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Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Kitchen Remodel | New Verona Range

It is finally here!  Granted, I only had to wait 3 days for it to arrive, but it has been a long time coming.  In our first house, we had installed a 36" gas range.  We'd just received all of our new cookware - All Clad and Staub - and I felt like I had it my stride.  I loved it, but it sold with the house. Then, we moved to our house in Concord, Ma. that we rented which came with appliances - an electric flattop range.  It was good looking, but I really missed the control of a real gas range.  

When we moved into our new house, it came with a 1990-ish black gas range.  Hum.  It was gas.  It worked great.  It was fine.  I decided that with all of the other expenses we were incurring with the new move, I could live with it.  Yes, I decided I would wait until we did the new addition to the house that would include a new kitchen to replace it.  Then, it happened. 

A few weeks ago, I was baking some test scones for my cooking class... and the oven never turned on.  Hum...  I tried it that night - worked.  Must have been a fluke.  Ugh. 

A week later, I was getting ready to bake some cookies- no heat.  No heat for our pre-bedtime cookies?!  That's where I draw the line.  Most people would have been annoyed...

I sent an email to Verona.  Three days later...

She's here!  And in a way, I finally feel like "I'm back."

For the sake of comparison : New vs. Old

When I was doing research for a new range, I knew the look I was after.  I didn't quite (or even close...) have the $10K budget for a Viking, but I really wanted a professional-grade 36" stainless steel gas range.  So I looked around.

A Verona.  I'm not sure where I found it, but when I did I was shocked.  She was beautiful.  She was commercial looking.  She was Italian.  But I wasn't sure how much she cost... $3,500 (AJ Madison).  Sold.

This is the online description of the Verona Duel Fuel 36" Gas Range:
Exquisite Italian design meets superior power and performance in this 36-Inch Dual Fuel Range by Verona. Elegant chrome knobs and handles compliment type 304 stainless steel construction for professional looking style and function while Duel Fuel delivers the best of both cooking worlds, the control of a gas cooktop and the consistency of an electric oven. The Verona series range has a cooktop with five high-power sealed burners offering semi, dual and triple ring configurations for optimal cooking power.  The large capacity electric oven features a multi-function programming with European convection and added element allowing for more uniform oven temperature.  Added features of the Verona range include a digital clock and timer, continuous cast iron grates, EZ clean oven surface and a spacious full-width storage compartment.   Customize this Verona range with four color choices- burgundy, antique white, matte black and stainless steel- four backguard choices and an optional rounded handle.   Available accessories include easy-glide rolling racks, a range top griddle and maple cutting board.

So far, I have absolutely looovvved it.  No complaints.  Not only does it look like a professional range, but it works like one, too.  I have complete control over the flame, the grates are heavy and handle my big heavy pots and pans like a champ, and it cleans up really well.  I got the duel fuel - gas stove top and electric oven.  The best of both worlds. 

We also purchased a new refrigerator - GE Cafe French Door.  I love that it also has a commercial look.  I think the two look great together without being the same brand.

As I posted last week, we also ripped out the upper cabinets on the left side of the kitchen and replaced it with open shelving.  Some of the other upgrades include DIY subway tile counter tops, new antique brass pulls and solid wood paneling backsplash.  

 Up next... our DIY subway tile counter tops.  It was a great $40 way to brighten up our kitchen.  Yes - $40!


  1. What a transformation. I love the open shelving and the beadboard.
    You are a lucky duck with that new range. LOve it!!

    You have shared with us before what your pantry looked like in your last home. Would you share how you use your drawers? I try to put as much as I can behind cupboard doors, but never manage to do what you have done and that is keep the counter top clutter to a minimum.

  2. It's all coming together beautifully, Jenny! I don't blame you for being thrilled about the stove, looks gorgeous and I'm sure it's a dream to cook on. The whole facelift has been big on impact so far!

  3. Laura t3:29 PM

    Love the kitchen, Jenny - I used to have a kitchen the same size as yours when we lived in Overland Park. Do you miss your cabinet space? The open shelves look great and I love how bright it all is. I will be sure to look into the Verona range if we ever get to renovate our kitchen.
    Also, as Cheryl mentioned, I would love to see how you organize your kitchen. Maybe that's too personal! Heaven knows mine look terrible and I could never share them with anyone!

    Love your blog - it's so inspirational!

  4. Love your kitchen and the new stove! I love your blog and always look forward to your posts. Thanks!

  5. Love it! Jenny, Our gas range required a huge vent hood that had an exhaust fan to the outdoors. Does this one have a built-in hood in that back part?

  6. I love the kitchen transformation...especially the simple shelf brackets. I am having a hard time finding them online or at Home Depot. Did you purchase them in the local store?

  7. Love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your kitchen looks great! Thanks for the review on your stove. I am hopeful for a kitchen remodel in my near future and that stove sounds great!

  9. Jenny, it looks amazing!!! How fantastic are those shelves. I love the idea of getting rid of box cupboards and going open shelving. I opted for that also when I did my kitchen. I do have cabinets but I saved one wall for open shelves, ran the subway tile up half of the wall and then hung my pots from underneath the lower shelf on a rod. I'm quite happy. You've got such great taste!!! ....... Literally!

  10. This looks so great, congratulations!

  11. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Your mini remodel looks beautiful and bright. Love your range too! Also, where is the grey stripe rug from?? LOVE!


  12. Love your kitchen and your new range. I have stove envy! Enjoy!

  13. These designs of kitchen is really loveable.. I love the effort in witty style with stove, marbles, cabinet... I really love this bright Kitchen Designs

  14. Where did you get your striped rug?

  15. Love this write up on the Verona stove! We were on the fence about getting one for the new home we are building, and now I am sold :)

    Your entire blog is great...thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi Jenny, Thinking about purchasing a Verona too...are you still in love with it?

  17. Hi Jenny...we're thinking of a Verona the look! Are you still in love with it's functionality? I love to cook...lots at a time for lots of people...will it hold up? Thanks!

  18. We r also looking to buy a Verona. Did u have a good experience with who u bought it from ? Some of these online appliance places r looking a little sketch. Verona reviews looks good but would love to hear if u still r happy with yours.

  19. Pour ammonia and warm water in a baking dish and leave in the warmed oven overnight. This will loosen the grime in the oven, which you can then clean with an ammonia-based cleaner or soap and water. You can also scour with a paste of bicarb soda and water.

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  20. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I am also redoing a kitchen and looking at the Verona 36" range with double ovens. Are you still in love with the stove? Any problems? What about servicing? Would love to hear from you

  21. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Hi Jenny,
    Lovely kitchen. I notice no venting over the range top -- any problems with that? Thanks so much.

  22. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Hey Jenny,

    I'm wondering how your range has worked out, too. Has it held up to your expectations? I would love any reviews you have of it now that you have used it for a while.


  23. awesome kitchen i really love it we recently purchase a Verona Homes and looking for Verona kitchen its nice but does not have any experience of buying such kitchen and if you are intrested to buy a Middleton Homes then Click Here

  24. Hi Jenny,

    New to your blog but I love it!! Love, love your ideas. Coincidentally, I'm looking at a Verona range also. Your comments have just about made the decision for me. Quick question - what did you do about a vent/hood? Is the back part a vent?
    Thanks for writing!

  25. GREAT POST. It is very timely because we have just started the planning of our new kitchen.this is a really inspirational post and I know I will be coming back often to get inspired. You really did your homework. Thanks.
    modular kitchens

  26. How is the Verona range now that you have used it for about a year?

  27. where did you purchase your Verona

  28. I saw where several people asked about no range hood and how that was working out. I was wondering the same thing.

  29. Hello~
    Am wondering about the Verona range...I notice several follow-up questions regarding the range, wondering if you are still a fan, but I must be a bleak blogger for I can find no answer to those questions. My husband & I are installing a new kitchen and the Verona range that you chose is the appliance we are going to order. Would you please post an up-to-date review of your range now that you've had it for awhile?
    Deborah W

  30. I was wondering about a vent a hood? How does that work without one? I was told that I have to have one? Please explain...

  31. Just came across your post and I wonder if you still love the range after all a few years! Thanks.

  32. I think Diana and I are on the same page have an update on the range? My wife and I are looking at one and wanted to get some feedback after you've had it for a while.

    Thanks! Kitchen remodel looks great by the way!


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