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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seaside Shopping... Packing and Pinning

We're setting sail for Seaside shortly.  So... I've been doing a little hunting and shopping.  A lot of these items I already own - shorts, scarfs, light-weight sweaters, and crisp pj's.  But, I have added a couple of suits (mama one-pieces... that will be shipped directly to seaside because I'm a last minute shopper) and some great tunics.  All of these, of course, are from J.Crew.  I'm so unoriginal, but I feel like it is the only store that I can walk in and love everything - all of the different colors and styles mix and match so nicely.  I feel like I can really put together a look that is unique to me.  Right...?

Each season I find myself gravitating toward the same colors.  This season is navy, purples and corals.   Fresh and fun.  Ahh... I can't wait to be sitting on the beach with my baby!

Speaking of...
I thought I'd share some of Emma's new looks she'll be sporting this Spring.  Most of these are Mini Boden, but the Sandals are classic Salt Water sandals.  I'm obsessed with them... and all of these little tops Emma will wear on the beach with her chambray bloomers.  The pale pink leggings are from BabyGap, our other go-to store.  They have the cutest Beatrice Potter collection right now - everything is covered in bunnies!

To find all of the links to these goodies (and the above boards) and follow along with my cyber-browsing and pinning : Jenny's Pinterest Page

Also... I've ventured into the Instagram world!  I'll be IG-ing our vacation in real-time, so join me on Instagram!  I'm new to IG, so I'd love to see my following increase.  Hint, hint.


  1. I love Seaside! We haven't been in a few years, but Henry loved it the last time - beach, running around the grass, etc. And I love J.Crew obviously..we have many of those items in store right now AND we are getting all new things Wednesday. I'm working until 2 and would be happy to help! S

  2. I love Seaside! We had my bachlorette party there last year and it was so fun and relaxing and the weather was gorgeous! Loved the pictures of your invitations

  3. Angela6:12 PM

    Hey Jenny, have you checked out Banana Republic lately? That's my other favorite store besides J Crew. I actually like their ballet flats a little better than J Crew's and they were less expensive! Happy vacation!

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Jenny, Everything is so pretty! You and Emma will look great in your beautiful outfits. Have a great vacation. I love going to Seaside.



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