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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Great Rug Debate... is over! | Living Room Rug

As you may recall, about a month ago, I dedicated a post to my search for a living room rug.  It needed to be big - really big.  I wanted it to be wool, neutral in color, soft and comfy for Emma and within a reasonable budget.  I was even willing to be a little flexible on the budget for the right rug... but a "budget" can really run wild in the rug department.

At some point along the way I found myself at a store looking at rugs that were $6,000+... then Mike says, "Jenny, you do realize that you have a 9-month-old baby and a dog, right?  And people are going to be walking on this thing.  With shoes."  Humph.

I looked back at my original "The Great Rug Debate" post and read the comments that you had left - I noticed a reoccurring theme...  And so I went.

And I found!  I had originally thought I wanted a grey rug, but after searching there and not finding anything I was in love with, I broadened my search to include "neutral." 

I'm in love.  When I saw this rug, I assumed that it was priced similarly to other large (9x12) rugs I had seen on the site - probably around $1,200-1,800.  Perfect.  But guess what...

The 9x12 was only around $500.  What?!  So, feeling like I had just found an extra bag of gold, I went ahead and ordered the next size up - a whopping 10.5 x 14 for around $650, delivered.

I really owe you all for the recommendation - like an extra $1000! 

Rug Source : "Handmade Treasured Sand" Area Rug


  1. I love this rug! Its neutral without being cold and boring. Nice pick! Cant wait to see more of your home projects!!

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. So pretty! (Sticking my tongue out at Anonymous - what?)

    1. Jenny1:23 PM

      seriously... i love mean comments by 'anonymous' people. :) if you're going to be mean, i'd think you'd be proud enough to put your name!

  4. NJ Heather1:18 PM

    It looks lovely, Jenny! I can't wait to see the rest of your home. I'm also redecorating and get a lot of inspiration from you!! I'm literally checking your blog daily to see what you're up to :)

    1. Jenny1:24 PM

      NJ Heather - I promise to be better about posting more often! Emma had her first cold last week and it really did a number on my free time : )

    2. NJ Heather6:34 PM

      Oh, I am sorry to hear that. I have an (almost) 2-year old and can relate. I hope Emma is feeling better :)

  5. Beautiful!! And I see charcoal on there to tie on with your dark gray chairs. Beautiful taste as always.

    1. That's just what I was thinking! Good to hear from you!

  6. Great find, never think to check them out, love the design.

    Thank you for taking down a mean comment. Although I did not read it, I actually get stressed when I read nasty comments by Anonymous readers on some of my favorite blogs. What are people wasting their time on blogs that they don't like? Your blog has so much useful information and inspiration , please know that you have far more fans than you know because most readers do not comment. Keep up the good work!

  7. So soft and lovely. Such a happy find!

  8. Tracey Evans5:17 PM

    Nice Jenny! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your decorating! :)

  9. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Hi Jenny, just discovered your blog!!! Love it! What is your email, I have a couple questions for you regarding a couple of your past posts. I tried and it got sent back. Thanks so much!

    1. Hum... that is the right address. Maybe try again? Sorry!

  10. Looks great... you have great taste.

  11. Beautiful choice, I love it!!

  12. I too need a 9x12 rug but i don't want to order something without feeling it! i have a 4 and 1 year old that are always jumping and falling off the couch, so i need it to be!

  13. Jenny,
    Congratulations, the rug is so pretty with your paint and trim. I bought a rug on once and was thrilled with the quality and the savings. Such a great resource. Determining color online is the only issue I have but I must revisit, I'm looking for an entry rug.

  14. Nicely done Jenny :) Isn't it a great feeling when you get a deal like this?? I need to use that website more often. Those rugs are SO pricey!!! .. and I'm sure there will be many happy feet touching it :)

  15. The rug looks really gorgeous and I definitely think you made the right choice not to go with grey, beige is so much warmer especially with Fall in your hemisphere.

    I will have to look at that website, what a bargain, it's just a shame I live way over in New Zealand and it always costs so much more to buy anything here. I went to the USA last year and was astounded how cheap everything was compared with "lil ol New Zealand", especially groceries...I guess a lot more items are imported into New Zealand and we pay for this privilege.

    The house is coming along, keen to see more.

    Lee :)

  16. Gretta3:42 PM

    Hi Jenny,

    First, I have to say I love your blog and look forward to your updates. I'm crazy about the rug you chose but can I ask you, did you notice a big difference in color between the pictures on the website and the actual rug? I love your pictures of the rug but thought the overstock pictures showed a lot more gold than the actual rug. I'd like to order a different one but am afraid the wrong color will show up! Gretta

    1. I noticed the same thing!!! There is a rug I have been looking at that I love and now I am afraid it will be totally different!

  17. Jenny4:43 PM

    I relied on the comments that were on the site for the true color. Many of the comments said the rug was more beige than gold- which is what I was looking for!

    1. Gretta10:31 PM

      I will have to read the comments, thanks for the tip! Good luck with your rug as well, Christine! Gretta

  18. I am so glad that I saw your post- I too saw this rug and almost ordered it, but I ended up getting another rug that I am not really in love with. After seeing your pictures, the colors are so much better then it looks online-I thought it was going to be way too gold. It is also hard to find rugs with hints of navy in it, which I need for my room. I actually just called and ordered it and I am returning the other one! Do you think my husband will notice? LOL!

  19. Anne Beck11:35 AM

    This rug is now sold out online. Any other rugs you considered?

  20. I just got my rug yesterday in the 9x12 and I owe you a huge thanks and a hug!! It is so beautiful and I LOVE it! If it wasn't for you posting the pictures of it I never would have know how different the colors really look and it's perfect for my room. I went through 3 rugs before this one and so glad I did now- I will do a post on mine to show how well it matches in my living room- THANKS! Rebecca

  21. Hi Jenny, I subscribe to your posts and just love reading about your home. Not sure how you're able to live such a full life AND blog about it! We don't know each other but I can tell we're two peas from the same pod:) I love home making, raising 2 beautiful girls 20 months and 11 weeks. My husband and I love to have friends in our home as often as possible. Enjoying good meals and creating beautiful memories for my family and friends is a passion. So thank you for inspiring me in this endeavor!

    Question: about your rug and rugs in general, do you scotch guard the heck out of your rugs? I'd like to buy a lighter colored rug for our living room but am concerned about how it will wear. Coffee, wine, food, dirty shoes etc... Knowing you love to have friends and kids in your home, how do you plan to protect your rug?

    Again, thank you for sharing part of your life with us! You inspire us to live well!

    Jessi in Tallahassee FL

  22. Wow, that rug looks great in your room. After reading all the review comments, can I ask another color interpretation? It LOOKS in your house to have an ivory background, grey/blue and gold borders, plus black/charcoal/navy and shrimpy coral highlights. Is that true to your eyes? I was confused by the disparity in color reports ("dark orange-red" highlight, ivory vs beige background, and "silvery blue" vs "sage" border). I too have a Safaveiha rug at our beach house and its been 4 summers (so about a half year of continuous use) and it still sheds in little clumps all time. How's it going with yours (with a little one crawling around, its a good test for shedding!)

  23. I remember those carpets from when I was a child. Our house had one of those carpets in each room and they kept the house warm during the winter cold days. The winter was long - 3-4 months and it was essential to have something on the floor, otherwise my feet were freezing. In terms of the design, I liked the way you have combined the carpet with the sofa as their colors match well.

    Carpet Cleaning Stanwell

  24. I remember those carpets from when I was a child. Our house had one of those carpets in each room and they kept the house warm during the winter cold days. The winter was long - 3-4 months and it was essential to have something on the floor, otherwise my feet were freezing. In terms of the design, I liked the way you have combined the carpet with the sofa as their colors match well.

    Carpet Cleaning Stanwell

  25. I really like the design and color of this rug. I'm sure this is perfect for my condo in Manila's living room! :)

  26. Anonymous10:50 PM

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about your blog. Just ran across it today and have spent all day pouring over it! Could you tell me the true colors of this rug? I checked the link out and it said gold but it looks more ivory in your pictures. Sharon G.


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