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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our New Bed : Pottery Barn Upholstered Ivory Linen Bed

So, you know how I've been talking about how I'm going to post photos of our new refreshed bathroom?  Well, yesterday we received a delivery and I became distracted, and now you are getting to see photos of our new bed instead.  Furthermore, now I feel like I have officially built up the bathroom reveal to be much more than what it actually is... I feel like I need to add a little ta-da to it so it will live up to expectations.  So, I'll leave you in suspense for one day longer.  Or a couple... there is still some touch up work and caulking to do, artwork to be hung (and selected...), etc.  

Back to my newest distraction.  Our bedroom.  I am not posting this to show off what great design and styling I have accomplished in our room, but to ask for some input.  The new bed (Raleigh Upholstered Camelback from Pottery Barn) was delivered yesterday - upholstered in ivory linen and is so comfy and cozy.  I really love it - it makes the room so comfortable.   Now that the bed has arrived, I am at a loss what to do above the headboard.  Thoughts?  Also, we are starting to look for a new dresser and night stands.  I'm at a loss for what I want.  I start by thinking I want classic pine, then I think, what about something more modern?  Or rustic?  Painted or wood?  Antique walnut or something more fresh?  So, it is in your hands.  I'm looking for help with the artwork and the furniture... the overall styling.  Right now I feel like it is a blank slate - which is nice.  It is light and refreshing, but I feel like it is missing a little style.  Insights, links to sites and random ideas are all welcome.

I'm thinking I need to re-paint the chest... maybe just cream to match the trim?  

I have made some adjustments to the dresser we inherited from Mike's childhood room - I added some trim and base board to give it more structure, darkened the stain a little (it was more of a lighter reddish oak with mission style pulls) and added brass pulls (DIY post on this later) so I could live with it a little longer.  Actually, it looks better in person - not as much red shows through in real life, but it is just getting us by for the moment.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to decorate around and above the TV?  Should I just do tall lamps on each side?  Or try to do artwork all around?  Do I need to put something light (runner, basket...) under the TV to break up the dark TV on the dark dresser?

My decorating assistant.  

Again, the dresser that is looking much more 'red' in this photo than in real life.  It is more of a deep, neutral brown.

Ducking out of the shot.  So cute, my little Emma.

This table moved up here when the Christmas Tree went up in the living room... it will be going back down when we can replace it with a set of night stands.  If we ever find some we like!  Can't wait to hear everyone's ideas!  I'll be sharing some inspiration photos that I find and that are shared with me.  Stay tuned! 

And, don't hold your breath for the bathroom update - caulking and touching up paint doesn't sound fun at all!


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. ;) Start pulling pictures together and see what the common them is. Maybe try to recreate one of the beautiful rooms you and your husband has stayed at in the past. :)I love the new bed and the neutral pallet. :)

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I'm a bit confused... What happened to the bed that Mike made?!!

  3. I just posted yesterday about our new Raleigh bed but in the natural linen.

    Our style is a bit different, I have antique country furniture to work with and use more color than you might like. I have been painting with Annie Sloan chalk paint the last few months and loving it. Trying to get rid of too much brown in the house. Your bedroom could be creamy and calm in the style of Phoebe Howard and Suzanne Kasler. Their bedrooms are so pretty.

    I put a sunburst over the bed and actually made it look like a sun! Rather brave of me, I am taking more risks in decorating as I get older. I also painted a dresser yellow, something I would have never done in the past! I want my house to be more fun and playful, less serious.

    My first thought with your dresser is to paint the dresser a soft neutral like Anne Sloan Old Ochre or Country Grey. Or if you do keep it dark, put a symmetrical frame arrangement over it with light frames. Can you put the tv on the wall facing the bed so you don't have to turn your heads to watch? If the tv has to stay on the dresser, do a row of 3 or 5 frames straight across up higher on the wall with photographs or botanicals.

    I enjoy your blog very much. I also cook Ina food all the time.

    1. Jenny Steffens Hobick1:05 PM

      Cindy - same bed, how funny! I love the size of your sunburst... I think that is the direction I should go! And, of course, huge fan of botanicals... why are they so expensive?!

  4. Krystal3:51 PM

    I really like the idea of tall lamps on each side of the tv. Maybe artwork or photos in three identical frames above the tv? What paint color are your walls?

    1. Jenny Steffens Hobick1:06 PM

      The paint is Barn Owl... I can't remember if it is Ben Moore, Martha Stewart or something random from Lowe's/Home Depot!

  5. Beautiful! We just ordered a new mattress, and it's making me want to redo our bedroom. It may take some coaxing of husband, but is worth a shot!

  6. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Above the headboard seems like it needs something round and small to medium scaled - like brass portholes, mercury glass mirrors...
    good luck

  7. VaMomof24:16 PM

    Just my 2 cents - I would shift the tv to one side and add a lamp or useful stuff to the either, rather than flanking with lamps (maybe on on angle or small pivoting stand depending if you ever shift from watching from the chair and bed). You also might do something 'light weight' for nightstands given the weight of the dresser. I got these ( for our guest room last year but recently shifted to our master because I liked them so much. I plan on painting them, just not sure what color yet - you could even paint them gold/brass to match the pulls on the dresser or pick a punchy color.

  8. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Can you please do a source list for your beautiful home!!! What is the paint color of your bedroom. It looks to be just a whisper of blue. Beautiful.

  9. Hi Jenny. Love the new bed. I know how handy you and Mike are. Why not build some shelves to go around the television to make it look built in. You could paint them and the dresser to get some color in the room.

  10. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Jenny-Just an idea, maybe some wall lamps on either side of the bed in brass? I love the room so far, it seems like a perfect place to relax .

  11. I absolutely adore the PB upholstered bed. Fabulous choice! I think you have a great blank slate to start with that has perfect classic anchor pieces. I came across the interior design website of Phoebe Howard & automatically thought of your blog. Here is an inspiration link you may enjoy
    As for nightstand suggestions, I automatically thought Restoration Hardware. What about the St. James open nightstand? They are a little pricey. But I think adding another texture with a basket would also be a nice touch.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with.
    I will be patient on the bathroom updates too, I agree the bedroom seems much more fun! ~ Carrie

    1. Jenny Steffens Hobick1:08 PM

      I really like these... worth saving for! I think they are a definite contender.

  12. Your bedroom is a very similar color to ours. I think the dresser looks too dark overall for the room now. I wonder if you painted it a gray or a slate blue/grey. I think that pop of rich color would really add depth to the room.

  13. Love the way the bedroom is looking. I only have one suggestion; get the tv off of the dresser and onto the wall. That is one of the benefits of flat screen tv's. Why try to place runners and flank the tv with accessories as if the tv were an actual item to be decorated? Get a bracket that allows you to swing it out, or push it flat against the wall, drill a hole behind the tv, and one immediately below behind the dresser to pull cords through so you dont need to rewire. Take whatever receiver is sitting there and hide it in a basket, or something that allows it to be out of site but still reachable from the remote. Enjoyed seeing it come together! - Tonya

    1. Jenny Steffens Hobick1:10 PM

      Tonya - yes, I think mounting the TV is worth exploring... I once saw a TV sunk into the wall in a shadow box. I'll try to find photos!

  14. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Not sure what quite happened to my comment about the bathroom? I think I may have gotten distracted by the beautiful bed as well. Do you mind sharing the dutch oven size?
    Thank you.

  15. hi jenny! i think your room already looks lovely as it is! as for my 2 cents {b/c i love this type of stuff} i'd probably keep the dresser dark, i like a bit of contrast in a room. i'd flank the tv with two chunky, ceramic base, lamps. pottery barn has a style right now that would look so good. they have creamy bases so it would add something lighter on the dark dresser. i'd opt for jamie young shades on the lamps {order through layla grace} so the room doesn't feel too pottery barn. i think a collection of botanicals around the tv would look great, thin bronze frames, ivory mattes. as for night stands, i'd keep my eyes out for antiques with open bottoms so you could add baskets underneath to add a bit of texture to the room too. as for over the bed, i'd hang white ironstone plates that follow the arch of the bed or a round mirror. if i had more time i'd attach pictures, but gotta run andrew to school. have fun decorating!!! xo

    1. Jenny Steffens Hobick1:11 PM

      Thanks, Tessa! I do think great antique chest(s) would be amazing... wanna unload yours : ) Love it.

  16. My best friend has that bed.and.she just bought a metallic dresser- i want to say pewter and it looks sthnnjng together!! Let me see if I can finda link...

  17. It was zinc - from Restoration Hardware

  18. I am thinking of ordering that same headboard! Looks great!!

  19. Love your neutral palette you've started with--gorgeous! I just saw this idea at The Hunted Interior blog this morning and thought of your room:

    Wedding Invitation Art. Have fun and I look forward to following your progess...

  20. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Your house is beautiful and very well put together. However, it wouldn't hurt to add some pops of color and some stylish vignets around the tv, on the bedside tables, and maybe a colorful piece of artwork over the bed. You need some Jamie Meares of the blog, in your life. She is great at adding pops of color, texture and style to any room. Check out her blog and her store online, You'll be instantly inspired!

  21. Anonymous10:09 AM

    We just built a new home in Durango, Co and have most of the furniture we need but every time I receive the new Room and Board catalog I want to redo everything which can be expensive. Love their all of their furniture, an investment but well worth it!

  22. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I love the idea of doing some smaller accent mirrors above the headboard, offset by a pair of beautiful crystal lamps. This will help keep things light and fresh. It also leaves it open for you to add additional artwork above the TV. Here's what I am thinking:
    Now I realize that the mirrors and lamps in the photo are by Ethan Allen (and are also very expensive) but I am sure you can find something similar at a fraction of the cost. I think PB might have similar accent mirrors.

  23. Love the PB bed. It's beautiful. I wouldn't put anything above the headboard; I think it would detract from/compete with the nice lines of the headboard. Instead, I would instead play up the night stands. As far as the night stands go, it looks like you have enough room to go a little bigger with them, something with drawers to hide stuff. Then you could put a small print right above the nightstand and style those rather than anything over the bed.

    As far as the TV and dresser go, I would mount the tv and hide the wires. Your husband seems to be pretty handy so it shouldn't be too hard. This would free up your entire top to style the way you want. Lamps flanking each side would be really pretty. I agree with one of the other comments; painting your dresser would look nice. I'm into painting EVERYTHING these days!

    Good luck! It's coming along beautifully!

  24. Jessica11:08 AM

    Hi Jenny, glad to have you back from your seaside vacation! Here is a link to an Emily Henderson post today on nightstands that may be helpful. Nightstands have always been tricky for me too and I've gone from using my dad's 1970s audio speakers (gorgeous mid-century modern wooden style) to bar stools (not great for storage or space to put much), to antique card tables to now having Ikea cupboards with custom macassar ebony veneers that I've mounted on the walls so they float on each side of the bed. Good luck with settling on something! Can't wait to see it!

  25. Yes....Pinterest! I love a single painted piece.....chalk paint w/wax.
    I think a turquoise or soft green would be lovely.

  26. IS your quilt from PB too?

  27. Jenny Steffens Hobick1:14 PM

    All - This is so amazing!! I can't believe what great ideas everyone has... and how willing to share. I'm so flattered! I'll keep you posted on my progress - so many good options to think about.

    Have a great weekend... mine has started off with me in bed with a stomach bug. Ugh. Soooo, I will likely be pinning away while I spend way too much time in our bedroom today.


    1. Jenny, Love your blog and your house is shaping up beautifully! I would recommend offsetting the TV and hanging a mirror above the dresser. We have similar tones in our bedroom and love this Mother of Pearl mirror from Ballard designs:
      It's actually a bit lighter cream in person.
      Happy hunting!!

  28. Hi Jenny! You have a great neutral palette in your bedroom and nice new bed!! Makes me wonder about the beautiful headboard Mike built! I would recommend you get in touch with Amy Chalmyers from the beautiful blog Maison Decor, Malden and Boston, Mass. She is an expert stockist with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (France). She has beautiful pieces unlike any other blog with repurposed furniture. Pieces that mix with all styles. I bet she would be able to find you matching night stands fast. I would recommend (like others, to put the tv on the wall facing the bed, move the framed photos to the wall where the bureaus is. The bureau and your chest are great candidates for a Annie Sloan paint. Amy just got back from Colorado where she took lessons in some interesting textures. The chest could have a layer of crackle finish and then another color on top so the base would peek through! Bureaus has to go lighter but perhaps another shade then browns. Cindy above had great suggestions.

  29. A blank slate is a nice place to start! I would decide on night stands and then what to do with the dresser. If you do two matching lamps and stands, having two lamps again on the dresser might seem at bit much. I think I would leave the dresser top exposed - you have lots of soft surfaces with the upholstered bed, rug, and chair. Plus, it's just another thing to dust around, and I kind of like when unattractive TV components blend in a bit. I like the color of the chest, too!

  30. Absolutely gorgeous Jenny.

    Lee :)

  31. Your room is beautiful. As far as decor around the television, I would buy an armoire and place it where your husband's dresser now sits. I'm not a huge fan of electronics sitting out in full view. Also, just my opinion, I think your sweet bedroom needs a bit of height and an armoire would accomplish this as well. OK, so totally my opinion for what it's worth. BTW: Your dresser is a lovely family heirloom and the color is beautiful. Keep posting pictures of that sweet baby....I MISS the little ones.....mine are 24 and 17. Thanks for all the inspiration, keep on posting!

  32. ......BTW, find a picture of yourself as a little girl and one of your husband as well. Have them nicely framed and hang them over your bed. I did this about twenty years ago, I sleep under my husband's picture and he sleeps under mine. I know, a little corny, but it's sweet and I get so many compliments on them.
    Happy decorating,

  33. Nice bed! My husband and I made an upholstered headboard for our bedroom out of dropcloth and love it. I love a neutral palette, too. What about plates above the headboard? I want to do Circa's Boston lights in an antique brass on each side of our bed, but I don't think that'd work with you if you did the plates. However, I still like the idea of using antique brass for the lighting.....For the dresser, I think sticking with the wood is fine. I'd mount the tv, and for nightstands either do painted furniture or fabric covered in something still neutral but a bit more bold. Add some fun pillows, maybe something monogrammed? Oh, and is the rug staying? A natural fiber rug, like seagrass, would provide some texture.

  34. What about the bed your husband made? I loved it moved to a guest room?

  35. Yes, I wondered the same too...what happened to that beautiful bed (headboard) that Mike made? Aaaww, I hope you did not get rid of that. That was beautiful! :-)

  36. I think the chest is fine as is, since it’s in the hardwood floor area anyways, and doesn’t stand out as much as it would if you placed it in the carpet.

    Love the bed! Looks a bit high for my taste, but then again, everything looks high from my perspective. Haha! May you have lots of comfy nights ahead of you! Cheers!

  37. I like how the dresser and that small exposed hardwood adds a bit of color to the whole feel. Maybe a few furniture that aren’t a shade of white would do wonders in enhancing the feel of the bedroom. As for the space above the headboard and the dresser, you could put a painting or a large portrait in there for added charm; just make sure to fasten it properly so it won’t fall on your head while you’re sleeping.


  38. The blank slate look is appealing at first, but it gives off a hotel room vibe after some time. Maybe you could switch it up with more homey furniture from other parts of the house to give it that lived-in look, and change the color of your mattress, bedsheets and curtains to something other than a shade of white.



  40. Amanda S.2:36 AM

    Hello Jenny,
    I was searching the web for information about Pottern Barn upholstered bed reviews, and somehow I stumbled upon your blog, it is lovely, and I will definitely be back! I love your recipes!

    I love the PB upholstered beds and I have currently looked for different types of fabrics and what to order, but I have been stuck in a rut for almost 1 month, and I can't make a decision!
    Which type of fabric did you pick, and how is the bed holding up?
    I'm afraid of purchasing a big ticket item, only to find out it doesn't hold up well enough with time. I have a child and a small pet, and that adds to the anxiety, and I would love to purchase it in a lighter tone as well, but not sure if that would be ideal in my situation.
    If you don't mind sharing any information about how you like your PB bed, it will be greatly appreciated!


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