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August 28, 2012

The New House : Progress... and Painting Prep 101

I'm sorry to have been out of touch for the last couple of days... we've been busy sanding, scraping, spackling, filling and sanding.  Last night we finally got some paint on the walls. 

I documented the process for you so you, too, can have the pleasure of spending hours repairing your woodwork and trim.

It is tedious work.  So much so, that Mike and I did the living room, prepped the dining room... and called a painting company the next day to finish.  Oops.  We really wanted to do it ourselves, but it was just taking us too much time to do it right. 

Before we started most of the woodwork looked like the photo above.  Ick. 

Step 1 : Sponge down all of the woodwork with soap and water.

With the bad comes the good, as do these really pretty glass and brass door knobs.

Back to the woodwork.

Step 2 : Sand the trim.  I sanded all of the spots that had dings and chipping paint.  Then I wiped it clean with damp rag.  

Step 3 : I filled the woodwork that was chipped away with wood filler.

Using a putty knife I filled the spots...

Then used the putty knife to form a new sharp clean edge.  

Step 4 : Patch the walls by filling any holes with spackling. 

We used this spot light to bring out all of the imperfections so we could repair the walls perfectly... or as perfectly as we could.

Step 5 : Sand.  Sand all of the filled walls and trim.  

Step 6 : Finally, paint.  We rolled first, then trimmed. around the edges.

Paint : Benjamin Moore in Manchester Tan
*You can see my design board (including colors and layout) for this room, here.

As I rolled, Mike used caulk to smoothly seal the seams.  We waited for the caulking to dry before I went back and filled in with paint to the trim.

Painted walls!  The house is feeling fresher already.  The color is a really soft warm grey, creamy color... even though this photo was taken at night in bad lighting.  I'll try to get a more accurate photo later this week! 

The paint crew started their part of the house (the rest...) today and should finish tomorrow.  I'll be traveling the next couple of days, but will follow up with a "before" photo tour of the house.

*You can see my design board (including colors and layout) for this room, here.


  1. When painting your home it is important you choose the right house paint color that not only reflects your personal taste but is long lasting as well.

  2. Such a lovely wall colour...but it increases my disappointment that Benjamin Moore paints are not available here in the UK!

  3. Quite a bit of my house is painted Manchester Tan! Also used Bleeker Beige. Looking forward to following the transformation of your home :)

  4. I LOVE that paint color. We just moved, and I think it would be perfect for our entryway.

  5. I love love love plantation shutters. My parent's entire house has them and I eventually want them as well.

  6. Jenny,
    It's coming along nicely. I really like the color you chose for the walls. So nice to have freshly painted walls.
    Have a nice Labor Day weekend.

  7. The hardware is gorgeous!!! And I love your plantation blinds. Prepping for paint is a pain, but at least it is instant gratification when you get the paint up.

  8. Looking great, cannot wait to see the ongoing progress. I love the shutters, so lucky to have those left in the house. I wanted to buy some for my home (I live in New Zealand) but they are so very expensive here.

    Lee :)

  9. I have to say, this is a beautiful treasure that you have found. I am enjoying watching the transformation.

  10. Love the color! We close on our new house in a month. Will have to check out that shade for our space. By the way, did you ever decide on a rug?

  11. Tracey Evans9:29 AM

    Jenny you inspire me to touch up some of my interior paint! Love the color you are using! :)

  12. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Great job prepping. As a lifetime professional painter, I wanted to mention that you should always trim out first, then roll. Whatever you use to trim, a brush, a pad or a small roller, it is going to deliver thicker paint, so you should trim, then the roller blends the body of the wall to the trim. Great job, you two!

  13. That’s the spirit! Having the initiative to paint the interiors of your house can definitely work in your favor when it comes to making your house more of a home. It certainly looks like you did a lot of work! Well, despite having called professional help to finish the work, what you did was still admirable. I think the beauty in working on your home by yourself is that you truly have full control over what happens with all the developments. And you can closely monitor the things that happen around the house.

  14. Hi Jenny,

    What color did you used for the trim?

    1. I was just wondering the same thing! We are about to move into our new house and trying to choose some paint colors! Manchester Tan is on my list.


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