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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Impromptu Picnic on the Beach | Part 2 of Mother's Day Weekend

Our Impromptu Picnic on the Beach
Part 2 of my Mother's Day weekend

As I was enjoying my Lobster Roll at Brimfield (Mike had a pulled pork sandy- you can take a boy outta KC...) I said, 'It is so nice out today - would be great to be at the beach.

An hour later, we were.

 It was really one of those surreal moments - as all moments are when you first get to the ocean.  You forget how massive it is.  Each time I get near a beach, I get that oh so small feeling that feels oh so good.

We stopped by a marina-front seafood shop and picked up dinner, picked up a bottle of wine in town and took our blanket (that hosted two picnics in one day...) down to the Duxbury beach.  As you might remember, we've been here before during the Fall- I called it a beachfront Home Alone neighborhood.


Emma was mesmerized by the sound and the waves as they crashed in.

  Through the eyes of a child...

Oh, those eyes.

We lounged.  Walked.  We chatted.

We played.  

Until sunset.


  1. you girls are beautiful!
    and amazing pics!

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    What a special day!! I agree there is nothing like the ocean. :) Emma is so adorable!! :)

  3. Ah, Duxbury! It was the beach we always went to. So, so many memories there. All good ones. Jimmy and I stopped there for an impromptu picnic dinner the weekend we were heading back into Boston after he proposed ~ 16 years ago!!! I did not have a nice blanket either and I remember us sitting on our jackets! :) And those houses you pass on the way in!!! amazing, right? You know there used to be the best ice cream shop right on the way out of town. Not in downtown Duxbury, but on the road leaving the beach. They served a Danish chocolate ice cream that was the best I've ever eaten. My brother and I still talk about it. I don't remember the name of the shop though. We still have a Duxbury General Store magnet on the play kitchen fridge in our playroom! We still would love to live there one day!

  4. This is such a sweet post...brings back many fond memories of when my kids were young and all the times we spent at the beach! Absolutely beautiful and I cannot imagine a better way or place to spend a special day than being surrounded by those you love most and who love you!

  5. Oh, so beautiful! You are one lucky Mother. What an absolutely perfect day with your family. I would just love to visit the East Coast for vacation one day soon. We are always looking for charming private getaways.

  6. looks so relaxing. I admire your spontaneity with a baby along for the ride. I wish I had been that adventurous when my kids were little so that we could have traveled more. Now THEIR adventures ( baseball, dance, etc.) make it a little harder to fit those into the schedule. Enjoy every moment and thanks for sharing with us!

  7. A perfect way to spend the day! What a sweet family you three.
    Growing up on Lake Michigan, your lovely photos make me miss the beach.

  8. I'm a new follower! What a sweet post. Glad you enjoyed your day at the beach!

  9. Picnics on the beach are my favorite! My husband and I are living on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and every weekend we go exploring and find a new beach to eat a fresh salad on. It's the best and quickly turning into the highlight of every week for me!

  10. Tracey1:52 PM

    So sweet!


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