The scalloped edge paper is also from  Paper-Source.

I wrapped the branches in clear cellophane - it is one of the things I always keep in the house.  I use it as filler in bags and baskets, too.

Ready for delivery!

Here is the easy-to-pin strip!


  1. Loving the gift bag you came up with. The cherry blossoms are so beautiful and would make a great little gift to anybody.

  2. I wondered if there was anyone who celebrated May Day . . . and it is you! As a young girl, making May baskets, filling them with treats and flowers, hanging them on a door knob, ringing the doorbell and then running away to hide was so much fun . . .

    I love the peony invite for your bridesmaids and the cherry blossoms make such a pretty gift.

    Thank you for this post filled with gift ideas and love . . . Happy May Day . . .

  3. What an adorable idea! My Mom & Aunt would love this too. I always forget about May Day.

  4. Anonymous6:13 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I love the idea of "will you be my bridesmaid?" flowers as a surprise. I'll have to steal your cute little idea. {}

  6. Lovely post & great ideas, Jenny!! I love the photo of pouring the glaze on the cake! Especially great photo!!

  7. Anonymous2:19 AM

    This is certainly elegant. Where do you find the brown paper bags with handles? Thank you for being so kind and answering questions.

  8. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Your posts are good for the soul. Elegant and exquisite. Next time, visit Mt. Vernon; so well-done. Marilyn (Mt. Vernon, VA)


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