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Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Table Setting | DIY Flower Pumpkin Centerpiece, Woodland China, Hemstitch Linens, Pewter Flatware & Rustic Glassware

Part of my preparations for my Thanksgiving workshops this week is creating a table setting and centerpiece.  I wanted it to feel real.  I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting a little tired of overly staged and styled 'tablescapes' with their stacks of crowded props, and too tall and too massive of centerpieces.  I thought, "If I went to the Barefoot Contessa or Martha Stewart's (circa 1996) house for Thanksgiving, what would it look like?"  It would be decidedly classic, simple, and traditional. 

My style is not traditional in an old world, dusty fashion, but in a clean, modern approach.  Does that make any sense at all? 

It's not Thanksgiving without a jumbled mix of chairs, right?  I used slipcovered at the head and black painted ladder back.   Here is a link to my set-up from the fist Thanksgiving we hosted.  I used my family's collection of wooden folding chairs that I love.

I made this rose, mum and broom cob arrangement, using a pumpkin as a vase.  We've all seen this a thousand times, but I think it is so perfect for Thanksgiving, that I just had to do my own version.

DIY Instructions for creating the centerpiece, here.

Spode Woodlands China Collection
Pottery Barn Silver Plate Flatware
Williams-Sonoma Wine Glasses (discontinued)
Williams-Sonoma Pewter Tray

 At the head chairs I used these two vintage Spode Turkey plates that Mike's Mom found for me.

Also, I included a velvet and linen pillow in the head chairs for a little extra luxury.

Here is the easy-to-pin strip!


Happy Thanksgiving Planning! 

DIY Instructions for creating the centerpiece, here.

All Week : Thanksgiving Planning Tips & Recipes from my Thanksgiving Workshop

In the meantime, visit my Thanksgiving Guide for more inspiration!


  1. lovely, jenny! you have a real gift with table settings!!

  2. Fantastic table setting and those chairs look so cushy!:)

  3. Lovely, just lovely.
    I am also tired of overlt stylized table settings...

  4. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I too have wondered about the plates stacked four and five (more) deep at each place setting and wonder who has the energy (time) to wash, or load all of them into the dishwasher!

    I must say 1996 seems to have been a good year for you to refer back to. My November 1996 Bon Appetite is my favorite "go to" for many Thanksgiving recipes.
    Linda Hess

  5. Beautiful and it looks like a REAL Thanksgiving table. One question...I have always put my napkin...serviette...on the left?

  6. This is just stunning! the colors and flowers you chose for the pumpkin arrangement are perfect...

  7. Jenny,
    It's gorgeous and I love the simplicity of it, very MS or Barefoot Contessa. I was very sad that WS discontinued that particular wine glass. I liked the looks of it and it reminded me of a pricier version Ina uses.
    Such a wonderful table setting.

  8. Looks great, simple & pretty! I noticed your ladder back chairs are now black, can I ask what paint/finish did you use on them? I need to refinish mine and I love the look of yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Simple and beautiful. I'm sure you already know that Ina Garten's favorite color flower is orange ;o)

    1. Jenny9:28 AM

      I did- but hadn't thought about it for this! Too funny!! She must have really subconsciously inspired me!

  10. The centerpiece looks beautiful. I am probably going to do it for our thanksgiving dinner. I have a random question to ask but dont know if this is the right place. I am in the market looking for some good cooking utensils. I would definitely prefer a complete set. I currently have some non-stick dishes that are wearing off. Is there a specific brand that you recommend? I dont want anything very pricey. I hope you dont mind me asking.

  11. The thought you have shared about Hemstitch Linens really appreciative.


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