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January 25, 2013

Chocolate Chip Blondies | The Barefoot Contessa Project

You all know that Mike loves Chocolate Chip Cookies.  He always insists "don't fix what's not broken."  An for him, it doesn't get better than a good chocolate chip cookie.

I knew he'd be excited about these Chocolate Chip Blondes (officially Chocolate "Chunk" but I used chips because that's what I had) because they are basically Chocolate Chip Cookies in bar form.  Not basically, that's exactly what they are.  In fact, I think it is The Barefoot Contessa's exact Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe, just baked in a baking dish vs. scooped into cookies.

True to form, these cookies I mean blondies are delish.  My only note is that I only baked them for 22 minutes of the recommended 30 and they do not seem as goey or moist as pictured in Foolproof.  I wonder if it is because I used a metal sheet pan vs. a glass baking dish?  Anyone else run into this problem?

Don't worry though, we are still gobbling them up at record speed.  I took these photos yesterday and am looking at the last one right now!

You can find the recipe here!


  1. We used to make these when I was growing up but used butterscotch chips. They are awesome!!!

  2. After reading your blog I undercooked mine a tiny bit and they were amazing! Thanks for the heads up! Your photos were lovely! Thanks again!

  3. Oh and I did use glass.

  4. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I used glass dish & mine were on the edge of burnt & not even cooked all the way through. not sure WHAT I did wrong, but they were anything BUT foolproof! was so bummed - they smelled so good. yours look amazing!


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