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July 07, 2012

Lightened Up Summer Supper and Photos from Our Trip Home for the 4th of July

Sorry I've been gone so long - we're (finally) back in the swing of things after our trip back home for the 4th of July.  We came back stuffed.  When we go back to visit it seems like every meal is an event- whether it be a huge family dinner or lunch at one of our old favorites.

I mowed through baskets of chips and salsa at my favorite Mexican restaurant, we had barbeque at least twice, 2 chocolate cakes (one topped with a warm peanut butter icing...) and lots of milkshakes before bed.  Funny- before Emma was born we usually had a couple of glasses of wine before bed.  Now, it's milkshakes. 

So I didn't need to get out my old maternity 'stretchers,' we majorly lightened up dinner when we got home.  Except for the fresh mozzarella.  And the pancetta.  And the butter on the corn.

Here are some photos of our visit.  I don't have very many- I'm so bad at taking pictures when I'm 'off duty!' 

Our wedding photographer, Claire Ryser, came out to my parents' house to take photos of Emma and Sam on Sunday morning.  I can't wait to get her images.  Here is a link to our wedding photos, if you haven't seen them yet.  Claire is the absolute best- I can't say enough about her.

Do you want to know just how good Claire is?  She said she likes to wear graphic black and white clothes when she is doing a baby shoot so they find her interesting.  How great (and smart) is that.

Emma really liked the grass.  Even more than she liked looking up and smiling for the camera... which she only did for about 30 seconds the entire morning.

Gotta love a baby in a basket.

I should've taken a video of this... Mike playing peekaboo with the basket.  It was a major workout to try to get Miss Emma to giggle at 7am.

I think the poor thing was teething... finding comfort in the flowers on her dress.

Sam and Emma getting ready for their scene.

Sam has graduated to the big swing!  

And pink toenails. 

Here is Emma meeting her new cousin, Murphy.

I think she likes him.


Here's a little video of Sam playing with Emma.  It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Except my voice on the video.  Please ignore it - it is so annoying.  Ick!  Does everyone feel that way about hearing their own voice?!

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  1. oh my goodness. poor Emma.... that pic of her crying just tugs at your heart.. her cousins are sooo cute too. I think your photographer is fabulous (wearing black/white - what a brilliant idea).


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