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Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Bedroom | Design Board & Inspiration... Which Wool Blanket?!

Our bedroom is next on the list.  I do not have a real vision for this room... I feel like I'm just picking things in my typical shades and calling it a day. 

For the moment, I've ordered the satin stitch duvet and shams from Restoration Hardware in Ivory with a Ash grey stitched stripe (pictured in the top left of this photo).  They came in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I really like them.  It is a little more refined than my beds have been in the past, but it is really very classic looking and I think it will give our room a luxurious feel without much fussiness. 

I think I'm going to go with Pumice on the walls (see light cool grey paint chip on the bottom center of the photo to the left).  Or should I go with the dark gravel?  Would that give the room more of a distinct look?   I feel like the lighter grey will be very soothing and classic.  Right?  Or boring?  Hum...

 We'll be keeping the new headboard that we made (see DIY here!) and will be finishing it with the foot board and side rails, making it a hefty freestanding, real bed.

The next decision will be on what accent blankets... I love the look and feel of real wool blankets and I found these on Katy Elliott's blog (another blogger from Massachusetts).  Like her, I'm drawn to the neutral light grey and taupe selections from Prince Edward Island from MacAusland Woolen Mills.  Aren't they pretty?  Starting at $49 for a throw and $89 for a queen blanket sounds amazing to me for a really classic wool blanket.  Now, if I could just decide which one(s)...

Then there are these (above) from Pendleton... Also lovely and around $100.

Also, I have purchased a 13x22 heathered grey cashmere pillow from Restoration Hardware.

And for the bedside...
I'm crazy about this side table from Wisteria... but the price is a little high - especially because I'll be purchasing two.  Have you seen something similar anywhere else for less than $600 each?  Or is that a good price for such a nice looking table?  I really do love it...


  1. Go Pumice. Ours is a very dark gray and it's not a large room. Every time I walk in I feel like its small and dark wishing it felt lighter.

  2. I like the taupe tweed throw. Have you seen these tables at world market? have no idea about the size.. or try the Willowood Road line by Ralph Lauren at Havertys.

  3. Anonymous8:25 AM

    im really partial to that "ash" paint color near your duvet&shams, i think that would go lovely, or the gravel. so pretty. good luck with your new house - cant wait to see how it all comes together.

  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Price seems high on the end tables . . . but I can't help you as far as something that is much the same in style, right now. I am sure you know, just wait (if you can) and I bet Wisteria has a promotional sale! Linda

    1. Anonymous8:49 AM

      That said, it is 450.00 today!

  5. Love the design board and the light gray blanket is the color!

  6. Jenny8:55 AM

    Anonymous - when did you see the $450?! I just looked for it on the site and now it is not on there!


  7. Hi Jenny,
    I am going to order a couple of the blankets from Macauslands wool mill. I live in Canada and did not know about them. I love to support businesses that have been around for years. They all seem to be getting shut down because things can be so cheaply made overseas. I think it is our duty to help support these types of family businesses. Thank you for sharing they look like beautiful blankets. I will be telling all my friends about them.

  8. Jenny,
    I really like the preliminary essentials you've chosen. I lean towards the taupe gray blanket. Thanks for the source, by the way. Keep us posted on the outcome.

  9. Jenny,
    I was thinking about you when I was looking through a magazine the other day. I remembered this post when I saw a similiar nighstand/bedside table. It was only $129! I thought you would be interested in knowing the source. I will email you the info.


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