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July 31, 2012

Emma's Packing Our Dishes | Moving Tips | Wedding China

Emma has been a busy girl.  She took on the task of packing up our wedding china today.  You might be thinking... weren't you worried that a 7-month-old infant wouldn't pack your dishes properly so they wouldn't break during the move?  I'll admit, at first I was a skeptical, but when I saw her technique, I knew our wedding gifts would make it safely all the way back to Kansas City.

Place felt round on top of plate. 

Put each plate in a bubble wrap sleeve.

 Smile.  Packing is fun!  Bang your wooden spoon with enthusiasm.

When you've packed 4 plates in bubble sleeves, stack them and wrap them tightly with plastic wrap.  This is a tip I Emma learned from rental companies.  When you receive rental china it all comes tightly wrapped in plastic wrap to keep it from clanging together.  

Next, wrap the plastic wrapped bundles with foam to protect the edges. 

Powder Blue Gold Rimmed Anna Wheatherly plates are done...

Now she's moving on to the Spode Woodlands collection.

She ran out of individual bubble sleeves, so she zig-zagged the foam sheeting between the plates, then wrapped in plastic and more foam.

She especially loved the little birdies on the salad plates. 


Next the stacks got packed into boxes.  The bottom is filled with crumpled unprinted newsprint - you can by reams of newsprint very inexpensively at packing stores.  

In go the wrapped dishes, separated by layers of crumpled paper. 

The top is topped off with extra paper to make sure it is packed tight and snug inside to prohibit the dishes from moving.  

Top with the top and label.  

 These are from Rasa Orchards - the orchard of a family friend.  These apple boxes are perfect for moving - they are strong enough to hold a big load of apples!


  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    You must be thrilled to be moving back home. (I'm assuming you're going to KC based on your writing). I hope you enjoyed your time in Massachusetts. The greater Concord area will miss you.

  2. if emma is busy with the dishes, please show us what mr. darcy is packing? :) haha! great tips. pretty sure i didn't do a single one when we moved other than the bubble wrap. congrats on your new home and best of luck with the move!! tessa

  3. What a great helper! You must be so excited to be heading back home to Kansas City! Best of luck with your move. One day I will have to make it to one of your classes...still a bit far, but much closer, I'm in Iowa. ~ Carrie

  4. Emma is a wonderful packer. I so wish she was available 9 months ago when I was packing! :D Before my move I wanted to be sure that my antique china made it well, so I did a little research. Evidently that it is not good to stack dishes in the box, but to stand them on end. Evidently they are stronger in that position if they are dropped or withstand heavy weight. I love apple boxes...they ARE super sturdy...I save mine as we have had multiple moves....and they have made several moves like little troopers.
    Congratulations on your move back 'home'! Are you going to miss the east?

  5. Couldnt' imagine a cuter helper!! You make even packing look beautiful. (the opposite of how things looked in my neck of the woods 6 months ago) Happy moving!

  6. HI, Your helper is enchanting! I too have always stood my plates on their sides. They are able to withstand moving better. By the way you dishes are gorgeous too!

  7. Ashley12:25 PM

    So funny and cute!! Great packing tips!

  8. Love this! I am pinning this so I remember it for the next time we move! Thanks! Your daughter is adorable!

  9. Waaaaay toooo cute!!! Good luck with your move!

  10. Jenny Steffens Hobick6:22 PM

    Thanks for the well wishes, all. We are moving back home to Fairway (in the KC area). We've loved our time here, but are excited to get Emma back home to family... and an excess of grandma/babysitters : )

    I'll be posting more about our decision later!

  11. Jenny Steffens Hobick6:39 PM

    Diane - I remember seeing that someplace, too. Maybe I should go back through my china and place it on its side... we're using a POD to move us - I'm not sure how gentle they are! Thanks for the tip!

  12. Sweet Emma! Lots of good tips. I recently moved and it is totally worth the extra time and care to make sure a keepsake is packed properly. Excited to read about the move!

  13. Too cute! This made me baby hungry and long for my own wedding china at the same time. We moved overseas mere moments after our wedding so my china is still waiting for me in mint condition in our storage unit. I get homesick for it often...

  14. Jenny Steffens HObick6:53 AM

    Enquist- I know what you mean! I really like packing it and taking care of it... Weird!

  15. Jenny, I love your gold rim china! If you don't mind me asking, what pattern is it? Well wishes to your new adventure!

  16. Anonymous8:00 PM

    You're moving back to Kansas City...awww - I'll miss your New England jaunts but family is the best and now we will all get a chance to get to know Kansas City too. Best of luck with the move!!

  17. Did you know you can call your local newspaper and ask for the end rolls and they will give it to you for FREE? My mom taught me this little trick years ago and I've done it every time I've moved. Also makes for a good giant coloring roll for kiddos.

  18. I think Emma deserves a round of applause. :D She, indeed, helped you a lot with packing your dishes properly. I have to say though, covering all the delicate plates with bubble sleeves, plastic wrap, foam sheeting, and crumpled sheets of paper were a great idea. They will all protect the plates and prevent them from breaking during their long trip. I’m doubly sure that you were able to rest assured that your gift was going to be delivered safely, and intact, in Kansas City. :)

    Ericka Muldowney

  19. I like your ideas of packing up dishes, very safe from breakable accident. Although it's tiring way but safer to transport to a new place.

    Joseph @ eastern suburbs sydney removalist

  20. Hurray for Emma! =) I think, she totally helped you guys with packing all these plates. Haha! Anyway, what you guys did with the packing is totally right. Plates are fragile materials and the idea of having multiple coating is perfect to keep them protected throughout the moving process.

    Tyrone Obey

  21. I am so much impressed with sydney removalists, each and every process was too easy, from booking till shifting. I cant compare them with anyone as this house movers are simply amazing. Keep going!!

  22. I have to say though, protecting all the sensitive dishes with percolate fleshlight sleeves, plastic cover, foam linens, and messed up pieces of paper were a smart idea. They will all protect the dishes and prevent them from breaking during their long trip.

  23. Good post! Thanks for sharing this information I appreciate it. God bless!

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